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  • EA/Star Wars future

    8 hours ago

    Joe Eighty7/RT Radio

    I'm curious where people see the partnership between EA and Star Wars going after Battlefront II.

    We've seen that Lucas are not afraid of pulling the trigger when things aren't working and I can't imagine they're happy with the negative press around the game. So the question is - will BFII be the final EA Star Wars game?

    I can honestly see that happening. With the cancelation of Ragtag and the closure of Visceral the next game expected is now 'being reworked' at EA Vancouver which could push it back years. From everything I've read on the Ragtag/Visceral/EA fallout, the game was likely never going to come out. Amy Hennig (who wrote and directed the first three Uncharted games) could probably make a really interesting Star Wars single player experience but the Visceral/Hennig dynamic never seems to have worked with push back from both. Along with the struggles with EA's Frostbite engine the game was in development hell.

    I didn't play Battlefront (2015) and haven't played any of II, but from what I've read both multiplayer experiences have been great fun. But the lack of single player in the 2015 game was heavily criticised and it seems the single player game in BFII is pretty limited. That makes me think it's just bolted on to a multiplayer game so they can just say they did it.

    Anything Star Wars related should be telling a story and immersing you into the galaxy and connecting with characters. And there lies the problem. I don't think you'll ever connect with a multiplayer experience in the same way as a single player story game. Sure, you be in the moment. It'll get tense. You'll have fun. But you'll never connect with the world. EA don't seem to think like that and it makes me think they're not the best custodians for the franchise. They don't seem to buy into what Star Wars is, they buy into the idea of that pile of cash that comes with anything Star Wars.

    So yeah. My ramblings on Star Wars/EA. We may see the Respawn game in development. We may see the Vancouver game. I don't think we'll see either under the current deal. I expect Lucas to switch to game by game developer choices in the future. But hey, I'm probably wrong.

    What do you think?

  • g1 Gamedays (November 22-26)

    2 days ago



    TOMORROW there will be news!

    Rainbow Six Siege (XB1) - Wednesday - Nov. 22nd at 9pm EST


    What: Rainbow Six Siege (XB1)

    When: Wednesday, November 22nd at 9pm  EST

    Who is Running It@A_Red_Robe

    How to Join: Contact @A_Red_Robe or @g1_Gamedays on Twitter or just join the stream!

    Where to WatchTwitch.tv/g1_gamedays

    Titanfall 2 (XB1) - Saturday - Nov. 25th at 9pm EST


    What: Titanfall 2 (XB1)

    When: Saturday, November 25th at 9pm EST

    Who is Running It@SgtHarvey

    How to Join: Contact @SgtHarvey or @g1_Gamedays on Twitter. or just join the stream!

    Where to WatchTwitch.tv/g1_gamedays

    Trackmania (XB1) - Sunday - Nov. 26th at 9pm EST


    What: Trackmania (XB1)

    When: Sunday, November 26th at 9pm EST

    Who is Running It@Shiro937

    How to Join: Contact @Shiro937 or @g1_Gamedays on Twitter, or just join the stream!

    Where to WatchTwitch.tv/g1_gamedays

    NOTES: If Trackmania don't work, we're switching to Halo V.

  • Day 2: A Rooster Recommends

    2 days ago


    The start of day 2 for all you music fanatics. Today the recommendation is going to be one of my personal favorites Banana Pancakes By Jack Johnson. You're introduced to this songs with the light and bright acoustic guitar riff that brings you into some bright vocals that embrace you like a warm hug. These light vocals combined with the somewhat dreamy chords transport you into the lyrics. The lyrics are also a very transformative part of the song, and of most songs, where you connect with them because everyone has had a rainy day and wanted to stay in. I would recommend putting this song on when its a cold and rainy day when you just want to stay inside by yourself, or with your SO, and you won't regret it. At the end of the song you yourself might want to stay in and make pancakes ( whether with banana or not ), and do nothing at all. If you enjoy this songs then be sure to check out the whole In Between Dreams Album. As Always Keep on Listening.

  • One Long Rant

    1 day ago


    So at the last week if October, I ended up getting into an accident and mu car ended up totaled. Lucky, the other person and I walked away without any injures, but I was stuck with driving a rental for the following weeks

    In those weeks I had to deal with an idiot of an agent from my insurance. To give some credit, I do think he was an new hire, given his actions, but the idiot sent me on a wold goose chase to hunt down my car.

    After informing me that he needed paperwork for the car that I had left in the glove box, he not only sent me to the wrong place once, but twice! The only way I avoided a trip was because my friend advised me to call ahead, and found out that my car was at a completely different location. 

    Needless to say, it took over 2 weeks for me to find the damn car and pick up the paperwork. 

    Compared to that, replacing the car was easy.

  • So Help Me God

    1 day ago

    TinaBobina Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

    I really hope we don't suddenly find out about one of the RT founders ( or really anyone at RT) having done to any woman what now seems to be a pandemic in this country. 

  • About me

    23 hours ago


    my friends and I love camp camp that pretty much it.

  • Name Change, Anyone?

    7 hours ago


    I've been considering changing my username from JohnathanWelker to either ThatGuy or Wynters. Any thoughts? 

    Update: Well, what's done is done. I am now ThatGuyWynters.

  • Tomorrow, the quest begins...

    6 hours ago


    ...To get me a 5 Star Lancer, just so I can make the three Cu's in my group go "Oh god!  Why her!?"

    if you don't know what I mean, go here to see my previous entry about it.

    Also, I put up some new images that you might enjoy.  Or might not enjoy.  Snarky comments are required, though.



    It's a Nobufo!

  • Other Fan-Made RWBY OCs I've Made:

    1 day ago


    I realize that my OC teams aren't the only OCs I've made so here's the links to the posts I made of other characters:


    Malvolius Boreas

    Anzo Tortugus


    Deo Vati

    Griffith Cherno

    Wilbur Eticus


    Andrew Valens, Davina Celik, and Brontes Titanius

    Kiyoshi Leahi

    Boran Vural

    Rooke Golnar


    Geoffrey Dusan


    Blaine Ryder

    I'll be sure to add more or remove them should they end up in teams or if I should come up with more.

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