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  • Day 1327: Monday Monday Monday...

    1 day ago

    topham DHYB

    Today was a good day, if exhausting. My new employee started so I needed to do a whole load of training, and be social and get to know them. It was a good day, very outgoing for me, and so when I returned home I didn't feel like doing anything. So I put together a plan for what work needs to be done for my assignment, and where I'm at. I've not nearly got enough words spare to actually finish it, but I might as well go for what I'm trying to accomplish then cut down. 

    Based on today I can feel that it's going to be an exhausting week, with a whole load of stuff to do, but I can handle it. It's been a somewhat refreshing day, though I didn't manage to actually achieve anything. 

    I did play more Final Fantasy X and completed gathering all the creatures from Mount Gagazet, so now all I have left are the final two areas I haven't headed to yet, inside Sin, and the Omega Ruins. I've taken the most measured and calculated approach this time while playing, and it's sort of paying off for me, in that I really have very little extra stuff to do. 

    Have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

  • The Eclipse

    1 day ago

    Xuelder Spam's Bane

    Made this to celebrate #SolarEclipse2017


    "Black hole sun, won't you come, and wash away the rain!"

  • Stream! 21st August, 8:00pm BST

    1 day ago


    Hello! Sorry for no streams the past couple times, things were busy but Callum's back! 
    We are going to Space again...and its pretty Dead too...

    The stream will start about 8:00pm BST and it will be on Callum's Twitch.

    Mic will be on, so come join us in chat! Not that anyone has been, but don't be rude in chat.
    Just come along, enjoy the game, have a chat (We get lonely when no one is there) and just have a good time.

    ~Stream Schedule~
    Saturday is the day for Panda and Friends! at around about 8pm BST every time, unless stated otherwise!
    Callum's streams will be every Monday 8pm-12pm BST and Wednesday 8pm-11pm BST

  • Entry #103, 2017/08/21: Were you Solar Eclipsed? I was.

    1 day ago


    I made the journey to experience the solar eclipse that occurred today; I got home not too long ago after a great journey.  Me, my roommates and a group of folks (some of whom we knew personally, others we didn't) who wanted to go see the eclipse traveled to the central Midwest to catch the path of totality.  

    As the eclipse started to occur, people were paying close attention, and there was a lot of conversation about the event itself.  When the totality came, there was a lot of excitement, and people were thrilled- a lot of the people present talked about how awesome it was.  After totality and the end of the eclipse, we packed up and headed home- it was worth the time and trouble to do so for this event.

  • Relaxing time is over

    1 day ago

    RogueMusicFreak Keeper of Rhythm

    Hey hey everyone. How are you all?

    I'm back from vacation (really, i didn't go anywhere, i just burned my brains playing video games and going to the beach). And so relaxing time is over. Because i have a lot of work ahead of me from now on. 

    Remember when i told you of me joining the firefighters department? Well, it's not that easy as i thought. It'll take a lot of patience. 

    Since i have surpassed the age limit (18 - 26 years of age / I am 28), i am able to join the academy only by becoming a firefighter volunteer for 3 years, which automaticaly expands the age limit to 33 years of age and THEN i'll take the national exams to enter the academy. That means after 3 years, if i am successful at the exams, i'll barely be able to join the academy at the age of 31. And the years studying and training in the academy are 2.5 years.

    I know it's going to take long time to reach my goal, but i'm willing to take this path. I've got nothing to lose afterall. The more you offer for society the more rewards life will bring you along your way, right?

    Those are the news.

    Have a nice day.  smile

    Cheers!  beers

  • So, I'm not dead

    12 hours ago


    But I had myself a very nasty bacteria infection.  So you can stop the funeral service plans and stop trying to divide up my stuff.

    Speaking of, due to my condition, I will not be doing any transformer reviews this week.  I don't know if I'll be able to do Symphogear but we'll see what happens.

    In the mean time... I'm going to sleep now.

  • 8 years

    18 hours ago


     thumbsup cool

  • It's Definitely Been a While - A Musing on Mental health

    13 hours ago


    I've recently made a promise to myself to get back into doing more internet stuff once again. Seems like an odd goal to have but at my peak time internet wise I had a good thing going. Between being active on here and starting regular Youtube uploads as well as being part of Xbox clans and groups I essentially had a second social life, and it was great. I'd just graduated university and I was looking forward, perhaps rather naively, to breaking out into the real world like a young bird takes it's first glorious flight.

    There seems to be a sort of unwritten code in society that means a lot of people skirt around the strange 'early twenties' faze of life, where one feels they should know what they're doing but really feels lost and hopelessly alone. From talking to other people I know this isn't an experience unique to myself by any stretch.

    At the time I was blissfully unaware that a dip in my mental health was imminent and over the next year or two I'd really struggle at times. There were times when I would finish my shift at my full-time job (as a Barman at a well know pub in my nearest city) and I would just drive to the middle of nowhere. There I would fester for what would seem like an eternity but in actual fact was more like half an hour. 

    'What was I doing with my life? Have I made too many wrong decisions? Was there any point in me carrying on obviously making decision after wrong decision?'

    Every day felt like an ongoing struggle between the real me and this imposter, this doubtful second identity that had manifested in my head. This second identity would chirp up constantly about how useless I am and how the friendships and achievements I thought I had were really just superficial, I had no real friends and I had achieved nothing. This was of course absolute tosh, in reality I had just graduated with a good degree and had friends both through work and my studies who had my back if ever I needed. At the worst times my mental health issues convinced me that I was in fact living in this alternate world that this 'second identity' had created, and it sucked.

    Like any mental health struggle there were still good days and good times even though fleeting, the people I worked with were some of the best people I've ever met, people who joined together to make the best of what was all told, a bit of a naff job. I met a girl who I subsequently dated for three months, and while ultimately we decided we were just friends, she has become one of my best friends and someone who helps me cope on those days where I lapse and I'm not the best version of me.

    I'm glad to say that after this two year blip I'm getting back to my best, I've been in my 'new' job for over a year and a half , it's a job that I really enjoy and that challenges me to better myself every week. I have a great group of close friends looking out for me who give me a purpose outside of work and with whom I can adventure in the experience of life. Most importantly I have hope, a light at the end of the tunnel and an understanding of what I have really achieved to get to where I am now. I can look back on my time struggling with mental health and see that I've come out of it a stronger person. Sure there are still days where I feel distant and lost, but I am able to identify this and reach out where appropriate.

    If you've made it this far then well done! Below is a link to my latest and hopefully first Youtube video in a run of regular uploads (once more!). Hope you enjoy and thanks for taking the time to read this likely incoherent post!


  • fuckkk!!!!

    1 day ago

    Squid520 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Squid520

    Working 13 days in a row of work fucking kills. At least I haven't had to many stupid people. It makes it easier. If people are gonna live in the US they should know a reasonable amount of English. Calling a translater is getting annoying. I'm not racist but come on. I'm sure I look stupid trying to explain what to do with hand jesters. Makes me feel like an idiot. At least I get to see the solar lunar eclipse today. Gonna record it might put it on YouTube. I'm a Lil shy so I don't know. I've been told I should upload videos. I don't really care about what people think, it's more of the getting out there thing

  • Day 1328: Worry...

    13 hours ago

    topham DHYB

    As I'm sitting in the Library I realise that I might not have correctly formatted a report I sent out today. Alongside 4 correctly labelled images were 2 paragraphs of writing. I cannot remember whether I set the formatting in those paragraphs to Justify, or left it on Left Align, and that will bug me until I find out, then I'll feel like I've let myself down if it's set to Left Align and sent the report to the customer. 

    This arose as I started formatting my assignment as it looked a mess. While I'm not even nearly finished, there's still a lot of work to do, but I might as well correct things and sort that stuff out now, rather than wait until the end to sort it. 

    That lead me to assess all the titles, how I feel about all of the sections, of which I've noted down 15 (+ a Conclusion), and of those 11 are complete, and it all feels like it's slowly coming together. I do need to sit and hand write a bunch of thoughts about the remaining 4 parts so that I can get thoughts out of my head, but at the moment it's a struggle trying to find them. I am going to be taking some time in work hours to sit and think about it while I've got the on site documentation relating to what I'm assessing in front of me. That'll certainly assist my quest for getting this done. 

    I spent a while last night playing Minecraft, capturing footage so that I could upload my podcast today with the captured footage, but it was really choppy and useless, so I need to capture something else today so I can get that uploaded. I did all the audio work yesterday as well, so at least that's done. 

    Anyway, have an excellent day! You're all my favourites! 

    Peace -x-

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