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  • Goodbye, Michigan

    19 hours ago

    LoZelda RTX PA Team Lead


    I'm moving tomorrow. My stuff is mostly packed, it's getting loaded into the car, and I'm spending the day with @LoLink since we have no idea when we'll see each other again. Skype and the like helps, but it's not quite the same. Honestly I've probably packed more than I need, but considering this arrangement could last anywhere between 2 and 6 months it's hard to prepare appropriately.

    I'm excited to start this next journey, but also incredibly nervous. I have a wonderful support system, and I'm fortunate to have this opportunity in a lot of ways, but it isn't without risk. The Doubt Monster has firmly sunk its fangs into my mind, and the fear of failure is ridiculous. I'm hopeful that the job opportunities that have been floated to me will come to fruition, but without paperwork in hand you never know for sure.

    Tomorrow I head to TN to see the awesome @Desayjin. He has promised to show me the finest cuisine the city has to offer actually he never said that but now that I've said he did he has to, and I'm sure shenanigans will be had! Friday I leave there to head to AR to see my family for a few days (and celebrate my sister's birthday with her in person for the first time in like 5 years!). Tuesday is D-Day, or A-Day I guess, as I'll finish my little adventure and end up in Austin on the 24th.

    Obviously there won't be any streams while I'm traveling, but there will be videos going up on my YouTube channel the whole time (some stream archives, some new stuff!). I'll also be checking in on my Discord pretty regularly (when I'm not driving that is!), so if you're one of my lovely Patreons you'll still get a pretty regular Jenn-fix  smile

    See you all on the other side!  purple_heart

  • Ask an Economist: 11 Little Roosters Edition

    2 days ago

    Desayjin RTX Guardian V

    Ask an Economist is back and just in time for 11 Little Roosters! Some of you may remember last year's 10 Little Roosters edition where I broke down the odds of correctly guessing the murderer and survivor, and the subsequent post mortem of your guesses (Part 1 and 2). Now, we're dealing with new rules and a different set of circumstances. Time to blow the dust of ye olde modeels and get cracking.

    This round, instead of guessing a victim and murder weapon, we'll be guessing which organization will eliminate another. No more worrying about endless permutations of weapons assigned to victims. That does make the math a little easier and your odds better. 

    We'll break down the odds in two likely scenarios: one is complete random guessing of both victim and killer. The other is assuming that you were able to determine (with confidence) either the victim or killer. That leaves the random guessing only of the remaining unknown. With that said, let's get to the numbers!

    At the end of Episode 1, we have 10 remaining organizations. That means, if we were randomly guessing, 90 possible combinations of killer and victim (1.1% chance) to choose from. If we, say, use the Haywood files and determine exactly who'll be the victim, we then know that there are only 9 possible killers (11.1%). That makes the guessing much better. The table below shows the odds (and percentage chance) of guessing the correct victim and killer each episode.


    As expected, the odds get better the fewer organizations that are left remaining. Despite those easier odds, getting it correct from the very beginning is tough. How tough you (and @Steffie) would ask? If we were randomly guessing, the odds of correctly guessing each week is ....

    1 in 1.32 Trillion!


    Yep. Believe it or not, those are much better odds than those from 10 Little Roosters. That seems a tad beyond the hopes and dreams of us players. What about if we use parts of the Haywood Files and figure out at least one of the two unknowns each week? Well that's only a paltry 1 in 362,880 chance. No sweat, right?


    Of course, @JoshtheFlanagan was kind enough to hide many Haywood Files in each episode. Using them, we can reduce those odds even further! 

    A question an economist gets asked most often is "so what who cares [about those odds]." Those odds should serve as a reminder of how important those Haywood Files are. Without them, you'll be swimming in a sea of uncertainty; at the mercy of the winds of statistical unlikelihoods. Perhaps take a little extra time to make sure you get those Haywood Files.

    Good luck!



  • 바나나・・・

    1 day ago


    For some reason I'm learning Korean.

    And Python.

    Those two things don't go together.


    YOSHIKI, if anyone is interested, was amaaaaaaaaazing. 

    It was a personal and emotional concert, beautifully played by Yoshiki san, and he's such a humble nice guy... uggghhh I want to compose like himmmmmm aekhugr nggrkeijim rg wr g not words

    Thursday I'm seeing Kings of Leon. Whoop Whoop.

    Drastic change of music, which usually happens.

    This, I believe, is as country as I'll get haha~


    My ADD is flaring today. 

    La la la la~


    .......What was I talking about?

  • Salty

    19 hours ago

    LadyOddDuck Call Me Duck


    I don't like it when I'm salty; it's not a good look on me. But salty I am. I don't really know what started it, probably the whole unemployment thing. Since the feelings started, it seems like every little annoyance is piling up (and there seem to be a lot of those lately). I really need to chill my beans.

    Anywho, sorry for not posting in a while! I'm around, I swear, but I mostly lurk. All the spam on the site is another reason I'm salty and that makes posting my own journals less appealing. Since I posted last, I started volunteering to write for the AbleGamers newsletter. So far, one of my articles has come out. The one I wrote for next month's newsletter is done and I'm quite proud of it. I'm also volunteering at the Take This booth at PAX South on the Friday. I've never worked a booth before so I'm a little nervous, but very excited to help out such a great cause. Additionally, I'm working behind-the-scenes with RT World, a wonderful group here that provides support, guidance, and collaboration for RT community group admins. If you're an admin and you're interested, hit me up!

    I'm beginning to plan an AbleGamers charity stream for RT Community Day in April. Keep your eyes peeled for more details as I hope you all will join me! It should be a fun time for a fantastic charity. Other than that, things continue much the same in Duckland. Still trying to apply to as many jobs as I can, still working on my cross stitching, still cooking too much... Oh well, whatever keeps me busy!

    What are you up to?

    <3 Duck

  • GotD Sometimes I Shouldn't Speak

    17 hours ago

    Ooaul Keeper of The .gifs

    As I've said a few times before that I am a claims examiner for flex. Today I had a claim the was very obviously for a colonoscopy. However there was one little itty bitty thing that was off. So I had to ask my supervisor if I can just use common sense to approve it since that's what we want to try and do. In the end the following conversation happens.

    Supervisor: I'd say yes because nobody would willingly put themselves through that kind of hell.

    Co-worker: I'd say it's a different kind of hell.

    Myself: If you ask me it sounds pretty shitty.


    Yes the roll away is also accurate.

  • Day 17 Progress

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    I got a lot done today. I finished four of the nine faces. Using the computer screen for references really helped. I still need to do five other faces and a bunch of lettering before it's finished. I don't have a frame big enough so it will just have to be nailed to the wall somehow. 

  • Book Club

    1 day ago


    I was thinking about joining a book club but all of the ones here haven't been active for some time now. So I thought maybe creating one but I don't want to become like the other groups. Have 10 members or so and only do it for like a month or two. After that, it slowly drifts away. I hate when that happens. But then I know when I'm dedicated to something, I go all out so I think I'd be different. It's just finding people that have the same love for reading.

    My focus would be sci-fi, paranormal, and fantasy books, preferably not main stream. There are so many authors that have a small fan base, and I love that. You tend to find some gems there :) 

    Are there any admins that can give me any advice? Or if members of very active groups can tell me what they love about their group? I want to do this but I want to do it right. 

    Thanks in advance!!

  • -----

    17 hours ago

    Zydrune "Chloe"




  • Pokemon White Randomizer Nuzlocke Journal

    10 hours ago


    That's right folks, I'm back once again with a new Pokemon Nuzlocke! But this time a little twist has been put on it. This time, I'm still Nuzlocking White, but it's gonna be a Randomizer! For those of you that don't know, that's when RN-Jesus really comes into play and randomizes the Pokemon you encounter, so you can go fishing and run into anything from a Zigzagoon to an Articuno. It's my first time playing one too, so it should be fun.

    Just a reminder on Nuzlocke rules in case you've forgotten though.

    -I can only catch the first Pokemon I encounter on a route. If I kill it, tough luck. Only exceptions are if it's something I've already caught, if it's a shiny or a static Pokemon (stuff that you're given or that shows up in the overworld)

    -If a Pokemon faints, it's dead and I can no longer use it. Normally I have to release it, but I just put it in a Dead box.

    -Nickname all Pokemon. Gotta get attached!

    And just a note, at the time I'm starting this I have exams coming up soon, plus this is on my laptop which I don't get to use incredibly often. So don't expect as frequent updates this time around, at least for the first bit.

    But with that out of the way, let's start our new adventure!

    Day 1 - January 5

    We start off our journey once again as Blazer, in my house with Cheren and Bianca (or not since random trainer names is on) showing up after Professor Juniper delivered our starter Pokemon to be. And the options aaaaare....

    Seviper, Meganium and fucking Palkia! You'll never guess who I picked.

    Bianca, or should I say Doctor Joey, then requested to battle me. She got Seviper herself, so I just got to spam Dragon Breath on her and won easy. Turned the room into a disaster though.

    Then we fought Cheren, or should I say Doctor Marcellus, and his Meganium. More Dragon Breath spams, I won. Went downstairs, apologized to mom, left the house and went over to Bianca's where her dad was yelling at her then went up to the professor's.

    After introductions, I got to nickname Palkia. I was thinking about some water dragons in fiction, and I ended up naming his Riptide, after one of the Seawings in the Wings of Fire novel series. Go check it out, good stuff.

    So then we go off to Route 1 and we get our bullshit capture tutorial, walk into the tall grass and find... 

    Dragonite! FUCKING AMAZING! When I say that I mean it sarcastically because it wouldn't get in the fucking ball, and then my only attacking move was Dragon Breath so obviously I killed it! So Route 1 is a failure for capture. Was forced to quit there due to some stuff irl, but I'm back now baby.


    Riptide the Palkia


    Day 2 - January 6

    Continuing on with the adventure, we saw that Route 1 also offered Wigglytuff and Snorlax. Two Pokemon that I like that probably would've survived Dragon Breath. Great.

    But then we arrived at Accumula Town, and after more bullshit tutorials at the Pokemon Center, we go outside and find Team Plasma making their PETA speech that I didn't read at all because I'm not focusing on plot this playthrough. Though I will focus on Pokehusbando N, who appeared afterwards to battle me. "Doctor" N sent out a Grovyle, which I knocked out in two Dragon Breaths. Apologies to ThankSwalot.

    Afterwards we went over to Route 2 and ran into a Togekiss. Awesome! Amazing find! 

    Then the thing used Sky Attack and killed Riptide. AWESOME! AMAZING! NUZLOCKE IS ALREADY FUCKING DEAD GUYS!

    But here's something I noticed afterwards. I figured Palkia should be strong enough to take a Sky Attack, since it was just a level 7 Togekiss, but then I realized that Palkia hadn't levelled up at all. In fact, he hadn't gained a single point of EXP. So there's something wrong with the randomizer that I need to fix, which I will for the reset.

    In the meantime y'all can enjoy my fucking salt.

    Riptide the Palkia


    Second Try

    Day 1 - January 13

    WOOOOO GOT THE EXP BACK! WE'RE STARTED FOR REAL NOW GUYS! Many thanks to Jokerke for that comment about that being a common issue.

    After rebooting the randomizer so it's all new with different Pokemon (RIP Riptide), I got started on our new game again. But since I had already been through the dialogue with Juniper before, I was just spamming my keyboard in hopes of continuing fast. But then I wound up at the name selection and was still doing that, so my name came out to be "AAAAAAA". All caps. So I'm just gonna imagine everyone is screaming in fear whenever they say my name. But anyways, we got to the starter Pokemon and our options weeeeeeeeere...!

    Beedrill, Marill and motherfucking Latios

    For those of you who don't know, Latios is my favorite legendary Pokemon of all time ever, so I immediately picked this thing, though you'd have to be crazy not to. 

    Bianca, or should I say Rich Kid Florentino, then challenged us to a battle again with their Marill. This thing came with Psywave and Heal Block. Not the greatest moveset, with an 80 accuracy making Psywave miss a fair bit, but hey, still gets the job done. And Heal Block will be useful for the first couple gyms and their Potions. But back to the battle at hand, we beat Florentino easy and got EXP for it, woo! 

    Then we fought Cheren, or Rich Kid Daniel, and beat him with more Psywave spams. Left the house, saw Bianca's dad bitch at her and went to the Professor's place. There we got to nickname our Latios, and since he's such a fucking bro we went ahead and called him Kamina. And if I find a Latias I'll be sure to call her Yoko.

    Went off to Route 1 then and got out turtorial on catching again, and then I got myself my first encounter. Gulpin! Nice! Never used a Swalot before, so this'll be a cool experience. I named it Thanks, after my bro ThankSwalot. You've probably seen him around here a few times.

    Went back to my house to heal, then went back onto the Route and found that Krokorok was something else I could've caught. Shame, since Krookodile is probably my favorite Gen 5 Pokemon, but hey, point of a randomizer and a Nuzlocke is to use stuff you normally wouldn't, so whatever.

    Cut things off there for the day, but now I'm back for real baby!

    Kamina the Latios
    Thanks the Gulpin


    Day 2 - January 14

    Continuing on Route 1, we found that we could also have gotten a Floatzel, Azumarill and Rhyhorn. And I would've really loved to get that last one, but it is what it is. We then reached Accumula Town and went through more tutorial bullshit at the Pokemon Centre before getting to Team Plasma's PETA speech. Again. This is getting pretty tiring.

    Blah blah, N showed up after, he's a Rich Kid, and he sent out a Litwick. And boy was this thing was an asshole.

    I had Thanks sent out first, but since he can't harm ghost-types all I could was Poison Gas it and switch. Which I did, but this candle had Minimize, which was going to go really poorly with Psywave's shit accuracy. Thankfully though, I got enough of them to make the poison kill before I got killed by Astonish spams.

    We healed up at the Pokemon Centre then went into the next Route, where our mom gave us Running Shoes. Hurray, I'm faster now. We went into the grass and had our first encounter with a Tyranitar! Awesome! Fucking amazing!

    After a couple Pounds and a Yawn from Thanks, we got the thing in the ball and spent a solid five minutes trying to figure out what to name it. Since it turns into what's basically a dinosaur, I named it after the Jojo Stand Scary Monsters, which turns those it infects into dinosaurs. But since I couldn't fit all those, characters I had to settle for ScaryMonst.

    We then got to battle some trainers like Elite Four Malcolm who had a Wynaut and nothing else. Nice. Some other things that could've been caught on the route include Weavile and Hypno, the former of which would've cool. I've used Tyranitar before, so getting something new wouldn't be so bad, and Weavile is awesome from what I hear.

    At the end of the route we battled Bianca again, who still had her Marill, as well as... another Marill... Man what are the odds of that happening? Kicked her ass anyways. Then we went into Striaton City, healed up and immediately went to Dreamyard to get whatever Pokemon is replacing the stupid monkeys. After beating the trainers in there and getting to her, the girl gave me a Hitmontop. That's actually pretty interesting.

    My immediate thought though was "sick spins", but that sounded too simple. So sick spins lead to TR-8R from Force Awakens, but that didn't seem fitting for Hitmontop, and neither did just "Traitor". So in the end I decided to call it Traytourre. Seemed better than the other two while still keeping some relevance to sick spins. Leaving things off there today. Tomorrow we'll get back to the gym.


    Kamina the Latios
    Thanks the Gulpin

    ScaryMonst the Tyranitar

    Traytourre the Hitmontop


    Day 3 - January 15

    To start the day off, we went over to the Pokemon School to fight Cheren, who had gotten himself a Riolu. A bit of a dick punch, but ScaryMonst took care of it along with his Beedrill. We then got to go to the gym, where we fought our way through the trainers before making it to the gym leader. Since Latios replaced Snivy, I got to fight Chili, or should I say Analyst Wayne. He had a Kirlia and a Shuppet, the former of which I left to ScaryMonst and the latter got one shot by a critical Pursuit from Traytourre. Pretty promising for his first fight.

    We got the Trio Badge, and went outside where we met Fennel. She brought us over to her lab for some dialogue I skipped, then she gave me Cut. Great. Taught it to Thanks and went over to the Dreamyard again. Found Team Plasma trying to beat up a Munna and kicked their asses. 

    Afterwards Fennel showed up again to get her Dream Mist, and I checked out the grass. First encounter? Baltoy. Man, this Dreamyard has a thing for sick spins, doesn't it? A couple Psywaves from Kamina and I threw a ball, catching it in one go. Since it's also a spinning Poke, I had to keep up the TR-8R theme, and I decided to call it Claytor. 'Cause you know, clay and traitor, seemed clever. Let me know if you think it's clever!

    Anyways, after that we went on over to the next route, where we fought the likes of Champions Amy&Tia, Rocker Crystal and Cooltrainer Sophie, all preschool people. Then Cheren showed up with a Chimchar and Beedrill to fight me and I won again with no trouble. Bianca came along after and told us about how Team Plasma stole a little girl's Pokemon, so Cheren ran off to get them. I meanwhile got to catching stuff. 

    Walked into the grass and found a Whismur. I had Traytourre out front, which I thought was smart, but he was too high levelled and killed it with a Pursuit. First loss of the game. Luckily I got some redemption in the cave, where I caught a Seismitoad. Named it Atilla, after one of the Punk Frogs from Ninja Turtles. Me and Cheren fought off the Team Plasma grunts, who are sailors by the way, then we left the cave and returned the Pokemon.

    Continuing down the route, I figured I was pretty underlevelled and decided to grind for a bit, since Lenora is level 20 and I still got level 12s. Left things off there for the day since I had to get back to studying.

    Kamina the Latios
    Thanks the Gulpin
    ScaryMonst the Tyranitar
    Traytourre the Hitmontop
    Claytor the Baltoy 
    Atilla the Seismitoad


    Day 4 - January 18

    So today was still just grinding, but I realized upon starting up the game I could just go to Pinwheel Forest for stronger Pokemon and a new capture. So I ran down the route, through Nacrene City and right into Pinwheel Forest. I forgot to heal up before I got there though, but I remembered there being a nurse who would heal my stuff up. Cool.

    Not cool actually. I forgot I actually had to battle her, and I was leading with a low HP Thanks against her Scizor. Couldn't do anything to it, so I was gonna switch, but then it Pursuit'd my ass and well, apologies to ThankSwalot, but he died. I had ScaryMonst avenge him though.

    After that I went into the grass for the new capture, and we got a freaking Eevee! Dude I love Eevee! Can't get Sylveon in this game, but still! Eevee! And after weakening it ever so slightly with Mudslaps from Claytor and wasting a bunch of Pokeballs, I finally caught the thing. I wasn't entirely sure what to evolve it into though, since I'd take basically any of them, but it was a guy, so for some reason I just named him after a certain pink puffball. Thus, Kirby was added to the team.

    After that it was just more grinding with things like Smergle (real happy I didn't get that), Bisharp, Wailord, and more. I probably won't update tomorrow because exams start Friday and I gotta study (which I why I didn't update the last few days), but I'll probably go up against Lenora next time. She won't have her stupid Herdier and Watchog this time, so this could either be a lot better or a lot worse.

    Kamina the Latinos
    ScaryMonst the Tyranitar
    Traytourre the Hitmontop
    Claytor the Baltoy 
    Atilla the Seismitoad
    Kirby the Eevee

    Thanks the Gulpin

  • Day 1111: 111111

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    This week is progressing in a weird way. I have a bunch of things I suddenly put on myself today so that I can keep myself busy. I'm coming round to the idea of have beans and rice more frequently, and I'm slowly cutting down the amount of sugar, and chocolate that I'm eating. I only have sour patch kids, peanut butter m&ms and starburst jelly beans left. 

    What was on this list though? Well, I needed to get my podcast done, however I needed to make space on my hard drive so that I could get it exported. So I realised I needed to organise all my files, from video project files, the iMovie video library, my own exported video library, my downloads, my audio project files for garageband, both podcast and music, and then any other things I've made that are kicking around. 

    So, I began the process, realised that things with the same name are going to be roughly groups together, which really helped in moving things from place to place. I attached my external hard drive and began the tedious long process of moving things from place to place. 

    So far I think I've cleared up probably 120gb, with prospectively about 250gb more that I can also clear up. 

    It's been refreshing to go through things. There's still a whole bunch of music ideas I've got to catalogue and get an idea of, because there's so many ideas that I've recorded a little bit of. 

    I have stuff to do the rest of the week! Have an excellent week! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

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