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  • 7 channels doing 7 days of 7 Days to die?

    1 year ago


    I know this is a crazy thought and i am only dreaming, but would anyone else like to see 7 days of 7 channel(groups) playing 7 days to die?  I actually dont care what game, but i would love to see RT, Lets Play, Funhuas, Screw/Game Attack, Kinda Fun, The creature hub, and Cowchop all play one of this survive games as 7 different groups.  I think this could be an amazing monthly show for all the channels or an amazing one time event, that would really make the Lets Play/RT family feel more like a family!

    Jack I know you can talk every one into this.  Please Jack your my only hope!

  • Dear Rooster Teeth.

    1 year ago


    I have a lot of work to do and my sister got me sick (right before an exam) so instead I'll just show you a video I made called 'DEAR ROOSTER TEETH'.

    The backstory here is a while ago, Let's Play started recruiting groups of gamers to join their community. I remember reading a journal entry here from a user named Lumenati here saying any recommendations for new additions would be welcome. This is my application video. I didn't get the part but it was a very funny video. Enjoy.

  • Everything Went Wrong.

    1 year ago


    I'm trying to make this profile more friendly and relatable to the community and I've noticed that people do this when they write sad stories. I don't have much to complain about, and the bigger issues I don't want to share with a bunch of strangers, so here's a post about the time last week where everything went wrong.

    Recently, I started making a weekly gameplay show on YouTube and on Sunday I recorded the second episode of the season. But this was not just any gameplay, dear readers and readettes. This was a PC gameplay.

    I'm sure many of you on this website have experience with game capture. So much so that when I say "PC" you get a wash of anxiety because you now know it's going to be a long day at the office. You better call the wife and kids because you're playing a PC game, meaning you probably won't make it home tonight.

    I don't understand what the problem with recording PC gameplay is. For every other console you just plug everything in, hit the record button and watch the money come to you. With PC gaming, you have to clear most of you schedule for the day to set up and predict every possible problem before it comes up, record, and then spend the rest of the day fixing all the problems that you had fixed earlier only to find out the problems are more persistent than you originally thought and have come back up EVEN THOUGH YOU JUST FIXED IT AN HOUR AGO! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, STAY FIXED!


    I recorded for an hour and had to deal with issue after issue. Whenever I thought I solved one issue (which never stayed solved for long) another one would pop up. This happened to the point where I can safely say that during that time everything went wrong.

    Here's a list of everything that went wrong during the recording session.

    • Game capture program crashed while processing footage, no final cut was produced
    • Raw gameplay footage was cut into four sections
    • All sections were missing parts of gameplay, therefore incomplete gameplay
    • Gameplay appeared at a slightly slower rate so became out of sync with commentary
    • Video and audio of gameplay was out of sync
    • Voice recordings had poor sync points
    • Voice recordings had random clicks and beeps for no obvious reason

    It's a lot of issues and that's sad story, kind of. Let me know if you think I missed something and something did go right. Good luck with that.

    On the bright side, I was commentating throughout the whole thing so, by default, it turned out to be a hilarious video and it was a happy ending.

    In another news, the 'Camp Camp' trailer came out today and I thought it was good.

  • RPGhaus

    1 year ago



    tbh now I just want them to cosplay this, or a drunk DnD session

  • Game Proposal

    2 years ago


    I was watching James' twitch, and I made a comment regarding that everybody in funhaus would transform into their favorite video game character, and then take on the adventures of that character. One proposal someone said was Master Chief Adam, while I proposed Shenmue James