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  • Long time no journal!

    1 day ago


    Realized I haven't really posted a proper journal here for a while so I figured I'd keep you a bit up to date on what's happening in my pretty uneventful life, in case people want to know and whatnot.

    --- I'm leaving for Stockholm tonight for the Swedish Championship in Cosplay (also known as Cosplay-SM)! I'm not competing myself, but I have a few friends who are going to, and I also know most people who are performing in the intermissions and who are hosting the entire thing, yadda yadda. It's going to be streamed here tomorrow at 8:30PM CET (2:30PM CDT). I think it'll be in Swedish, but hey, you don't need to understand the language in order to admire the amazing costumes and performances you'll see!

    --- I've been busy the past ten weeks with a game development project at my university. A lot of work and a lot of stress, but it was a super interesting and fun experience to work with an entire team of fellow students to create something together. I'm already looking forward to next year's project! Creating is fun.

    --- Speaking of creating and cosplaying, I haven't been super active when it comes to making new cosplays as of late due to the development project. I have, however, worked a bit on a cosplay that I've been wanting to do for years (ever since before I started cosplaying). Not going to spoil anything yet... but she has a huge friggin' ball dress and I'm super excited for that. (Facebook page for my cosplaying adventures here!)

    --- And on the topic of creativity, I've resumed to my good ol' YouTubing! Well, kinda. I've uploaded a few new videos which is neat since I've been inactive for about a year due to life getting in the way. I will get back to it properly soon, though, so that's going to be fun! (My YouTube can be found here. Cringey content deluxe.)

    How've you been doing, and how are you currently doing? What's going on in your life, you neat person you?

  • Is America great again yet?

    2 days ago


    I'm trying not to be as political lately because I'm sure it's annoying to some. That being said I can't help but notice Donald Trump's policies are hurting or going to hurt millions of Americans. Most of this rant is based around Trump's recent budget proposal which you can see here:


    Trump wants to cut funds for Meals on Wheels, which so many elderly depend on, not just for food but in many cases these volunteers provide the only social interaction these old folks have that day. The Trump administration claims they aren't seeing results but what does that mean? If the intention is to feed the elderly aren't those the results we should be looking at?

    Trump wants to cut funds for school lunch programs because heaven forbid our tax dollars go towards helping kids who can't even afford to eat. Seems that money is better spent increasing our military budget which is already higher than the next 12 countries combined. Have you ever went to get lunch at school only to find you have no money on the account and might go hungry that day? I have, and it's something no child should have to experience.

    Trump also wants to cut funding for after school programs which so many parents depend on to watch over their children while they are at work. Honestly, how is this a benefit to anyone? Is there a single person out there who can answer this?

    It's not just school programs either. Trump's federal hiring freeze has caused at least two army bases to close child care programs meant to help our soldiers and military families. 61% of military voters favored Trump in the last election. Talk about ignoring your constituents.

    Trump claims to be allocating $500 million to help drug addicts and fight the opioid crisis, but that $500 million is actually part of something called the Cures Act, which was passed under Obama's presidency. Just like this healthy economy and low unemployment rate, Trump wants credit for something he didn't do. Even if Trump invests in fighting drug addiction his health plan is going to leave 24 million Americans without insurance so anyone falling under that 24 million won't even be able to access the help they need.

    Meanwhile "Trumpcare" will provide over $2 million in tax breaks to Donald Trump himself. It will also provide hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the richest 2% in this country. It seems as though Trump is working to benefit the rich at the expense of the citizens he claimed he would work for. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, chances are it's a duck.

    The list seems to go on and on. Don't even get me started on the potential risks this administration poses to the environment. Tell me, is this how we make America great again? I'm just not seeing it.

    I want to seriously ask all my friends who voted for Trump... Do you still support him and why? I understand he is triggering to liberals but that's not really a reason to look past the harm he is doing. So please tell me what it is you approve of here. Bonus points if you can speak on actual policy without using the words libtard, cuck or snowflake. I am eagerly awaiting your response.

  • What is going on @ RT Engineering?

    1 day ago

    MikeQuinn VP Engineering

    We are super excited to start talking with the community about what is coming out of Rooster Teeth's Product and Engineering team!

    Rooster Teeth Engineering not only works on the website but also builds a lot of backend systems and apps (like iPhone, Android, AppleTV, XBox, etc.).  We also decide what those should look like and how they should function.  

    We have been designing a video experience that allows you to watch videos with your friends.  This is more than just making clicky boxes that show a video.  Its building all the tools that make Rooster Teeth a fun place to be!

    Building a better platform for you, requires writing a bunch of services.  Some of these will facilitate better account management, while others will allow for better video processing.  The really exciting services will allow you to communicate more easily with one another.   All of these will come together to create a new, faster, and simpler video experience.  They will also give us some of the framework needed to make a functional and speedy community.

    Over the next few months we'll start showing you what we're building.  The first set of changes are going to be an overhaul of the video viewing experience.  If you want to have early access to these changes, please sign up via this form.  

  • RTICD Weekend Schedule March 31st - April 2nd

    16 hours ago

    ArnettV FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Gif Addict

    RTICD is just around the corner; less than a week away!

    Be sure to join us Friday, March 31st through Sunday, April 2nd to celebrate. We have a lot of fun interactive panels, game nights, podcasts, and rabb.it sessions for everyone to enjoy across two and a half days. You should also check with your local community group to see if they have a meet up planned during that time. You can find the full list of active community groups on the sidebar of our group page.

    And just so you know what's going on, we also have a nifty schedule for your easy viewing pleasure. Aren't we so thoughtful? We think we are! doc


    We hope to see you around the Internet for Rooster Teeth's 14th anniversary!


  • 008 Mini Update- Field Notes for RvB 15

    1 day ago

    AgentWashingtub008 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Crackpot of Coffee

    Over in the forums we've been snapping at any #RvB15 information we can get.  We're less than two weeks away from the 15th anniversary of the SHOW AND THE COMPANY, PEOPLE!  That's no conformation of anything, but just something to note by itself.


    As we prepare for the season, I think it's only appropriate I get myself ready for full crackpot mode by making a list of all the things I DO know for sure.  And I may as well share that information.  (And it came up in the forums more naturally...)

    So, here's an itemized list of things we know about the upcoming season or can very reliably speculate.  This will be a post I revisit as we learn more prior to the premiere so feel free to comment anything you can think of, or if you just want to stay as on top of it as me, comment for updates/follow the post.

    Things We Know about Season 15 (Even Tangentially) As of 9:09 AM PST 3/24/2017

    -The story summary states a new plot-driving character who is a reporter investigating the Reds and the Blues and their possible connections to the brewing Human-Alien conflicts in the colony worlds (IE Chorus and the SImulation System)

    -The reporter is female.  This is only important because we can slightly speculate to the possible in-house RT actresses who haven't played roles and what her personality might bring to the character.  External actresses are possible but not as fruitful for speculation.  Too many.

    -There is an unknown timejump between seasons, but it is likely within months like most previous ones.

    -Writing and Directing has been handed over to Joe Nicolosi who wrote, directed, and animated Brick Gultch, the RvBVR shorts, and his own comedy shorts, animations, and skits.

    -Miles, Burnie, and Matt are still involved with story to a degree.

    -Kerry was present at the RTX AU panel for RvB.

    -Machinima is being done in Halo 5

    -Machinima has been done in a night-time variant of an industrial map with a city skybox that in Halo lore is a colony world.

    -Brandon and Kerry have commented on recording lines, meaning that Palomo and Bitters will return for speaking roles.

    - Geoff has confirmed he has/will be recording lines.  As has Gus.  (I'm just putting this here to be through.)

    -Church's plan to delete himself has (for all intents and purposes of the current plan) succeded and some new form of the fragment personas will be returning.  This fact has been compounded by the recap video.

    -There's a hidden gem in a few recent posts by RT that I'm not sure if anyone here caught onto.  I don't want to ruin the surprise, BUT several official RT posts in the pre season 15 hype building in the forums and on other social platforms have mentioned Sister.  And not just a mention, but with enough importance to consider her extened return in 15 as being almost garunteed.  It was tucked nicely into the post about Wash AND Sister lines, true, but she keeps coming up publicly.

    -It has been discussed that retro/classic merch could return to the store sometime soon.  This includes the Red vs Blue Jersey shirts which appeared very early on.  Gavin is lobbying for Grif's to be the original intended 69 rather than 22. 

    -Red vs Blue Season 15 will begin on April 2nd and probably will continue in the Sunday animation slot. 

  • Day 83

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    I decided to work on a different painting today and made good progress.

    While I was searching for a reference photo I had an idea (or two) for future projects.  I then spent a good hour doing research online.  Who knows if anything will come of it, but I've done the footwork already. 

  • Yeah... I'm watching that...

    20 hours ago


    ...It could have a Rotten Tomato score of 0 and I'll be there. You can bet I'll be having fun too...

  • Comic Bento Unboxing March 2017 - Out of Retirement

    22 hours ago


    Please pardon my loopyness. Ruby hasn't been sleeping very well the past few nights... Which also means haven't been sleeping well the past few nights.

  • And then there were none.

    1 day ago


    I cannot tell you how weird it is not seeing a yellow star next to my name...

    I've actually just switched my membership over to a different site. Not long after I canceled my subscription here, I started one up an Penny Arcade and joined Club PA. One thing I found interesting is how active their forums are and how they haven't changed in over a decade. 

    Change =/= functionality.

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