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  • Simple Boast Challenge

    13 hours ago

    Sophrosyne28 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Sophrosyne's Bad Gaming

    I got affiliate on Twitch!!! I am so shocked that I managed it and now its a whole new world of stress and panic and fun! I feel like I"m still finding myself in this over saturated world of game streaming but man am I having the time of my life. Even with our first give away! I just. Wow. 

  • Buried Gamer | Shadow of the Colossus Episode #10

    1 day ago

    LOWlifeSpIdEr FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold LPC - GwPS+

    Whoa.  Sandworms.  You hate 'em, right?  I hate 'em myself.

  • Update for the Week of 9/24/17

    1 day ago

    GRatFinn RTNY Guardian

    Meetups and Events

    We just went paintballing last Saturday and everyone seemed to have a great time, if you interested in going again soon let us know.

    NY Ren Faire 9/30

    This weekend a few people are going to the NY Ren Farie in Tuxedo Park. For more details checkout the Event Page or contact Tony @FireWolf88.

    Day 5 Season 1 Watch Party 9/30

    Also this weekend we'll be having a Day 5 watch party on rabb.it and in our Discord server. We'll start around 1pm so we should finish around 6pm, you are welcome to join at anytime and if all goes well we may do season 2 next month.


    NYCC After Party 10/7

    We're having our NYCC After Party on Saturday October 7th at 8pm at the Blarney Stone again. This event will be ticketed and tickets will cost $11, we expect tickets to sell out before the party so if you're planning to come you may want to get your ticket soon rather than later. For all the info and ticket sales check out the event page. rtnynycc.eventbrite.com

    RWBY Volume 5 Premiere 10/12

    Through Fathom Events the RWBY Volume 5 premiere is being shown at many theaters around the country along with some exclusive behind the scenes footage. Head over to Fathom Events to find a theater near you. Also if your interested in meeting up with some fellow community members, we recommend you setup an event page for your theater to easily have a list of who is going to what theater.

    Here are a few theaters with events already setup:

    Farmingdale NY

    Union Square NY


    ExtraLife 2017

    The ExtraLife stream is rapidly approaching November 4th. Unfortunately its not really possible to get a single location that everyone can easily get to and fit into. So we're hoping to setup multiple streaming locations all around. If you have a location available and are interested in hosting please let us know by filling out this form https://goo.gl/forms/jZjbcw02zMDajkoi2 Please do this sooner rather than later as this will take time to coordinate. And if you'd like to attend one of our ExtraLife stream head over to our discord channel and check out the announcements channel for specific details

    Game Nights

    Destiny 2 Raid Night 9/26 8pm

    With everyone still on the Destiny hype train, we'll be raiding again Tuesday night. We should be able to get multiple groups going. Post your gamertag/PSN in the comments.


    Minecraft Crossplay 9/27 8pm (XBox, Windows 10, Mobile)

    Last week Minecraft Crossplay went live. Enabling Xbox, Windows 10 and Mobile to all play together, Switch support coming soon. We've also setup an RTNY Realm which we'll be playing on, to get access to the Realm post your gamertag in the comments or message GRat Finn on XBL. If you don't own the Windows 10 version but own the PC/Java version you can download the Windows 10 version for free.


    MVP Game Night (Greg, @verd) 9/28 8pm

    Since Greg is this months MVP he gets to choose a game for game night and he has chosen The Division. So this Thursday we'll be playing some of The Division. Add Thermicwhisper on XBL and come by the Stream and get to know Greg.


    If you know someone in the community who go above and beyond in their contribution to make RTNY an amazing place let us know. For all the details head over to the forum thread and if you know someone who you think fits this description please nominate them.


    Twitch Channel  | Youtube Channel | Mixer Page

    RTNY Discord Server

    Gamertag/Usernames Thread 

    XBox Club Page


  • Always Open (But Not To Her)

    1 day ago

    DrKaber The New Bio

    Seeing the preview thumbnail I have noticed that Mia Khalifa will be on the next episode of Always Open. Now of course me being someone who has visited PornHub, I know who Mia is and of course I don't judge adult entertainers when it comes to their content and I know about Mia and her hijab videos and as someone who was born Lebanese, I actually don't find offence to it considering the amount of videos out their featuring other religious elements (nuns, bar mitzvahs, etc.). What truly makes my mind contemplate watching the next episode of Always Open is the fact that Mia is a very racist person (even though being of ethnic decent) due to the fact that she said she would give a blowjob to anybody who voted for Trump and during a Stanley Cup game involving the Washington Capitals, she tweeted that she didn't want foreigners coming in and taking what's theirs. Seriously, even the site of her gets my blood boiling with just rage. Always Open is something I look forward too every week but I don't think I could give it a chance this week without becoming furious that she's on it. I'm going to miss seeing Barbara, Mariel, Tyler and Texas but I don't think I'd be able to enjoy the episode due to this one element. 

  • Priorities in Life

    2 days ago


    Recently, I've been trying to figure out where my priorities in life lay. I'm an awful friend, because I am extremely selfish in how I spend my time. Because if I'm not working or at school, I'm usually alone watching youtube, designing, or getting ready for some other part of the day. All of my jobs are highly interpersonal communication-centric, so it leads to me just wanting to mentally and physically recover. I'm quite outgoing, but its hard for me to get the motivation to actually go out and do anything with anybody (including my girlfriend which has a lead to myriad of self doubt about the relationship). 

    But tonight, regardless of all the homework due tomorrow at midnight, and work all day, I'm taking an evening for myself. Finishing a personal design, listening to music, and just relaxing. 

  • Symphogear G Episode 6

    1 day ago


    Hello everybody and welcome to our next exciting episode of Symphogear G, where you learn the hard way that just because you right unarmed doesn't mean you can't be disarmed. I promise I'll try to keep the arm puns to a minimal.

    (Though for my RT folks, I have new images in the gallery)

    In our last episode, Eye-Patch Mom and Maria are discovered by the US Government and are looking to promptly put down the rogue organization, so Mom orders Maria to go get to murdering them instead. She refuses, because she has this issue about murdering normal folk, so Dr. Ver takes care of that for her by promptly murdering the lot of them, including three young boys who were at the wrong place at the wrong time, just to lay in the seeds of a future turn. We also get a flashback of the teaser scene from episode one, showing that this isn't the first time FIS tried to work with a Nephilim. We also witnesses Serena's death, which probably drove Maria to be so cynical.

    Meanwhile, Kiri and Shirabe take on Chris in a singing competition and purposely use a song by Zwei Wing, Tsubasa's former band with Kanade, just as a slap in the face. Tsubasa doesn't take the bait and do a pretty good job, but because of the ambush above, the girls are forced to flee, but not before being confronted by the three heroines. It's turned into a war of words, with the girls challenging their older rivals to a duel before running off.

    Dr. Ver catches word of the duel and decides to go in their place. As Chris, Hibiki, and Tsubasa fight the Noise, they must also fight the Nephilim. During the fight, Chris and Tsubasa are caught in a binding, forcing Hibiki to go one-on-one with the Nephilim. It's no contest as Hibiki continues to kick the creatures ass until Dr. Ver hits the right amount of mind games to cause her to be distracted long enough for the Nephilim to get a bite out of her. And by bite, I mean it chew off her arm.

    How will Hibiki recover from this devastating loss? Will the other girls be able to lend a hand? Will Dr. Ver be revealed to be the lying liar that he is? Let's tune in and find out.

    -Our episode begins with Hibiki bringing the pain to the Noise and Nephilim, but thanks to Dr. Ver playing the mind games, distracting her long enough to be disarmed. Apparently Nephilim enjoys it's meal of Hibiki, cause she's just that tasty, but ending with the skyward scream. Yeah, we totally needed to see that again.

    -Tonight's episode is titled A Miracle is a Cruel Thing. We return to the remains of Kadingir. Dr. Ver is very excited that the Nephilim ate a Symphogear as it swallows up Hibiki's arm. For all it's worth, Hibiki is a champ here. She's fallen to her knees, sure, but she's still conscious and resisting the mind numbing pain she must be experiencing right now. Though who knows how much of that is adrenaline running through her veins. Though I'm certainly worried about the blood loss being a factor as the fight continues.

    -Oh, and it turns out, FIS is nearby. Kiri is all kinds of pissed off, but Shirabe wonders if this is what Dr. Ver meant about feeding the Nephilim a relic fragment. Maria, remembering the deaths of the civilians, runs off to stop this, but Eye-Patch Mom stops her. But it's clear that she's losing control as the girls start questioning their purpose with the organization. Mom attempts to regain control, telling them to throw away that gentleness, for they have no need for smiles. Though I suspect the damage is already done as Maria leaves, but only to stand against the door. I'm sure they won't hear you here.

    -Maria collapses, taking out a damaged relic. Oh, so she isn't using a damaged relic, but holding onto her sister's relic. I bet that won't come into play later down the line. Anyway, she calls for help from Serena, hoping for answers from those who have passed on. They tend to be pretty picky about what help they offer and what they'll get in return, so you best be careful about that.

    -Back at the ruins, Hibiki is reaching the limit of her pain resistance as Dr. Ver brags about how the Nehpilim is a complete relic, calling it an autonomous-breeder reactor. Great, so this thing will make more of itself? He goes on to say that the creature takes energy form other sources, incorporating them into itself to increase its own energy output. This shows with the creature glowing red, as well as growing more. Dr. Ver does the mad scientist laugh, but unfortunately for the doctor, he just pushed the wrong button too many times.

    -Combined with her own pain, fears, and regrets, Hibiki's Gear reacts, essentially taking over and activating Berserker Hibiki. And just like that, Dr. Ver is no longer laughing like a maniac, or evil smiling. For what he stares at is the true face of despair, one that Tsubasa knows all too well and would like to have those particular memories repressed. Hibiki's Berserker state has also gotten a change. Instead of being all shaded in darkness, there's a red outline to it... mimicking that of the the Nephilim itself. Very curious.

    -There's genera panic across the board. Eye-Patch Mom comments on this being part of Fine's research, while SDRTST have gone into condition one. So, hey? Remember in my last summary that I kind of hoped her arm would regrow somehow? Yeah, turns out, the show has me covered here as Berserker Hibiki grows a new arm. And honestly, it's creepy, what with it looking like the shadows formed it. Tsubasa believes that it was the Gear's energy that formed the arm, but I'm going to go with force of will on this one. I bet if you did the same with Genjuro, he'd grow it back instantly... assuming you could cut off one of his limbs.

    -As Dr. Ver learns the error of his ways, Berserker Hibiki goes to town with the Nephilim. And if you thought regular Hibiki was too much for this creature, then you'd be calling for help for the Nephilim with the beating Berserker Hibiki is giving it. The doctor calls for her to stop, saying that a fully grown Nephilim is needed for the new world. And if you thought he was insane before, then how would you like to see the look of an insane man being driven even further insane? Berserker Hibiki has that effect on people.

    -The battle continues, with the Nephilim getting one good hit in, but this is Berserker Hibiki we're talking about, who takes this hit like it was a slap to the face. Clearly in panic mode, Dr. Ver unleashes a giant Noise to stop Berserker Hibiki. Which works... for about three seconds. Sure, the Noise ate her, but that only just gave her another way of destroying the creature.

    -The Nephilim, a creature that strikes fear into the hearts of its victims, who itself should not know fear, is absolutely terrified of Berserker Hibiki. It tries to escape, but this only attracts Berserker Hibiki's attention, and she goes right back to killing the creature. Yeah, I know I'm suppose to be horrified by this, but honestly, the Nephilim is an abomination to all that is Holy, so I'm perfectly fine with this.

    -Honestly, I think Berserker Hibiki is going for her arm, but as a consolation prize, rips out the heart of the Nephilim instead. For a moment I thought she would crush it, showing what she thinks of it, but instead, she tosses it away like it's nothing but an annoyance. That is how little Hibiki thinks of your "salvation", Dr. Ver. With that, Berserker Hibiki jumps into the air, forming a spear of darkness in her hand, and comes crashing down on the dead creature, destroying it completely. Somebody should also make sure that heart thing is destroyed, too. Just OT make sure.

    -At the VTOL, Maria feels the shaking and thinks the worse as happened, but really, she's the lucky one. She didn't get to witness the true horror that awaits her. In the cockpit, the rest aren't so lucky. As the screen is covered completely in a white light, Eye-Patch Mom comes up with a theory that the relic inside of Hibiki went out of control in response to being in a life-or-limb situation and decided that it wanted to keep both. Either way, if you girls thought fighting them was bad now, then wait until you find a way to push the wrong buttons in the next battle. Best get your wills and affairs in order.

    -Though Eye-Patch Mom may need to hurry up on that. She coughs up blood again, but this time there's more in that cough. It's a sign that she's nearly out of time. Kiri calls for Maria to join them since Mom is doing terrible. I wonder if we'll ever get her origin story?

    -Back at the ruins, Chris and Tsubasa are free, but so is Berserker Hibiki. Dr. Ver runs away, but to avoid adding an unnecessary casualty, the girls hold back their friend. Though Chris can't help but get a little snark in, saying that black isn't Hibiki's color. With the doctor escaping, the threat has passed, so Hibiki returns to normal... or more accurately, ran out of power as she's completely depowered here. But hey, she got her arm back, so... yay team? Tsubasa notes this, but not the crater they're now in. Well, they won't notice a new one at the ruins, right?

    -At the VTOL, looks like Eye-Patch Mom may be out of time, as her mouth and clothes are covered in blood. Maria comes for her aid and asks the other girls to get the doctor to help. They're very reluctant, given what they saw, but after some convincing, they agree to do so. Maria blames herself for not keeping Fine in check, but I'm still of the impression that it's a lie.

    -Speaking of people needing medical attention, we cut to Hibiki being taken to sick bay. Tsubasa allows herself to get emotional, but that stare from Chris seems to suggest that she wanted to be the emotional one, dammit! In sick bay itself, Hibiki appears to be on the border between consciousness and unconsciousness. She seems aware of her surroundings, wondering where Tsubasa and Chris are, but then she realizes she's having a dream as we cut to a shot of a classroom. It's all in black-and-white, because this is suppose to also be a flashback.

    -In this flashback, one desk is isolated from the others, with a familiar looking girl standing by it. Hibiki comments that she hasn't had this dream in a long time. From the articles and comments from the other students, this is shortly after the Zwei Wing concert she attended. And just because kids are mean, instead of being happy that she survived, they throw insults at her because she survived. What a bunch of jerks.

    -Though there is talk that Hibiki may have recieved compensation from the government for being involved in the attack, and they all comment on how Hibiki is still happy because of that. Yeah, that face on her says otherwise. We see her going home, which has been posted with signs saying "Murderer" and "Thief". Oh, look, a tragic backstory, though one not of her own making.

    -And we get to meet Hibiki's family. There's an elderly lady here, possibly her grandmother, and a third woman, possibly her Mom. FYI, Hibiki's Mom is smoking hot! No wonder everybody wants to hook up with Hibiki. Before any greetings can happen, there's a rock thrown through the window as people shout out the words posted on the house. Hibiki starts to break down as she's comforted by her mother and grandmother. Unlike the rest of the world, they're happy that she's alive.

    -In this dream, Hibiki comments that if she worked hard on her physical therapy, that her mom and grandma would be happy. It's then that Hibiki breaks down completely, in the comforting arms of her mother. It seems like, in this dream, Hibiki would live a life of forced isolation, with little comfort except from her family and Miku.

    -So, yeah, there's your tragic backstory, as it required for any protagonist. Though at least in this case, it isn't something that actually defined her, since I think she was always the heroic type. It's just that surviving a near death experience going to a concert will tend to give you perspective on your life. Also, it looks like she wasn't abandoned by her family, as I first feared, so that's good, but Hibiki's comment at the end seems rather ominous. 

    -But soon enough, the dream ends. Hibiki awakens to find herself in sick bay, but there's a note waiting for her on her bed. It's from Miku, wishing her well. But this note only makes her ask if what she's doing is hypocrisy? She's worried that, no matter what she does, all she can do is hurt people. She sits up, finding a rock on her chest. She finds it odd, but as she brushes it away, she notes the scar there... and wonders about it? Oh, that can't be a good thing.

    -Back at school, Hibiki goes up to Chris and Tsubasa and apologizes for the whole "going on a murderous rampage after getting my arm eaten" thing, but they're cool with that since they weren't the target of her agression. Also, I'm guessing her comment before the break was a mistranslation? Why would she ask about the scar as if she's never seen it before?

    -In any case, thanks to this harrowing near-death experience, Chris comments that this would be a good time for Hibiki to take a break. Jokingly, she replies that taking breaks and slacking off are her specialties. Tsubasa, however, isn't convinced that Hibiki is back at full health. She asks Hibiki if she's putting on an act to make them feel better. Looks like Tsubasa knows her well enough to catch these things, but mainly, she's concerned about the whole "growing a new arm from nearly nothing" thing.

    -Tsubasa grabs Hibiki's left arm, but appears to be putting on extra pressure as Hibiki comments on the pain. The pop idol immediately lets go and apologizes. Chris asks what's wrong with Tsubasa? She's been acting wierd and wonders if she's trying to imitate Hibiki. Tsubasa decides to drop it, though, becuase she's looking very worried.

    -So, hey, remember when Dr. Ver said that the Moon was on a decaying orbit and was going to crash into the Earth, and we all thought he was a lying liar because of his clear past of lying? Yeah, turns out, he wasn't quite lying. The SDRTST is calling up people have seem to have confirmed that what he says is true. As a result, they won't be asking for help from the Americans, since they can't be trusted. Aoi then reports that they have a message from an anonymous whistleblower called "Laika Came Back." It's apparently form the old Soviet Space Agency. So, yeah, new priority people! How do we stop a massive celestial body from crashing into the planet? 

    -Oh, and that rock that was on Hibiki? Yeah, that isn't a random pebble. Genjuro is showing it to Tsubasa, and we see that there are some golden rocks growing form it. Genjuro says it's part of Hibiki's body, which was extracted during the medical check. Turns out, all that transforming she does? Yeah, it's caused the Gungnir inside of Hibiki to invade her body even more deeply. Though I'm starting to think that Ryouko kept this bit to herself. This also explains why she's operating on a higher level than the other Gear wielders, as well as explain how she's able to contain and withstand the power of a Climax Song without severely injuring herself. 

    -So here comes the big question. Does this fusion threaten Hibiki in any way? Genjuro isn't going to mince words here. Hibiki is on the clock. This doesn't sit well with Tsubasa, but Genjuro admits that, even if Hibiki survives this, if the fusion proceeds any further, would she still be human? Though while it was a harrowing experience, the fact that Hibiki went out of control and required a medical check up alerted them to the danger they had no idea existed. So, yeah, it's been a bad week for the SDRTST.

    -That said, though Dr. Ver is correct, that doesn't mean the SDRTST is going to jump in with them, since they are using Noise to take human lives gleefully. Look, the actions of one man doesn't represent the organization as a whole. The man is clearly deranged and in need of professional help. If such a thing is possible. So screw those guys! We'll save the world ourselves! But without Hibiki, how much can they do?

    -Looking at the rock, Tsubasa decides that Hibiki can't be allowed to fight anymore. The risk is just too great. She'll just take on the danger herself. And this is something she decides to keep to herself. Chris seems to think Genjuro did say something and asks about it, so Tsubasa makes up an excuse about how a weakling who can't control themselves in battle can't be counted on. Hibiki is hurt by that comment as Tsubasa says it clearly that she isn't allowed to fight anymore. She becomes her cold self again, telling Hibiki that she'll just slow them down in battle. Chris, not being told any of this, objects to this treatment of Hibiki, but once again, it's Hibiki who plays peacemaker.

    -Hibiki understands the situation, which prompts Chris to relent, but it's clear that she isn't done asking questions yet. Tsubasa explains that she and Chris will handle FIS themselves while Intelligence is working on the search for Dr. Ver. As for Hibiki, your services are no longer required. I mean, I can understand why Tsubasa is saying all those mean things, but wouldn't actually telling her the truth work better? You guys were so open to her before in the last season.

    -Anyway, the "missing" Dr. Ver? Yeah, he's still at the ruins. He didn't get far, did he? He also looks like he aged about twenty years. Witnessing the horror that is Berserker Hibiki will do that to a person. He falls down a slope, dropping the Staff of Solomon. As he reaches for it, he finds the heart of the Nephilim. Excited, he grabs for it, saying that with this, he'll be a hero! Yeah, assuming the Earth survives the crashing of the Moon, nobody is going to remember you for anything other than that one guy who went insane and started killing people.

    -Back on the VTOL, Eye-Patch Mom is in bed with maria standing guard. She's singing a little song, the same one her sister sang years ago. Mom smiles, but drops it soon, knowing that she's giving Maria, Kiri, and Shirabe such heavy crosses to bear. She decides to sleep for a little bit longer, listening to the song, which, of course, requires close ups of Maria's hips, which are in short shorts, then a close up of her chest, then finally her face. Because those shots were very, very important to the plot.

    -Eye-Patch Mom decides that she's had enough sleep and sits back up. She contacts the other girls to let them know she's fine. Kiri and Shirabe are walking about a devastated city, I think the one from last season, but they are concerned for Eye-Patch Mom. Supposedly only Dr. Ver could help her, but they're unable to find him. Mom is grateful, and if they're able to find the Doctor, to let her know so she can provide rendezvous coordinates. 

    -Knowing that Eye-Patch Mom is okay, Kiri reveals that she's hungry and suggests finding a place to eat. While Shirabe doesn't disagree with it, she does say they need to hurry and find the doctor. You can tell that Kiri isn't really in a rush to find Dr. Ver, but still, she gets herself into that mood and grabs Shirabe's hands, all while passing by Flower, the shop Hibiki and Miku frequent for food.

    -Speaking if, the two friends are together with their three other friends, all on their way to Flower to have food. They all comment on how nice it is to see Hibiki happy again, but she's confused as a result. Itaba calls her as dense as a harem anime protagonist. Huh, now that I think about it, does Hibiki have a harem of her own?

    -As they reach the street, subtly commenting on Miku's worry for Hibiki, a bunch of cars containing Men in Black drive by... only to suffer a case of explosions shortly after passing the girls. Without any hesitation, they run to the site of the explosion only to find Dr. Ver, somehow looking more insane here than we saw him just a few scenes ago, saying that he'll kill anybody who comes after him. Though the good doctor doesn't realize Hibiki is there until she calls out his name. And his insanity quickly turns into horror, sending a Noise at her.

    -Despite the threat of Death, Hibiki wastes no time in singing her activation key. But, and here's an interesting thing, the transformation sequence didn't finish in time as she delivers a punch right to a Noise... without being turned into ash. After the punch, the transformation sequence completes and the Noise is destroyed. So I guess there's a bit of a delay for the activation to complete. But still, with one blast and one unusual punch, Hibiki shouts that her fist and her life are her Symphogear. Honey, you really need to come up with better lines. Cue credits!

    Well then, looks like Hibiki is becoming quite a special little protagonist. And she isn't going to get a thing like losing an arm stop her from regrowing a new one, even though she kind of had to do it in her Berseker mode, where all her limits are off. But because of this, we now know that every time Hibiki transforms, she and her Gear merge closing into becoming one. Of course, the only person who would know anything about that is currently unavailable, but the SDRTST won't take any chances here, even though they really should tell her the truth, given that they were rather open about everything else last time.

    Still, it looks like Dr. Ver was right about at least one thing. The Moon is coming down, and Genjuro is worried that, without Hibiki, there will be little to do to stop it. Tsubasa will shoulder that burden, but will that be enough?

    OH, and we got some backstory for Hibiki! Well, we still don't know much about her before the fateful concert, but we know that some time before coming to Lydian, Hibiki was the target of bullying, as well as her family. Because how dare she survive an assault by Noise when other people likely survived as well. Though it looks like her Grandmother and Mother both took it well. I wonder what they're up to now?

    But knowing what we know, how will the SDRTST deal with Hibiki's condition? Will they be able to stop the fusion of her and her gear? Will they be able to stop the Moon from crashing onto the Earth? And will they finally be able to put Dr. Ver down for good? Tune in on Friday to find out.

    Until next time, remember, once you've laid eyes on the horror that is Berserker Hibiki, every other horror looks pedestrian by comparison.

  • Job Search Troubles

    1 day ago


    It's incredible to me how many hoops you have to jump through for any sort of job or even an internship these days. Recently had a first interview, tasks and a research task to bring with me followed by a second interview coupled with more tasks. 

    Down to the last six people out of 200 and now up pops another interview and a maths test before finding out I'm in the final two. Should hear back the next day.

    And...nothing. After all that effort and time just silence. Can only assume I wasn't successful but it's incredible the lengths you have to go to just get an entry-level job.

    Realised finding a new job as a recent graduate is as much about not having a mental breakdown as it is your C.V.

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