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  • Thank You Rooster Teeth Community

    14 hours ago

    caleb Frisbee

    Today is my final day and I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to the Rooster Teeth Community. 

    The community is the heart and soul of Rooster Teeth, and without you, RT wouldn't be here. Without you, I would have never had such an incredible experience in my life. Thank you for all the support over the years and for being one of the best communities on the planet.

    I'll miss serving you all! 


  • Extra Life Update #2

    1 day ago

    MrWartburg Team Fat

    The plan for my Extra Life campaign is coming together quite nicely. Got two back-to-back 12 hour streams planned for the weekend of October 28th and 29th, and all but two slots (and guests) have been locked in! That part of things will be in update #3, but for this one, I'm pumped to show off the final raffle item that I finished a couple days ago! 


    This Hylian shield woodburning is 11.5" wide and 13.75" tall, and would make an excellent piece to hang up on a video gamer's wall. And if you want to enter to win this thing, all you need to do is head here, https://www.extra-life.org/participant/mrwartburg, and enter a $15.00 donation. And I also threw together a few other items too, and in case you didn't see my last journal here they are:


    So to recap, here's the total rundown of the items and the associated donation levels:

    1. Destiny 2 "Coldheart" blueprint hanging - $5.00 (1 donation of $5.00 = 1 entry)

    2. Pokemon Pyrography (Charmander Evolutions) - $5.01 per 1 entry

    3. Reinhardt 6" Funko Pop - $10.00 per 1 entry

    4. D. Va 6" Funko Pop - $10.01 per 1 entry

    5. Hylian Shield Pyrography - $15.00 per 1 entry

    6. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (9" diameter) string art by @ayeeitslyss - $15.01 per 1 entry


    And if all that isn't enough, my co-streamer Joey and I are doing two stretch goals. The first is at $2,0000, and if we break that Joey's getting a tattoo. At $2,500, I'm shaving my beard for the first time in nearly 6 years! 

    So get on it people, donate to a great cause, maybe win some cool stuff, and make me lop off my beard! 

  • Hurricane Ophelia, the 3rd

    21 hours ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold is on Gangstagram.

    To everyone across the pond, stay safe.

  • Choices

    1 day ago

    McDom GGG Muhahaha

    None are easy. Least not the ones that actually matter.

    I'm about to do something scary tomorrow. Incredibly so, and without a doubt, something that will change the course of my life. Because honestly, I'm done putting my happiness aside.

    With us luck

  • Days 286-289

    14 hours ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    It looks like notifications are back, yay. 

    What have I been up to? Well my art guild had a show this weekend so I was busy preparing art for it (framing and wiring), then  Friday I assisted in set up and on Sunday I demonstrated how I make my metal tape art. 

    These are the two pieces that got made during the demo. I tried the man again, any one recognize him yet?   I may give him one more shot. 


    This next piece was a little experimental; I think it turned out OK


    I gave up on trying to follow RTX London on twitch as I think they were only streaming center stage which I didn't find that interesting. Sounds like overall  it was a huge success though. 

  • Two days, no notifications

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    Since no one will see my journal entries due to NO notifications for TWO days I shan't bother posting my regular stuff till they come back. 

    Because quite honestly, for me at least, notifications are the only way I ever see anything on this site anymore. 

  • My Ride Has Been Pimped

    1 day ago


    Well, instead of pimping my existing ride, I got a new one. That still counts, right?

    The reason I wanted to write about this is because we have this horrible habit of taking wonderful things for granted once they become the norm for us. 

    It happens with everything from relationships to technology to cars. We're really excited for this new thing at first, so we go out of our way to treat it nicely, and then by the six-month to one-year mark, the novelty has worn off and we return to how things were before. 

    I'm not going to fool myself into thinking that won't happen. No matter how much I want to hold onto this feeling of "oh my god this is awesomeeee!", it's going to happen eventually. 

    But at least I'll have this to refer back to.

    How Awesome Is This Ride?

    So, exactly how awesome is my new car? It's pretty awesome. Check out this setup:


    The #1 criteria for my car search was the ability to sleep in it. Why? Because I don't want to just focus on traveling overseas. The U.S. is home to some pretty amazing places, and I figured having a car with me would be more practical than trying to rent one or Uber. And since I can sleep in it, I'm saving lots of money on lodging. 

    At first, I was kind of skeptical. I'm fairly tall, and a lot of the wagons and crossovers that were initially on my list seemed too small to fit me comfortably. Plus, telling salespeople that car camping was a goal of mine was met with some weird looks. Oh well.

    What I ended up with - a Subaru Forester - wasn't even on my list because of how it had ballooned over the years. It used to be a short, boxy station wagon, and now it's essentially an SUV. However, the price point was right on target, I enjoyed how it drove, and I fell in love with the colors of the one I ended up getting. 


    Tell me I'm not pretty!

    Why I'm Happy

    I can safely say this is the first time I've ever been this excited about a vehicle, but I think that reflects where I'm at in life more than anything. 

    I was originally happy with my '02 Civic Coupe because it's adorable and sporty (and Honda's are great), but as the years went on, it was clear it wasn't very reliable to drive. That held me back more times than I realized. I didn't enjoy driving, and as a result, I stayed home more. (And without a commute, that can be dangerous.)

    Contrast that with yesterday... I got home and became restless for the remainder of the day because I wanted to go on a road trip right then and there and put this baby to the test. (Unfortunately, it needs an inspection and real plates, so that didn't seem like a good idea.)


    Instead, I took it for a spin at night to see what a difference having new lights made. It turns out, a world of difference. My eyesight is horrible and I'm usually not super comfortable driving at night. My old car had been in an accident (not by me =)) and as a result, the driver's side headlight was a bit wonky. The lights themselves weren't very bright, either. These were crazy bright, and I can tell the high-beams will do just fine on creepy back roads. 

    As I continue to drive it, I'm discovering all sorts of useful things about the car that I never had before. The biggest plus is heated seats (I'm cold 90% of the time), the extended sunroof, and the aux input for my phone + Spotify. (I had a lame ass cassette tape audio jack connection thing before.)


    But nothing beat the excitement of blowing up an air mattress, laying down, and realizing how perfect everything had come together. (My face says everything.) I pictured myself turning on the overhead light and reading with a view of the nighttime sky through the sunroof, being curled up in the middle of nowhere with some music playing softly...it's just so cool to think my car can double as a hotel room. 

    Oh yeah, and it's AWD, so I don't have to worry about road conditions as much as before. My Civic was nimble, but horrible in the snow and rain. 

    Overall, while my heart may have dropped a few times thinking about how much I was spending on this, I can say that excitement won out in the end. Cars are a depreciating asset - I would never consider its worth in my total net worth (especially since I'm going to drive it forever) - but I can view it as an investment in the lifestyle I want. 

    It's another symbol for this new chapter in my life, and I can't wait to see where it will take me.

    Here's a hint of it (more or less me being silly):


    I fail at hiding.

    Look at all this SPACE!! What is this even?!!? 


    Just sitting back here. Chillin. In my car. Because I'm a total nerd.

    Do you have any car stories to share? Do you think I'm insane for being excited to sleep in my car? Let me know. =P

  • Meet the cat

    15 hours ago

    datalaughing Always Right

    So we got a cat last week. He's 6 months old, and we adopted him from a rescue in the Metroplex (Dallas/Ft. Worth for you non-Texans). Meet Dimitri:


    He's part Russian Blue, hence the name. He's been a lot of fun since we brought him home. Loves being petted. Dislikes cellphones. Mostly I think, to him, if you have a phone in your hand, you're completely wasting a hand that could be used for petting him instead, even if your other hand is already petting him. 

    Jennifer has a lot more experience owning cats than me. So she is taking the lead on several things. For instance, she's determined that we should get him declawed. So that could potentially happen soon. I've heard that it's cruel, but I don't know.

    We started him off in our bathroom, in my closet. So he would have a nice safe room to hide from people in while he got used to us. He got comfortable pretty quickly with moving from there into our bedroom where he sleeps under the bed most of the time, unless we're in the bed, in which case he'll jump up to get us to pet him. This sometimes includes while we're sleeping. If he sees a hand, then he may well headbut it until it pets him, whether the person is initially conscious or not. It's funny.

    He's still kind of scared of the rest of the house though. Today while we were working is the first time he's ventured across the house to the office for more than a moment. He's currently napping under my desk:


    I haven't had a cat since I was like 4. So lots of new experiences for me. It's been interesting. One thing is, Dimitri seems to love television. If we turn on the TV in our bedroom he will instantly appear from beneath the bed and jump up to watch with us. That alone makes him fit in pretty well around here.

  • How To Properly Romantic Comedy

    2 days ago


    RomComs, they're pretty cookie cutter these days aren't they? You get an oblivious male protagonist who unwittingly attracts the attention of one or many female companions, he stumbles his way though strengthening his bond with each girl until he ultimately fails to pick any of the women. This leads to the possibility of more seasons of waifu material dressing in scantly clad outfits, giving us very little little actual relationship progression and leaving us feeling unfulfilled. In fact I've all but given up hope for the Romantic Comedy genre in anime, feeling that my relationship with the genre is that akin to a battered housewife and her abusive husband. I keep promising myself that I will stay away for good after every empty promise, but I somehow find myself going back thinking RomCom got his act together and is finally ready to treat me right.

    Well at long last my friends I have reached the light at the end of the tunnel, I found the pot of gold and its name is Tsurezure Children. This is an anime that should be a beacon for all other future RomComs to look to and see what good Romantic Comedy can be, with multiple examples of every type of relationship that is possible to use. Yes this anime was a smattering of hors d'oeuvres served on a silver platter, each one packed with flavors that set them apart form one another. By the end the anime left you feeling satisfied, not empty, even though you only got bite-sized servings.

    The setting for the anime is based in a Japanese high school, and yes, I know, the location itself is as overused as settings come. Just bare with me. The setting is perfect for this anime as we don't follow one, or two, or three, but up to eight ongoing relationships all between different students. Each pair feels unique, and no two are alike. For example you have Haruhiko and Saki, a relationship where the two clearly like one another but the girl in this case can't gather up the courage to confess to the guy. Another example is Jun and Yuki, a pair where the girl is constantly professing her love for the guy but because of her whimsical nature the guy doesn't believe her. And even still there is Takeru and Ayaka, who begin dating almost as soon as we are introduced to them but the girl here is always worried she is going to mess things up by pushing things too far.

    Now you might be thinking that because of the number of relationships going on that they might feel skin deep, but you'd be wrong. The anime handles the themes it uses for each relationship very maturely, injecting problems you might find in real life relationships into the pairs. No pair is perfect, each one has their troubles, but in the end the anime does a great job showing how the couples move past these differences and grow as characters. Hell, there wasn't a single relationship in this anime that I didn't enjoy on some level or another. And to date that is a feat only accomplished by a couple other anime in my top picks, though neither one was a RomCom by any right.

    If you have ever been jaded by Romantic Comedies in the past, but still want to give the genre a chance, then I implore you to give Tsurezure Children a look. Whether you're looking for good comedy or good romance, you'll find bother here. You will not be disappointed, I guarantee it. And if you happen to be a mangaka or creator of anime, and you're looking to venture out into the RomCom waters, bring a copy of Tsurezure Children with you as a sort of compass. It will save you during those foggy days where you want to rely upon filler or fan service, and ultimately lead you to your destination.

    Genres: Romantic Comedy

    Animation: For all that positive talk about the story you might worry the animation would be out of sync, but fear not as Studio Gokumi does a great job of handling this. It's neither too complex or gaudy, but not too simplistic that emotion and feeling didn't carry. It's a more basic style for sure, but the use of colors and excellent expressions did a great job of showing you what the mood was. This is a studio that has done this before though, as they were also the ones who worked on Kin-iro MosaicKono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!, and Saki.

    Voice Acting: Here's a mind blower, they actually got a respectable cast to voice the characters. If you were to watch the anime and then close your eyes and listen, you could pretty easily identify the characters just by voice. Because just like the relationships, the characters are all unique and separate from one another. From a deeper voiced male character like Takeru to an energetically voiced girl like Kazuko.

    Favorite Character: Obviously I can't pick a single character this time, but I know immediately what pairing I liked the most and that was the one between Masafumi and Ryōko. These two were packed with some of the best reactions, playing characters very different from what their roles in the school might place them as. Masafumi is a student council president for the third-years, and Ryōko is a delinquent who he caught smoking. I immediately liked these two because Masafumi surprises us as the aggressor, challenging Ryōko's rough exterior as he gets her to agree to make out with him in the very first episode. He is constantly acting like a horn dog around her after they begin to date, but respects Ryōko as the woman he wants to be his lover. God I love this pairing.


    Tsurezure Children gets a 9.9 out of 10


  • I love it when a plan ...oh no...

    1 day ago

    DiMono It's Back Baby!

    Long journal is long.

    Sunday night/Monday morning, at about 1:45am, my car battery died. I was downtown at the time, and the castoff rain from a Cyclone on the other side of the Great Lakes had just reached us, so it was extremely wet. I don't have CAA at the moment, but I do have jumper cables. I flagged down some vehicles and found someone who was willing to give me a jump, and that is when I found out that my jumper cables are ...let's say "not very effective."

    I tried using several good samaritans' cars to get mine started, to no avail. Around 3am I tried to go to sleep, but the combination of heavy rain, the ambient light from streetlamps, and my general sense of "this is very not a good thing" were keeping me up. So I got back outside and returned to flagging down cars. This is how I learned that police cruisers are literally incapable of giving you a jump, because it is prevented by their on board computers - they monitor battery usage, and in case of a spike, such as jump starting another vehicle, problems happen. The more you know.

    Somewhere around 4:30am I finally crawled into my back seat and tried to force myself to go to sleep. After laying there for some time I finally got about an hour and a half of "sleep," before my bladder remembered that it's a thing, and demanded my attention at about 6:45am. I happened to know that there are restaurants and the like in the area, so I started walking. I quickly came to an Eggsmart, which is a decent breakfast place, at 6:51. They opened at 7am. My need was more urgent than 9 minutes, so the hunt continued.

    A couple false starts later, I ended up in a McDonald's. When I opened the bathroom door, there was a large black man using the hand dryer on his clothes, wearing no shirt. It was still raining, so I had my umbrella with me, but it was clear to me what had happened. I used the facilities, and as we passed each other by the sinks, I saw what looked like a teardrop tattoo under his eye. I asked no questions.

    After getting breakfast at Eggsmart, I looked up on my phone where the nearest Canadian Tire was. My plan was to buy a self-jumper unit, use it on my car, and then later use it again to take my car to my mechanic. The website said it opened at 8, so I walked over, and found a sign posted on the door that said it was opening at 10 because Thanksgiving. I headed back to my car, and decided to try flagging people down again until that time. I finally found someone who had really good jumper cables, and using his cables my car started immediately.

    After getting a jump, you're supposed to drive around for about 30-60 minutes so that the alternator can charge the battery. My walk to Canadian Tire had allowed me to locate its parking lot, which was gate-protected, i.e. not necessarily free. I drove back up to my area and found out the two Canadian Tire locations up here were closed, and then drove back downtown. The sign for the parking lot said one hour free with a $10 purchase, otherwise $4/30min. It occurred to me that I was way too tired to commit to a large purchase at that time, so instead I came back home, turned off my car, tried to start it up again, and it immediately did nothing. My battery, thoroughly dead.

    I still had my mechanic in mind, so I made an appointment for Friday afternoon. I started my attempts to get a jump about an hour before I had to leave for the appointment, but even with other people's good cables, I wasn't able to get it to go. My battery, really thoroughly dead. Before my car was going anywhere, it needed a new battery.

    I told you that story to tell you this one.

    Today I decided to walk to Canadian Tire, buy a battery and jumper cables, and walk back. Canadian Tire is about 2 miles away. I'm no fool, so before I did anything I went on Google to find out how much the average car battery weighs. According to Google, it's about 15lbs. I have dumbbells in my office, so I picked up a 15lb dumbbell to test it out. It's pretty light, but heavier than I could carry in something like a canvas bag. Fortunately, I have a pretty heavy duty backpack, with a buckle in the front. My mode of transporting the battery was set. However, more planning was required.

    The forecast for today called for a chance of thunderstorms. Looking out my window, the clouds were a light grey, and the thunderstorm had not hit yet. There was a chance I would get wet. My car has a foldaway raincoat in it, so I added that to my bag. There was a chance the car battery would get wet. This probably wouldn't be a problem, but I still added a plastic bag to wrap it in. Finally, 2 miles each way is a long way to walk, especially when you're hauling an extra 15lbs on your back. My backpack has a spot to put a water bottle, so I did that. I also made sure the shirt I had on was a quick-drying one, and I put on my RvBTO 8-bit hat to keep the rain out of my eyes. With all of that preparation done, I began walking.

    The walk was basically uneventful. Some raindrops would fall, and then they would stop. The wind would pick up, and then it would stop. I found a blue canvas bag on the sidewalk and brought it with me for future use. I encountered someone wearing a RWBY hat in the wild. He did not recognize my RvBTO hat. Towards the end of the walk, the rain became a little more steady. Nothing I wasn't prepared to walk in, but enough to take notice of. I found two young girls playing in a park, and told them they should go home to avoid the thunderstorm, and they did.

    Then I got to the last intersection before the Canadian Tire. And that is when the monsoon caught me. If it had just waited 5 minutes longer, I would have been okay. There was a woman crossing the street with an umbrella, who got blown slightly off balance and had to stumble. Another woman was wearing sweats, which were absolutely a terrible life choice that day. I was caught too far away from shelter, and had no opportunity to change into my raincoat before I was already drenched. Since I was wet anyway I decided to brave it and carry on.

    The rain was coming down so hard, and the wind was blowing so fast, that it was legitimately painful to be in that storm. I couldn't run, for fear of being blown into traffic. The rain was hitting me from behind, where my neck and calfs were exposed, and it felt like hail was hitting them. I quickly realized my phone was in my left front pocket, which was open to the rain, and I immediately covered the opening with my left hand, using the other to hold onto my hat - which was not pulling its weight in this endeavour at all, I might add.

    When I finally arrived at Canadian Tire, I checked my calfs for blood (did I mention it felt like hail?). There was none, which was good. I immediately walked up to some employees and said "I have made a terrible life choice. Where is the bathroom?" When I entered the bathroom, I found a crappy hand dryer and no paper towels. I used a combination of the dryer and toilet paper to take care of my skin, glasses, and phone, but it was useless for everything else. I went back into the real world and was given a small towel, which I used as well as I could, and then decided to keep the remaining water in my clothes as a symbol of my shame.

    Now that I was at my destination, it was time to buy things. I took my time finding the beefiest jumper cables I could afford, and with the help of an employee I tracked down the battery I needed. It has a 4 year warranty, which is nice. After the paperwork was done, I went to move it for the first time. That is when I learned that my entire plan was based on a lie.

    While the average car battery may be about 15lbs, this car battery is closer to 15kg. I was not prepared for this. Still, this is what I'd come for, and I didn't have much choice but to leave with it. After paying for my merchandise, I manoeuvred the battery into my backpack along with the jumper cables, putting the new canvas bag between the front bottom corner of the battery and my back, and then hoisted the bag up onto the counter, which was conveniently at DiMono-can-slide-his-arms-into-his-backpack's-armholes height. I backed up into it and fastened the buckle, and carefully eased it off the counter. The bag was holding, as was I. Although more difficult than I'd anticipated, the plan was still a thing.

    Before leaving, I decided to take a moment to discuss with the people at the checkout counter how bad an idea this was. I said something to the effect of "I'm about to walk 2 miles with a heavy car battery in my backpack. This is a terrible life choice. I'm going to die." And they did nothing to stop me. I texted Nat "I am now beginning the 2 mile walk home with a 20lb car battery in my backpack. This is a terrible idea. I am very excited for it." (I was still underestimating the weight of the battery at this point) And then I got going.

    I made it to the first intersection. It was at this point that DiMono knew he'd fucked up. I decided that I'd rather get home in one piece than get home with the pride of knowing I'd hauled a 500lb battery all the way back. I chose life, and got on the bus. When I got back home, I went directly to the car, put my new purchases in the trunk, and then walked to Shopper's Drug Mart to buy kleenex. In the end, I finished my outing with a car battery, jumper cables, 6 boxes of tissues, wet feet, and no need to shower.

    So how was your weekend?

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