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  • PAX Vs RTX

    10 hours ago


    This year I was planning on skipping RTX prime for RTX London. I've already booked a flight and hotel for London so that is all set. Then I was thinking... if I skip PAX east I could go to Friday and Saturday of RTX Austin. I would have to leave Sunday morning for Portland sadly. 

    PAX is almost here, it would be nice to fit it in, but Boston is so expensive. What does everything think? What are your experiences? I've had good and bad days at both events so that hasn't really swayed me.

  • RTX Code

    3 days ago

    caitimulligan RTNJ

    Hey friends!
    I have a FIRST code for RTX that I will not be using since i am a guardian! If youd like it, shoot me a message! First come first serve! Also check out #rtxaustin on twitter, there are TONS of people giving out their codes!!

  • First Journal Since RTX 2016 - An Update on Life

    5 days ago


    Hello friends, if you’re still there! My activity on the RT site fell off pretty quickly after RTX 2016 because I was starting my last semester of my forensic science degree. I ended up receiving my degree in Fall of 2016, and decided that I wanted to continue schooling. The following semester, I earned a lab science certificate, but has a lot of trouble finding employment, so again, I decided to continue schooling. 

    I applied to the University of Wisconsin-Madison (my dream school), two other UW schools, and Ohio State University. Unfortunately, I was not accepted by the University of Wisconsin, but I was accepted by Ohio State. 

    So here I am in Columbus, Ohio, now a Buckeye instead of a Badger. I’m working and going to school full time, so I’m always sleepy lol. I’m currently majoring in forensic biology and minoring in German – which leads me to the second part of this journal! 

    Ohio State accepted me for a study abroad program in Dresden, Germany from June until August. Sadly, my flight, food, and room and board is not included in the program costs. I started a GoFundMe to hopefully meet my goal of at least helping me with my flight. Any little bit helps, and I’ll love you forever for helping me accomplish a bucket list goal of mine :)


    Until my flight, I’ll be working and studying my ass off while trying to catch up on RT content I’ve missed over the past year. 

    Thank you to anyone who read this!

  • Looking for 2 or 3 Roommates for RTX Austin 2018!

    6 days ago

    AreThereAnyHoles FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Actual Alligator

    I'm headin' solo to RTX Austin 2018 and I'm looking for 2 or 3 roommates to stay with!


     ruby  Attending RTX Austin 2018

     weiss  Female

     blake  Willing to sing various RWBY songs with me (bonus points for spontaneity)

     yang  Being upfront with me about commitment and payment

    Other Things You Should Know:

     star I'm staying in Hilton Austin, check-in July 31 / check-out August 6

     star Room has 2 Queen beds, so you should be comfortable sharing living/sleeping space

     star I'm probably going to cosplay as Yang. Probably.

     star This is my first RTX

     star I intend to explore Austin a bit and make some new friends, and you're more than welcome to come along!

     star I am over 18 but under 21. That means no drinking for me, but you're welcome to do what you like as long as you are careful and responsible!

     star I like to socialize but also enjoy my privacy. I will respect your preferences and will never intentionally make you uncomfortable. I expect the same in return.

     star I will not have a car with me. If you bring a car, you are responsible for all associated fees and expenses

     star I will be flying into Austin from Florida

     star No pressure, but I've been told my singing is as good as Carolina's. I know we can't all be that good, but just do your best.

    If you're interested, please let me know! If you're in the Discord chat, catch me at @not yang#0767

  • RTX 2018

    1 week ago

    AlexBundy Bundy

    This year will hopefully be my first year going to RTX. I’m going to try and make it a big one and the best thing ever. I’m hoping to be able to get a platinum ticket cheapish air fare and hotel lol. My only problem is sadly I don’t think any of my friends will be able to go and it’s going to be odd not knowing anyone. But like Barbara said a lot of people go alone and end up meeting awesomeness rt friends and other fans so it’s because of Barbara that’s I am optimistic and pumped to go to RTX this year. Thanks Barbara  barbara (Already took day off work to get tickets here is to being hopeful and possibly meet new people.)

  • Been a while... Update/ I made guardian again!

    1 week ago

    CaptainAchievement Guardian of the Galaxy

    I haven't really made a post on here in a while, and I figured why not make an update. There are some tasks I put upon myself that I work hard to live up to, and some that I completely lose track of. Posting on this site certainly falls under the latter category. Most of my updates to social media (which aren't THAT frequent anyways) are either on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If anyone reads this and is curious or wants to get to know me, just look up my name and I shouldn't be too hard to find.

    The thing that made me decide to post on here is that I was checking out the roster of guardians as it stands on the forum (I made guardian again!!!) and I realized "man, I haven't updated my profile in a long time". So I just recently decided to upload some of my more recent RTX-related pictures (I hadn't posted any since 2015, so I had two years' worth of selecting my favorite pics to upload). Then I decided, why not make an update too, so here we are.

    I checked out the most recent journal entries I'd made and honestly, I'm sad that the Monty tribute won't be at the very top. I've reposted that the last couple of years to other social outlets and it always reminds me of happy things (and that I'm not that shitty a writer when anxiety starts to hit).

    The next most recent was regarding the title of The Last Jedi, which has already been out for months. Such a polarizing movie; people either loved it or hated it, nothing in between. I really enjoyed it. I'm not gonna say its my favorite star wars movie but I thought it was certainly in the upper half of stronger entries. They gave Kylo Ren and Luke really interesting development that was just fun to watch.

    Scrolling even further down, I read through my "general update". Feels like several years since I was in that mindset. I had no idea what was coming as I posted that. Anxiety took me on a roller coaster throughout 2017. But to say I learned a lot from it all would be the understatement of my life so far. I feel like I grew a lot from last year and I feel much calmer and positive as I write this. I'm also in my third-to-last semester in college so here's hoping that mentality can stay. The vlogs I mentioned are still ongoing (although on a temporary hiatus while I figure out a new editing app on my new Google Pixel 2 which, thank God, is infinitely better than the iPhones I've had since 2010). I'm still growing as an editor, actor, writer, everything, and that process is helping me do that. I'm pretty much only posting the vlogs as a personal growth project at this point, though; I don't rally have an intention of trying to get famous through YouTube or anything. I am still striving to improve as an actor and writer, though, and I've gotten a lot more experience with that. After struggling all last year, I'm finally on another writing kick and I'm very happy with how my current project is turning out so far. I also started reading more (which is good because I'd been meaning to get away from staring at screens for so much of my days). I just finished Ready Player One last night; incredible book. Now I REALLY can't wait for the movie, which comes out in about a month and a half.

    RTDFW is still going well. We recently decided to add new admins and we're gonna cycle out our current ones as the year goes on. We've all managed the community for over two years now and we all feel we're moving on to different stages in our lives, so we're making room for others to step up and keep the community going strong. Personally, it's one of the hardest decisions I've had to make. Since I founded the thing on December 1st, 2015 with some friends, it's been a huge part of my life. The RT community always meant so much to me, and now I'd had my own chunk of that to manage. But once I graduate, I expect I won't be staying in the Dallas area. I'm considering moving to Austin and if it works out well for my career, I'll stay there (I'd love to work as an actor with RT on a project when I go down there, but I'm trying not to hold my breath on that one). But if not, I'll do what I can down there and look elsewhere. Either way, I won't be in a position to keep managing RTDFW, with our constant in-person meetups. I am hoping to stay on as a mod or a just-online admin so I can still stay connected, though. So we'll see how all that works out. Community is still going strong though, so if anyone's interested, be sure to check out our Facebook page.

    And, finally, I MADE GUARDIAN AGAIN! Can't wait to rejoin all the friends I've made down at RTX 2018 again this year. No idea what exact team or assignment I'll have this time around yet, obviously. But I'm pumped! I adore any opportunity to make a difference and help out in this awesome community! I had the tremendous blessing of being placed on the PA team and assigned, with a team of 3 others, to Funhaus in my first year as a guardian in 2017. It was a surreal experience and I'll never forget all the great friends and memories I made. It'll be a tough RTX to top but I'm really, really looking forward to it.

    Think that's enough for this oversized update. Not sure when the next time I'll post on here is but I've appreciated the beauty in living life more happy-go-lucky, playing things by ear, and all that. So maybe I'll spontaneously decide to post again really soon, or it could be another year, who knows. I'm just happy to have stuff more up-to-date on here. It's a very satisfying feeling.

  • Year of the Community

    1 week ago


    This time last week I was in the Sydney Domestic Airport on my way back home after RTX. I remember sitting in the airport charging my phone and smiling at everyone who walked past me with various items of RT merch on their person. On my plane home I spotted about six people wearing merch. One guy had the same ACHIEVE hat as me. It was just cool to be able to recognise people who you knew you could immediately relate to. "Oh, you flew all the way to Sydney for this too? Nice."

    I'm excited for what the 'Year of the Community' has in store for everyone. We've already seen inklings of it with Boneyard Arcade being the ambassadors for RTX Sydney this year. I think they did a fantastic job and it was a great way to incorporate the community even more into RTX. I also saw that they got someone on Twitter to announce the dates for this year's RTX London and that was straight up the coolest thing ever.

    I've been a fan of Rooster Teeth for less than a year (and the intensity with which I've latched on to everything this company is and does scares the shit out of me but whatever) and I can say first hand that this community is something else. My first legit interaction with the community was literally only just last Thursday when Roo Teeth in Melbourne held a meet up because Barbara and Bethany were in town. I actually became friends with some of the people there which for my awkward ass is, uhh, wild??? But it was so easy because we already had so much in common.

    Fanbases are everywhere but I guess what makes this community so unique is that Rooster Teeth cultivates it and encourages it. This leads to interactions like the one I saw on Twitter where someone tweeted that they were nervous of showing up to the meet up alone and a bunch of random people replied with encouragement and offers of beer. It was beautiful.

    The 'Year of the Community' holds so much potential and I can't wait to see where it goes.

  • whaddup RTX it's me, ya girl

    1 week ago


    So. I'm going to be a Guardian at this year's RTX Austin.

    I applied on a whim, not thinking I'd really get to do it. There are so many people that have already been Guardians, or have worked at other conventions, what have you, I didn't think I'd be chosen, but apparently I was promising enough to be picked.

    I realize I have been fairly quiet on the RT website, largely because I usually forget it's a social media site as well as a place to watch all my fave content, but I want to get to know people, especially those that are going to RTX, whether as other Guardians or regular attendees.

    Hit me up, bitches.

  • A Message To Elyse Willems

    1 week ago


    Hello, All! This past week I have been working on a project regarding Elyse Willems. I asked members of the community to tell me what they like about Elyse and why they'd like to meet her. It turned out really well and Elyse herself loved it! I figured I'd post it here incase anyone wanted to check it out!

    A Message To Elyse Willems

  • RTX Sydney 2018

    1 week ago


    This year I attended RTX Sydney 2018, and by some miracle I managed to save up enough money to get myself a VIP ticket. To all Aussies wondering if it's worth the price, it absolutely is. I had such a great time at RTX Sydney this year, and met Barbara (who by the way is basically angelic), Geoff, Jeremy, Bethany, Anna and got my two signings with Lindsay and Michael and Matt and Burnie (who was super genuine too). I also saw every panel I sought out, with amazing seats. I could basically see the sweat drops on the brow of Lewis from the Yogscast. I got to meet all of them too; they went out on the show floor and met everybody. I had an amazing time, and I cannot wait for next year, so I can go once more!

  • It's Official

    1 week ago

    iBromantic Producer/Colorist

    Got my confirmation for my UT Grad School interview for March 12th, which is odd as that's their Spring Break. Now to brave the traffic of Austin during SXSW! I'll be making a travel video and will be sure to Upload it here after I am done. Hope you guys have a great Friday!

  • So You're A Guardian. Here's Some Pre-RTX Tips (2018 Edition)

    1 week ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x8; Panel Lead

    I'm back again to give y'all some tips on how to prepare for Guardianship in 2018.  This will be my 8th year as a Guardian, and I can tell you, there's a lot you can do to prepare for RTX before the actual convention.  This is mostly a re-post of my 2017 guide, but there are some great tips for how you can prepare for RTX right now and in the lead-up.  If you're a new Guardian, I highly recommend giving it a read.

    1) So You're A Guardian.  Here's What You Should Do Right Now

    Confirm that you are aware of all official sources of information.  The RT site is the primary source for your information, and should be the hub for all official communication.  There may be instances sometimes when you get news updates from other sources, but they are not a substitute for the RT site.  Check the group often, and keep an eye out for news posts.  Be aware of dates, times, schedules, and information as it becomes available.  By the time RTX rolls around, you should already have memorized the start/end times for each con day, and the major events of the weekend.

    I would also recommend participating in the forum threads in the group.  Get to know your fellow Guardians in the fun threads.  Put the BAR on watch to socialize with your fellow Guardians.  You should also follow the FAQ thread, since it’s a good source of information and answers.

    Also, if you haven't by now, you should be working to establish your lodging situation (hotel, hostel, AirBnB, friend's place, etc).  RT will be releasing their hotel deals as some point, but you should be searching already.  If you a great deal, try to lock it down sooner than later.  Rooming in groups of 3 or 4 can cut costs significantly as well.

    2) When Team Assignments Are Announced

    This will be the next big development before RTX.  Research your role.  Get to know the people you will be working with.  There will likely be an official forum thread or group for your team, which your Team Lead will create and manage.  Just like with the group, check it often.  If your Team Lead introduces any new methods of communication, check those often as well.  Soak up all knowledge from your Team Lead and fellow Guardians on your team.  Be proactive.  If you have a question, ask your Team Lead, or ask in the Guardian FAQ thread.  Stay up to date on any meetings or information that your Team Leads put out.

    Some time after team assignments are announced, you will be given a more specific post within your team (exact place/job you’ll be working).  Stay up to date on any changes to your role, and research accordingly.

    3) Starting Around Two Months Before RTX

    Research the physical area of where you’ll be working, as best you know.  Find the floorplans of the place you’ll be assigned to.  Floorplans can be found on the websites for each venue.  If you don’t know the specifics of your post yet, make an educated guess and adjust your research as information becomes available.  Know the location of restrooms, exits, streets, and nearby restaurants/stores.  As soon as you know your place of lodging, map out your path to work.  Go to google maps, put in addresses, and have an educated idea of the time it takes to get there (and take into account traffic and the time it takes you to get ready).

    The whole idea is to minimize the amount of surprises in your work and travel area.  I find that this approach makes me more comfortable moving around my assigned area, and operating as an authority to attendees.  Spend a few minutes every week or two looking over this.  You won’t be quizzed on this, but you’ll want to have a working knowledge.  Not only for yourself, but for attendees and other Guardians.

    Also, if you plan on ordering anything online for RTX (athletic underclothes, shoes, etc), do it now.  You don't want to waiting on that crucial anti-odor undergarment when RTX approaches.  You'll also want to make sure your shoes are broken as well.

    4) When The Schedule Is Announced

    Get to know the schedule.  Try to memorize the big events, but especially memorize the events that will be taking place in your area.  Think about the specific needs of each event/activity you will be working, and what will be required of your role in it.  Ask your Team Leads and co-workers for any information that might be helpful in those specific cases.

    It is also a good idea to look at events in other locations that take place around the same time as your own events.  This comes in handy when anticipating sudden rushes and traffic of attendees.  Your area might be empty or slow, but when a big panel lets out, those crowds have to go somewhere.  Don’t be caught off guard.

    5) In The Three Weeks Before RTX

    Start eating a little better, if you don't do so already.  Don’t shock your body with new foods or diets though.  You don’t want to throw off your system.  Just pick the healthier option among what you already regularly eat.  Maybe avoid those god tier junk foods you love, and opt for the stuff you already like that might be better for you.  You know your own body, so you know what it doesn’t like processing.  If there are foods or meals that you love but you know make you worthless and lazy, maybe avoid those leading up to RTX.  This isn’t about dieting or losing weight.  You’ll need the energy, so don’t come to RTX starving.  It’s about being well fed, just not full of unhealthy food.  If you can put your body in a healthier and more responsive state pre-RTX, it will make the weekend a little easier.  Make sure to get on a good sleep schedule too, if possible.  One day of bad sleep can snowball over a week, and it’s easy to find yourself dragging by the weekend.  You don’t want to be operating on a sleep deficit during RTX, so try to get on an RTX schedule before the con.

    Hunger and sleepiness can strike hard, even right before RTX even starts.  Many times I find myself getting a little less rest and nutrition leading up to RTX.  It can due to work, travel, or pure excitement.  In each of those instances, it can be easy to lose hours of sleep or to just grab a quick greasy meal.  By the time the Thursday before RTX rolls around, it can be easy to find yourself tired and hungry at midday.  Such is the nature of cons and travel.  And you won’t always be able to eat super healthy at RTX.  Time, money, and distance can conspire to force you to eat greasy and unhealthy foods.  That’s just the reality of conventions, for attendees and volunteers alike.  And that’s okay.  But that’s why it’s important to stock up on healthy habits before RTX.  And remember, like I said, it’s not about dieting or losing weight.  It’s about being well fed on healthy foods already in your rotation.

    Here’s a cautionary tale for you.  At RTX 2015, I made a rookie mistake and went about 23 hours without eating and a whole day with only 4 hours of sleep—and that was by Thursday afternoon before RTX.  Bear in mind, this wasn’t due to the demands of the work, but my inability to manage my own time.  Any veteran Guardian will tell you that this one of the biggest things to NOT do.  Seriously, the first rule of Guardianship is “take care of your body”.

    It might not seem like something to be warned about, but it’s something that can sneak up on you when you’re so excited and dedicated about helping out.  It’s just a natural component of volunteering.  The best way to combat this, should you need to, is to make sure you’re in a good position beforehand by eating better and getting plenty of rest.  Think of it as stocking up on energy and recovery ability.  It gives you an extra boost, and provides you with a cushion of recuperation should you need it.

    6) One Week Before Leaving For RTX

    Make a list of what you’re taking.  Make a list of what you’ll be wearing on each day and night.  Do all your laundry days ahead of time and, if possible, have your bag packed by the day BEFORE you leave for RTX.  And that list of what you’ll be wearing? Pack that too.  No joke, waking up and having an outfit already planned out is a godsend.  The ability to wake up and seamlessly get ready during RTX gives you so much peace of mind.  Personally, I like to pack by the outfit.  I just pull an outfit out of my suitcase, rather than assembling it from packed sections.

    Also, if you plan to carry a bag during RTX, make sure to have that packed and planned out ahead of time too.  If possible, tailor your bag according to what department you will be working in.  Different departments have different needs.  PA’s might need sharpies and hand sanitizer, Panels might need pen/paper, and Tech might need a shitload of tech stuff.  Ask your Team Lead and fellow Guardians for specifics on what your assignment will call for.  Many supplies will be provided, but if you already have access to the appropriate materials, it helps to bring them yourself.  Don’t forget to pack snacks and water either.  DON’T FORGET TO PACK SNACKS AND WATER.  Don’t overpack your con bag though.  We all want to be walking Swiss army knives, but be realistic.  After 3-4 days, all those knick knacks will be hurting your shoulders.

    Take stock of your body as well.  Do your feet tend to hurt after being on them all day? Pack the comfy shoes or buy some inserts.  Do you chafe after walking around a long time? Pack a baby powder for your place of lodging, and pack a tiny one for your con bag.  Do industrial air conditioners dry out your eyes? Pack some eye drops.  Don’t just plan for situations, plan for your body.

    Also, by now, you will likely already know your schedule for that whole week.  Once you do, plan out your meal options as best you can.  Maybe do some research on the nearest restaurants, menus, and prices.  Knowing where you’re getting your meals from and how much they’ll cost can save you an unbelievable amount of time and stress.  When you’re in the thick of Guardian work, with the crowds and noise all around you, eliminating any unknowns can be great for your sanity.  Not just for the days of the convention, but the Thursday or even Wednesday before (if you’re in town then).

    7) One or Two Days Before Leaving For RTX

    Okay, this is where we get a little more…personal.  It isn’t a must-have, but I find that it helps psychologically when you get FRESH TO DEATH.

    I’m talking about haircuts, nail trims, and grooming (face OR body).  I’m talking eyebrows, small problem areas, moisturizing, exfoliating, and shaving.  You're not going to prom or about to get married though, so don't show up not ready to get sweaty (you will get sweaty).  You will be exerting yourself, and you won't be able to preen when you want.  But basically anything you might do when you have a hot date coming up or if you’re going to a nice party, do that.  Take your time, don’t rush.  I highly recommend finding some time to decompress and relax by yourself, and utilizing that time to take care of your body.

    Why, you ask? For yourself.  Have you ever been chilling at home, and had to make an unexpected trip to the grocery store? You’re there, in your comfiest of comfy clothes just watching TV.  All of a sudden, you remember you need olive oil for that kick ass dish you’re making later.  So you go to the store not looking your best, and try to incognito your way through the checkout.  The confidence level is noticeably lower than if you had taken an hour or two getting ready.  I realize that we all have different levels of self-esteem, and some of you would probably feel and look fabulous wearing a trash bag.  That’s fucking fantastic.  But for some of us, there is a measurable amount of confidence and extrovertism that can be gained when we look our best.  You carry yourself better, walk straighter, and make more eye contact.  It’s all about making yourself feel better.  When you look good, you feel good.

    Do the same thing for your clothes.  The priorities when it comes to Guardian clothes are typically comfort and presentability.  You want to be comfortable working all day, and you want to look nice enough for the public to approach you.  Feel free to make the best of that.  Wear special pants/shorts, shoes, socks, or accessories.  It can be nice and trendy, or it can be something that simply says “this is me”.  The idea is to wear something that gives you confidence, whether it’s something nice or something that screams your own personal style.  The same goes for clothes you can’t see.  Don’t trade comfort for style, but if possible, wear some good socks or good underwear.  Good underwear is a huge confidence booster.  It’s a weapon you should have in your arsenal.  Keep in mind, there is a minor dress code for Guardians (approachability, shirt mostly visible on front/back, emphasis on comfort).  But if you can do what I recommend within the Guardian dress code, I would highly suggest it.

    Here’s another personal example.  Right before RTX 2012, I forgot to get a haircut.  My hair was very overgrown.  I didn’t pack any nice clothes, so my wardrobe (as a Guardian AND a civilian), was subpar.  I could feel the lack of confidence I had that weekend.  I met a lot of people I knew for the first time, and I wished my appearance was a little better.  Like I said, for some of you that ain’t no thing.  But for me, sometimes, it can have a negative effect.  The people you meet, attendees and Guardians, will accept you even if you aren’t looking your best.  But looking your best can do a lot for you, psychologically.

    Keep in mind, you will also have to deal with helpless or angry attendees, industry professionals, and don’t forget, RT themselves.  Looking professional and put together can do wonders for your performance.  You’ll see many veteran Guardians emphasizing professionalism and hygiene.  Those two things are vital to being a Guardian.  What I’m recommending is just taking that next step in those two respects.  My only warning is to not go overboard.  After all, you will be working and quite possibly sweating.  So, don’t be too preoccupied with appearances.  But do yourself a favor and give yourself that boost of confidence.  In the days before RTX, make it a point to focus on your body and find serenity in the process.  Use it as a form of meditation, and arrive at RTX with confidence.

    8) Once You Arrive For Orientation

    Pay attention during orientation.  There will be a big orientation with important info, possibly some safety briefings, and then even smaller team-based orientation.  When you break off into teams, soak up your Team Lead’s advice.  During team meetings, if possible, visualize and act out your role.  I’m talking full on miming that shit.  Don’t just learn what you’ll be doing, imagine it.  Picture the crowds.  Physically and vocally act out your role.  This will be your only rehearsal.  It might look weird, but actually acting out the process will help you.

    Get to know your team.  Memorize their names, and tell them yours.  Maybe go to lunch or dinner together if people are available.  If any of you are free during the evenings Friday through Sunday, maybe make dinner plans with each other.  Things like this help your team become more cohesive, and close-knit.  We all have our own neuroses and anxieties.  Some more than others, and that’s okay.  But we all need to help create an environment of comfort within our co-volunteers.  You will be working alongside these people, you will grow fond of them, and sadly, you may never see them again.  Take the time to know each other just a little, even if it’s over a soda during a break.  It will help your work relationship, alleviate any potential awkwardness, and you will be happy you made the effort once you go back home.

    9) The Night Before RTX

    DON’T STAY UP ALL NIGHT.  I know there are evening events, and I know they’re fun.  I will be at them too.  But you know how much sleep you usually require, and you know what your body can and can’t handle.  Don’t cut it close.

    Eat a decent dinner.  It's okay to indulge, but don't go crazy.  Make sure your Guardian clothes for the weekend are planned out.  If you will be carrying a bag with you during RTX, make sure it is packed and ready before going to bed.  Doing these things will ensure you get a good night’s sleep, that you wake up refreshed, and that you won’t be stressed in the morning.  Also make sure that your toiletries and hygiene materials are ready to go in the morning.  Have a space set aside for all your bathroom products, and try to have them in a place that’s easily accessible in the morning.  Between deodorant, toothbrush/paste, soap/shampoo, and beauty products, you can easily lose 10-20 minutes fumbling around in the morning.

    Also be aware of your morning routines, and how your body acts.  Do you need extra waking up time? Get up earlier.  Does your hair require a special touch? Set aside that time.  Will you have morning bathroom business to take care of? Take that into account.  If you're rooming with other people, work out a morning schedule.  Don't rely on a bathroom time slot in the morning if it hasn't been confirmed.

    Also, and this is more of a personal suggestion, take a hot bath before bed.  Still take a shower in the morning, but take a hot bath before bed.  I know not everyone’s lodging situation will allow this (a shower is fine too), but if possible, do it.  Fill the tub up and take a quiet soak for a while.  Relax.  Breathe.  Listen to the sloshing of the water.  Use the good soap, and condition your hair.  Take your time, and maybe put some lotion on after.  Go to bed fresh and relaxed.  You’re here because you want to be.  You’re in your element.  You're with your people.  You’re calm and ready for tomorrow.  You know where you need to be in the morning, and what time you need to be there.  You got this.  Settle down, set an alarm, and go to sleep.

    10) Tips & Tricks

    That’s all I got.  If you want to know more about what to do during the actual convention, feel free to ask.  I will do my best to help.  There are also plenty of other experienced Guardians to ask as well.  I’ll go ahead and leave you with some tips and tricks that might help you during RTX.


    -Don’t be nervous.  The people around you are there to support you.  You’ll go through a lot of on-the-job training on the first day.  You’ll learn a lot, and apply it to rest of the weekend.  Don’t fret.  Any stress you have is a passing condition.

    -Don’t skip meals.  Hand-held and portable foods are your friend, but do take advantage of times when you can sit down and enjoy a meal.

    -Always have water on hand.  ALWAYS HAVE WATER ON HAND.  You don’t even need a space-age Olympian cross-fit artisan water delivery system.  Reuse an Ozarka bottle.  You’re not the Queen.

    -If you have the time and ability, try to take a hot bath at least once during the weekend.  You will be surprised how much it will help.

    -Be willing to relax.  You’ll want to cram as much fun into the weekend as you can.  That’s normal, and what we all want.  But if you feel you might not be up to it, that’s okay.  Chill nights with friends are just as good as wild nights with friends.  One year I even had a relaxing nice Italian dinner by myself.  No joke, it felt good.  Treat yo-self.

    -You will be seeing behind the curtain of RT a bit, but you will be doing so in order to help them.  Remember, you’re a Guardian first, a person second, and a fan third.

    -Food runs are life savers.  Going on break to get something to eat? Have some extra time? Are you working closely with other Guardians? Consider offering to go on a food run for the group.  Work out the money situation (through collection, smartphone apps, or trades), write down what they want, and grab it for them.  This isn’t expected of you, but it’s an option that can save a lot of time and stress.

    -Ask questions if you have them.  Redundant instructions are okay.  You don’t get points for memorizing things the first time you hear them.  But you do get Guardian points for thorough understanding.

    -Guardian Points don’t really exist, but just now I’ve decided to make them a thing.  Use GP for short.

    -If you want to get something from the RT store, try to work out ahead of time when you'll be going.  Ask your Team Lead or supervisor when the best time to go is, or else you risk missing your chance.

    -Avoid having too many chefs in the kitchen.  We all want to help.  We all have ideas.  There will be times when you’re in a discussion with other Guardians about what to do in a situation.  People will have suggestions, and everyone will want to help.  But once a decision has been made in a situation and a plan is implemented, give it a chance.  Don’t complain that your idea was way better the whole time, and don’t gloat if your idea is the one that is chosen.  Don’t let your eagerness to help become a battle over whose idea is best.  Trust your team, and trust your Team Leads.

    -Have fun.  All these people around you are your people.  They like what you like, and you have a lot in common with them.  Probably more than you know.  Feel how happy they are, and feel good about yourself.

    -Write down the screen names, twitter handles, etc. of your fellow Guardians.  Take pictures with them.  Upload those pictures like crazy after RTX.

    -If possible, STAY AFTER FOR THE GREAT GUARDIAN GATHERING IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE CON ON SUNDAY.  People will dance.  People will take pictures.  People will cry, including you and RT staff.  You won’t want to leave.

    -Remember how you felt when you were there.

  • After Effects to Nuke

    1 week ago

    iBromantic Producer/Colorist

    Jeez, what a learning curve! I thought After Effects was tough, but boy learning Nuke is like studying hieroglyphics. I was told that this node based VFX software was gonna be tough, and foolishly thought my Da Vinci experience would carry over. Silly, I know. I really need to learn the lesson that knowledge on one software has almost no bearing on your proficiency in another. Still refused to learn Dreamweaver XD.

    Anyways, I too have been working on Monster Hunter World while also playing a LOT of PubG (or is it PuBg?) and even got a chicken dinner twice in a row the other day. Finally hit 100,000 Gamerscore too! 

    Visiting Austin next month for Grad School interviews. If any site members wanna get a beer, let me know! Love talking about things I love with the community I love~

  • Videos From RTX Sydney

    1 week ago

    StingySeagul Hold on, let me explain

    I had an amazing time at RTX Sydney and in the spirit of being creative managed to make two videos during the trip.

  • Update for RTX 2018

    1 week ago


    Since this year is my first time going, I have already booked my hotel room thats just 5 minutes away from the convention for an amazing low price! One step at a time and I can't wait for it. I even put a count down timer on my phone to remind me how many days there left. I know it going to go by fast! Now to wait for the badges announcement and I hope its soon! 

  • RTX London 2018!!

    1 week ago


    Guess who applied to be a Guardian at RTX London 2018 last night!! 

    Last year was so brilliant and I had so much fun, but i just wanted to get involved with behind the scenes and help manage the chaos. 

    Can't wait to see what this years RTX brings!

  • RTX London 2018

    1 week ago

    NorthernMonkey The Drone Guy

    So over the past weekend we got confirmation of RTX London 2018 glad they moved the date forward as the original dates from last year would have been no good because i have a friends wedding to attend.

    Booked my hotel for the weekend got a great deal at the Travelodge at London city airport.

    Now just to wait for the ticket release and then onto the long wait until September

    Hopefully will see you guys there i will be cosplaying Yang Vol 4

  • I’m A Guardian, Y’all! (part 2)

    1 week ago


    I’ll be gaying it up as a part of the store team for RTX Austin again! So excited to see what 2018 has for Austin’s most beautiful nerd convention. 

  • My first RTX is a real possibility...

    1 week ago

    nerdasmic FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Megan

    And I'm JAZZED.


    HERE I GO.


  • RTX Austin & London Forums!

    1 week ago

    adam Director of Technology

    Created new forums for our RTX 2018 London & Austin. 

    Looking for a place to arrange hotel shares or community meet ups for #RTX2018?  Just made some new forums for ya.   heartbeat


  • RTX London 2018!

    1 week ago

    FaetalFlaws RTX Guardian X4

    Two posts in one week? Is the world ending??

    Nope! It's just all the RTX hype!!
    Guardian acceptances for Austin went out, which is a wonderful community-building time, and then yesterday, after MONTHS of silence, RTX London was announced in probably my favorite announcement ever - RT messaging a community member and letting her announce it! (I may have cried tears of joy and love and support while sitting in my car after work reading everything, RT did such a good thing here, and THIS is the kind of community support that I love!)

    I'm beyond excited to return to RTX London, (I already bought my plane tickets!) see all the lovely friends I made during round one, and hopefully I'll be a guardian again! My application is in, now we just wait   relaxed

  • RTX London 2018!!!!!

    1 week ago

    AlintheaYoh FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTX London Guardian 2017

    Well, the hype starts again. 

    After having so much fun at RTX-L last year as a Guardian, I've just finished my application form to put myself forward for consideration again! The nervous waiting now begins. 

    I wish everyone luck who applies! :)

  • A Brief Introduction to Guardian-ing

    1 week ago

    Boomer RTX London Head Guardian

    Stay awhile and listen!

    My name is Jason Boomer (people call me Boomer), I’m the co-Head Guardian (along with Eloise @Arileya) of RTX London, and welcome to ‘A Brief Introduction to Guardian-ing’.

    Eli and I work closely with the RTX Events team to co-ordinate the rabble of volunteers (*ahem* Guardians) that make RTX events as smooth and fun as they are.

    This journal is an FAQ of sorts, explaining what it means to be a Guardian for those wanting to apply to RTX London 2018.


    What: (site coming soon)

    When: 15th – 16th September (All Guardians on-site from 13th September)

    Where: ExCeL Centre, London


    Guardians are the lifeblood of RTX events. They are the public-facing volunteers that keep the event running smoothly. For a list and description of the roles, read through to the end of this journal.

    From the RTX London site;

    Guardians are chosen Rooster Teeth Community members who dedicate their time and skills to help make RTX an amazing experience for everyone. Guardians provide support for attendees, special guests, Rooster Teeth cast/crew, and one another. Guardians are the customer service and crisis management front line of RTX. Guardians represent RTX, Rooster Teeth, and the RT Community. The RT Community is pretty incredible, and we aim to bring the best (and those aspiring to be the best) community representatives into our Guardian ranks.


    A first aider. A security person. “Muscle” for staff. A policy-maker. Employed by Rooster Teeth.  These, we are not.

    Guardians are VOLUNTEERS

    Being a Guardian is HARD WORK

    Being a Guardian is REWARDING

    …ask any previous Guardian about their experience, and I’m sure they’ll all tell you the same.


    NOTE: PAs and Team Leads are not listed as a team preference, as these will be chosen from successful applicants. If you have held these positions at previous RTX events, or at other events generally, say so in the relevant parts of the form.

    From the RTX London site;

    We look for applicants who are cooperative, eager, positive, and patient, paired with strong customer service skills and a genuine desire to make the RTX experience awesome for everyone. We strive to make the show a safe place for all fans. Successful Guardians must be comfortable in crowds/crowded spaces, able to deal with emergencies with a cool head, and willing to work with their team. We have a variety of jobs that range from super exciting to oddly mundane, but all jobs/tasks are important and necessary. We expect everyone to put their full effort into every task. Guardians must be 18+.

    Please fill out the application thoroughly and seriously. All joke applications will be disregarded - this goes for beginners and veterans of RTX. 

    We enjoy a good joke as much as the next person, but filtering through thousands of applications takes time, and joke ones just slow the whole process down.

    You must be willing to check the Rooster Teeth website every week. Although Guardian news comes in random bursts, we require that you check this site frequently. We will NOT be sharing Guardian news elsewhere (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.). All communication will be via email, group post, or private messaging on this site.

    Be sure to TRIPLE check your information - names, emails, and usernames are often misspelled. We can’t get in touch if your details are wrong, so check, check, and check again!

    We do our best to match your assignment preferences, but preferences are never a guarantee.

    Don’t worry if you lack convention experience! We accept all skill levels. Tell us if you have worked retail, theme parks, festivals, business events, child care, personal assistance, office management, scout leading, project management, extracurricular activities...EVERYTHING that involves dealing with groups of people…these all share skills with one role or another!

    Please remember – Thousands apply, hundreds are accepted, so please be patient, and best of luck.

    THE ROLES - Read this!

    Expo Hall: Responsible for managing the exhibition space, directing people to different areas of the event, assisting with lines in the exhibitor areas, and helping to ease congestion on the expo floor. Generally, the eyes on the ground.

    Freelancers: Responsible for supporting all teams. For example, they help Lines when one grows too large, Store when there is a rush, Panels when there is a particularly popular one, and cover breaks when teams and Team Leads need them. They are the most flexible team.

    G-Spot: Responsible for keeping a chilled, tidy, and supportive environment for Guardians on break. Being a Guardian is hard work, so having the chance to sit, snack, and re-hydrate in a quiet and comfortable area is key to well-being.

    Happy Hour: Responsible for Guardian-ing evening activities. They’re like Freelancers, but specifically for all activities that take place in the evening. This requires a level head, and willingness to work evenings and travel to off-site venues.

    Lines: Responsible for keeping lines moving, under control, and making sure the Guardian teams are aware of congestion or bottle necks. They work very closely with Response, Expo Floor, Store, and Freelancers, and are critical to ensuring optimal event-flow.

    Panels: Responsible for load-in/load-out of panel rooms, seating, handling Q&A microphones, and keeping panels on-time. Works closely with Tech and event staff to ensure a smooth-running panel is enjoyed by all.

    Registration: Responsible for checking attendees into the event. They’re the first point-of-contact at the event and helps set the tone for an attendees’ experience at RTX. Must be friendly, helpful, and able to work well under pressure. Later in the day, Registration Guardians are often reassigned to other areas of the event.

    Response: Responsible for supporting all other teams, particularly with crisis management and impromptu signings by staff. They’re ever-vigilant, ready to move at a moments’ notice, and prepared to handle the unexpected. They are NOT first aiders or security. Remember: Observe, Deter, Report ONLY.

    Signatures: Responsible for keeping the staff signatures area flowing. They direct attendees to the correct signing line, check badges/signature tickets, assist with taking photos, and make sure everything is on schedule.

    Speciality Rooms: Responsible for the unique booths, such as VIP and First booth (and as with RTX London 2017, the Blood Fest booth), and whatever else Rooster Teeth come up with. They handle lines for these areas, inform attendees of what each space is, and keep these spaces safe and tidy.

    Store: Responsible for stocking and staffing the RT Store. They staff the point-of-sale, replenish stock levels, help attendees find items, and perform a stock count at the end of each day. They work with the Lines team to keep it easy and efficient for attendees to visit the Store.

    Tech: Responsible for the A/V aspects of RTX London. Directly responsible to Adam Baird, the Tech team work with Centre Stage, Panels, and other areas of the RTX event to ensure a smooth and efficient show. This is the smallest Guardian team and requires a high level of skill. Not responsible for rigging or sound boards etc.

    Centre Stage: Responsible for seating attendees, emptying seating out between shows, clearing walkways, and assisting Tech with any requests they might have. Tech knowledge a plus, but not required.  

    PA: Responsible for keeping Rooster Teeth staff and special guests on schedule, getting them to where they need to be, and getting them food, drinks etc. as required. Each PA is assigned one staff member and will be with them for the duration of the event, so must be able to communicate and act professionally. ROLE NOT AVAILABLE ON THE FORM. PAs WILL BE CHOSEN FROM SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS.

    Team Leads: Responsible for a team of Guardians. All Guardians report to and receive direction from a Team Lead, who in turn report to the Head Guardians. Simply, the Team Leads keep their team working (assigning tasks etc.), they look out for their wellbeing (scheduling breaks etc.), and help the Head Guardians stay on top of the event. ROLE NOT AVAILABLE ON THE FORM. PAs WILL BE CHOSEN FROM SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS


    Guardian or not, I can't wait to see each and every one of you at RTX London! Good luck.

  • An Open Letter and an Introduction

    2 weeks ago

    RTSamStarr Marketing Coordinator

    Dear Rooster Teeth Community,

    This past weekend, I had the immense honor of joining some wonderful people in the RTX Sydney live chat on our new video platform. I tuned into the stream mostly for some background noise as I made dinner, and to see how my coworkers were doing in The Land Down Under. Until this weekend, I had only browsed through the live chat once or twice, but never fully participated.

    I should preface this by saying that I am still relatively new to the RT community - my first true experience and introduction to Rooster Teeth was RTX Austin 2017. One of my old coworkers had left my previous job to work for RT, and after asking her about RTX, I got a weekend pass to see what it was all about. 

    I had never been to a con before, nor was I familiar with any of RT's content.


    I went to panels, made friends in lines, got some awesome swag, and danced the night away at the VIP party. I was so impressed by how welcome I felt in a sea of people united by a common cause of which I was relatively unfamiliar before that weekend. I felt at home from the moment I walked through the door, and was so sad to leave on the final day.

    So when I started working at RT last fall, I had a sense of how great this community was, and I was 100% on board with it.

    But this weekend - it was different.

    After I finished up with dinner, I jumped into the chat to see what was going on. The stream was between sessions, but people were still actively chatting. What I thought would be a simple hello turned into two days of amazing interactions with people from all over the world.

    I saw RT members jump in and out of chat who already knew each other and I saw new groups of people come together and make new friends. I saw people give out endless advice and help each other, build each other up, and bring nothing but positivity to each other. And even in the midst of routine stream errors and new site mishaps, I didn't witness a single person get upset by the chaos, but rather saw people giving constructive feedback and many thanks to our engineering team for their hard work to put together something amazing for all of us to use. 

    Just because I work for this amazing company, doesn't automatically make me an authority on our content or a star in the gaming world. But in this community, I feel accepted and loved regardless of how many shows I've seen or how good I am at the games I play. Y'all accept me, and every one of our community members no questions asked. You make this world a positively beautiful place to be.

    We're all united by our shared love of everything Rooster Teeth, and I want to thank all of you for welcoming me with open arms into this crazy community.

    Each one of you is a part of the reason we all find a little bit of home in Rooster Teeth, and for that, I am forever grateful.

    <3 Sam

  • RTX AUSTIN 2018!?

    2 weeks ago


    I haven't be so active on here, well posting on what' going on and all. I honestly don't like talking much about me since I don't think I'm worth to know but I think this announcemnt that I want to say, it's something big for me..

    I honestly want to say this year is going to be my first year going to RTX, Austin after being a fan since 2013. I was only 16 years old when youtube put a suggestion video on my dash and it was a Rage Quit video. During that time I was going through a hard path but I would like to thank Michael for helping me forget what was going on in my life. After that I kept on watching on his videos and soon discovered he was part of Achievement Hunters and worked for Roosterteeth. I soon fell in love with AH, I thank them all because their videos are just amazing and helped me through all these years. I have seen them during a Let's Play Live when they came to LA 2016. I was extremely happy. I been seening them on screen for 6 years and only seen them live one day. Now I can't wait to see them all in person and thank each and one of them for helping me. Especially to Michael.

    I am now 21 years old, and I am planning to go to RTX this year. This is honestly something big for me. It been a dream to see AH and everyone else in RT. I honestly can't wait but at the same time I don't want to be lost about the event. So if anyone know, it be great to get some tip and advices. Thank you, I'll see you soon RTX!