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  • Guess who's back, back again

    2 days ago


    Crofty's back, tell a friend.

    Or I guess I've kind of been back for a while. Went to Sweden's biggest convention (aka NärCon) for four days in July which was super fun! Meeting friends is always fun, and considering that most of my close friends are cosplayers, attending events like these always make me happy. I didn't get too many photos as I didn't cosplay as much as I usually do at cons (I was working as an assistant for the photographer of the Nordic Cosplay Championship), but links to some are further down in this post!

    Then I went on vacation - spent three weeks in the Philippines. Warm as hell, as usual, but fun. After that, I was busy with the intro weeks for the new students at my university (I helped out and it was so much fun, but damn was I exhausted). Then, there's obviously studying to deal with... and Overwatch. An awful lot of Overwatch.

    I will actually stream some drunk or at least tipsy Overwatch in a little while over at my Twitch channel so feel free to stop by! I stream occasionally from time to time so if you're interested in watching, follow me like a crazy stalker (but please not literally)

    Oh, and have some cosplay selfies from NärCon. Those are always fun.

    I hope you've all had a lovely summer! <3

  • Happy Anniversary, Luke

    6 hours ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    Today is the 2nd anniversary @lukemckay and I getting married. We are spending it like two poor artists do...working trying to make a living.

    And I couldn't be happier.

    I love you, Luke. 

  • Day 267

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Eh, the colors are pretty and vibrant -not bad for an experiment.  I'm going with paint on the next one though. 


  • Day 266

    2 days ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    The dimensional paint dried and I put strips of aluminum tape all over the piece. I then burnished the tape to the bumps provided by the paint. After that I used a pen and a print out of the scene and added lots of lines. 

    Experimentation with alcohol inks followed. 

    I'm not sure if I like it. 

    I will sleep on it and decide tomorrow. If I like it I'll seal it. (But first I have to go purchase the stuff to do that with)

    If I don't like it I'll take off the alcohol inks and try using paint instead. 

  • Hair - Flow it, Show it

    9 hours ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold First World Palabras

    I tried to get a picture of Sam, too, but she insisted that the light on the camera was a toy. So, here's Emma in her natural habitat.


    Speaking of hairy things...

    What do I do with this mess? Try to clean it up or buzz it as I usually do? (Picture flipped because mirror...)


  • Fact of The Day:

    7 hours ago

    IronBridge Keeper of Knowledge

    Corporal Wojtek (1942–1963) of the Polish Army, served during the Second World War at the Battle of Monte Cassino.

    Originally having been born in Iran and only joining the Polish Army when they passed through Hamadan on their way to Tehran, on the 8th of April 1942.

    After enlisting he was assigned to 3522, 22nd Artillery Supply Company, II Corps.

    He was said to be a credit to his company, Wojtek helped by carrying ammunition, never dropping a single crate.

    He was known for having a penchant for beer and cigarettes, even in his early career he was never far from a vodka bottle, he was also quite skilful at wrestling and always saluted regardless of rank.

    After the war Wojtek and his company were posted to Berwickshire, Scotland, were he became an honorary member of the Polish-Scottish Association.

    After de-mobilisation he retired to Edinbhburgh, having grown fond of Scotland. He was regularly visited by his old war buddies and shared cigarettes with them, Wojtek was also a frequent guest on children's shows.

    Finally in 1963 old Wojtek passed away, he was a grand size when he passed at 35 stone (220 kg) and over 1.8 meters (6 feet) tall. He was sorely missed and was commemorated by statues and plaques throughout Europe.

    There is even an achievement in Hearts of Iron IV, referencing him.


    The more perceptive among you may have noticed that Wojtek was only 21 when he died.

    That he was also born in 1942.

    That despite a rather boring military career he was well remembered and celebrated.

    Why is that?

    Because Corporal Wojtek was a Bear.

    A Syrian Brown Bear to be precise.

    He was adopted by his company in Hamadan when he was found by a young boy having been abandoned after his mother was killed, he was fed condensed milk from an old vodka bottle when he was still young by 18 year old Irena Bokiewicz.

    The reason for him having been enlisted was due to the fact that in order to get him onto a British transport ship he needed to be an enlisted soldier, so they enlisted him.

    He really did serve in the Battle of Monte Cassino, kind of, were he helped in the transport of munitions.

    For his actions the emblem of 22nd Artillery Supply Company was made to be a Bear carrying an artillery shell.

    After the war he stayed with his company until de-mobilisation, after which he was donated to Edinburgh Zoo. Where he was visited by company members through the years, they would often throw him cigarettes (which he would eat, as know one could light them for him).

    When he died he was immortalised as a symbol for Polish-Scottish relations and the Polish Artillery Corps.

    That ladies and gentlemen is the story of Wojtek, the soldier Bear.

    Further Info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wojtek_(bear)


  • Worldly Views

    2 days ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold First World Palabras

    I think park of my problem with the Internet is that it lulls me into thinking everyone's close by until some dose of reality reminds me that I'm in some freaky dimensional oasis in the middle of the Old South, where only retirees and college kids live, locked in an epic struggle to maintain a simple life on one side and to progress on the other - not realizing that the two are not mutually exclusive. (Even the weather doesn't want to get involved in that mess - the worst of it always gives us a miss.) It's a jarring sense of loneliness for us sometimes.

    I wonder if having two timestamps, one with my timezone (Rooster Teeth's timezone) and the other with the member's own timezone, would help keep me grounded a bit more when online.

    It might also help people plan online get-togethers better if they could see the differences in time zones. That would be a neat social feature... optional of course... and only after other social features are working as we need them to do.

    ... but on other social platforms, this could be a nice addition, too, so I know when someone in Newfoundland posts in the wee hours of the morning, its actually after sunrise for them, or when someone in Alaska posts well after bedtime, they're not actually staying up late yet. It throws off my perspective of their posts when my timezone says they're doing something at an odd hour.

  • An Open Letter to Anyone Who Feels Alone - You're Not

    16 hours ago


    Earlier this month, a friend from a different community announced that she would be organizing a blog tour for Suicide Prevention Awareness. I had told her I was interested, but it took me a while to figure out how to put the importance of this subject into words that made sense. 

    The result is probably the longest thing I've ever written (that's online, anyway) - an open love letter to anyone who has ever felt alone or struggled with depression or thoughts of suicide. 

    Because that was me at one point. 

    The post is way too long to share in its entirety here, so if you want to read it all, you can do so here. (Feel free to ignore the debt parts - the focus of this particular tour was on the link between depression and debt, but I kind of ignore debt and go more in-depth with how I overcame things after that.)

    Here's an excerpt - 

    This is an open love letter to anyone who has struggled with debt, suicidal thoughts, depression, or any combination of those. I want you to know that you’re not alone in this.

    Why Suicide Isn't the Answer - My Story

    I am firmly in the “suicide is not the answer” camp. But it wasn’t always that way.

    Throughout much of middle school and high school, I struggled with suicidal thoughts on a daily basis.

    I attribute much of it to the bullying I endured during those years. I was carefully picked apart, feature by feature, trait by trait, by a handful of assholes who had nothing better to do. And I had no one to turn to.

    One incident sticks out the most in my head: I was on the lunch line with a few friends when kids behind us started making fun of my teeth. At the time, my parents couldn’t afford braces, and my front teeth were, well, prominent.

    I felt my face flush instantly. My friends quietly adverted their eyes, and no teachers were paying attention. I endured several more moments of verbal poking and prodding before running off the line and back to my table, tears running down my face.

    When my ‘friends’ came back, they expressed some sympathy, but conversation around another topic resumed and that was that.

    I could never come up with any reason for the bullying other than I was quiet, which made me an easy target. Which also sucked, because it made me wish for the power of invisibility more and more each time it happened.

    I started thinking that my sole purpose on this earth was to be tortured at school. (Dramatic much?) At the time, I had one or two friends I could turn to, but when I tried to confide in them, it was clear they felt uncomfortable.

    As a result, I felt completely alone, and things only went downhill from there. It wasn’t long before I would pass a group of laughing kids in the hallway, wondering what I did to elicit such a reaction. (Yep, I was super paranoid.)

    Once a proud holder of ‘perfect attendance’ awards, I started missing school because it felt like a prison. I would wake up each day with the thought not this again.

    Not only did I hate what my life had become, but I hated myself. I was firmly convinced I wasn’t worthy of love, and that there was no reason for anyone to love me anyway, so what did it matter?

    Eventually the pain subsided; it was replaced with emptiness. I had cried enough tears, ran myself ragged with negative thoughts, and my soul had been ravaged. What was I doing with my life? Why did it matter? I don’t mean anything to anyone. Everyone always looks the other way. Their eyes speak of hate and disgust. I’m just a burden.

    It was easier to go through the motions and put on a fake face to please others to avoid the inevitable are you okay?

    But a life of emptiness has no roads to travel. Being directionless, it becomes pointless. So I found myself planning how it would all end.

    Yet, for all the planning I did (and I’m quite the planner), I could never pull the trigger – in any sense of the word.

    To spare you the unnecessary details, I eventually reached the precipice. I had to make a decision: end it, or figure out a way down.

    I chose the latter, though it wasn’t an easy decision. Considering I had to build the road from scratch, the journey was anything but quick.

    That journey taught me that suicide is not the answer. It took me years to reach that conclusion, but thoughts of suicide haven’t entered my mind since. 10 years ago, I never thought I would find peace, but I did.

    Everyone’s journey is different, of course. What worked for me might not work for you. But I still believe that we have the power to control our destiny – we can choose to live, to find peace, to love and receive love. 

    That choice is one of the most difficult choices we will have to make in life, but it has been worth every struggle and battle I've endured. Even the ones I lost - especially the ones I lost, because I learned the most from them. 

    You're Not Alone

    I'm all for being independent, but connection is something most of us crave. Sometimes we need the help of others to make it through, and there's absolutely no shame in that. We weren't meant to live in isolation. We're all trying to figure this shit out and stumbling along the way. So please, reach out and ask for help when you need it. Form connections with others because we all have something to learn from and teach each other. If you ever need someone to listen, I'm here.

    What follows in my post is how I regained control over my life - my story - and why it matters. I talk about forgiveness, leaning into the pain, being enough, asking for help, practicing gratitude, the power of music, finding meaning, and why happiness shouldn't be our end goal. 

    Side note: As part of the music section, I also created a playlist that contains a range of songs which reflect the inner turmoil we all wade through at some point. There's a bunch of different genres and moods in there, but if you find turning to music helpful, I encourage you to make your own playlists as a form of therapy. 

    I hope this helps.  purple_heart

  • My RTX/North American/Other Stuff Adventure!

    2 days ago

    andytheciderman RTCyclist/Keeper of Wine

    Catchy title eh?

    What do you mean 'no'?

    Anyway, here are some pics from my summer adventures, and some links to my Flickr albums for you to enjoy :)

    First up is Vancouver.  I went here as part or my North American adventure and visited before heading down to Austin for RTX.  A beautiful and incredibly interesting place, I saw my first orca here.  RTX was next, and it was my first chance to meet my GGG and OCC friends.  I had a wonderful time and it certainly won't be my last RTX, it might be an 'every other year' thing though, but I'll see.  I've included my favourite snaps from here down below.  After that it was down to Galveston for the GGG Meet Up beach holiday.  That was a smashing week and it was a shame I had to leave early.  Definitely keen to go to the next one and play silly buggers with those guys again.  And finally on this trip was one day in New York, first time there and it wasn't long enough to do it justice, but it was a great day.

    Here are the links to my Flickr albums:

    https://flic.kr/s/aHsm8fkF49 - North America trip

    https://flic.kr/s/aHsm5AXFYq - Edinburgh Military Tattoo

    https://flic.kr/s/aHsm3hRpsU - Isles of Scilly family holiday












  • Some More Typical Conversations

    10 hours ago

    Kikyobutt Not Sean

    *At work*

    Jerry: "What did you guys think of the concert?"

    Me: "I thought it was pretty goo-"

    Jerry: "It was fucking boring!"

    Me: "...Well fuck me, right?"

    Ty (the supervisor): *laughing*

    A few minutes later, debriefing with the supervisors at the end of the night. I had found 3 pairs of sunglasses and was wearing them all (along with my own sunglasses on top of my head). Here's a recreation of what it kinda looked like:


    Me: "Hey guys, I found some sunglasses."

    Everyone: *laughing*

    James (supervisor): "Everyone okay? Any issues we need to know about?"

    Ty (supervisor): "Anybody get hurt?"

    James: "My feelings were hurt." (Just want to add I used to say this after shows, but I'm actually proud that James took my joke.)

    Everyone: *laughing*

    Ty: "Alright, are we going to get any phone calls from angry guests?"

    Me: "Might get some calls about people missing their sunglasses."

    Everyone: *laughing*

    Me: "By the way, anyone want some sunglasses?"

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