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  • Art Improment

    1 day ago

    Hessenerd #Team Cinder


    I drew the left one right after seeing the Volume 2 opening for the first time so..... 4 year difference?

    Thank you, Rooster Teeth, for giving me something (or rather someone) to obsess over so I could become a better artist ;>

  • First RTX

    1 day ago


    OH MY LORD My first RTX is coming up, and I'm so happy to see everyone and get to know so many more familiar and amazing faces! I'm super excited it's going to be amazing. 

  • Rooster Teeth @ SDCC (San Diego Comic Con)

    4 days ago


    I've been fortunate enough to go to San Diego Comic Con every year since 2014. I got into RT in 2015/2016 I think, and I'm pretty sure 2015 was the last time Rooster Teeth was at SDCC (it does still say on the exhibit floor plan that there's a RT booth, but that's a lie). Does anybody know why they've stopped coming? Maybe they do it so more people will go to RTX? But I know the RWBY cast goes to a lot of other cons, they just haven't been back to San Diego since I've been a fan (to the best of my knowledge). Of course I'd like to go to RTX one day, but in the meantime I'd be nice if they could come to me haha.

    If anyone knows anything about why the don't go anymore, I'd appreciate you letting me know!

  • Closed captioning

    6 days ago


    I have been a long time fan of Roosterteeth, however I am hard of hearing and at this point in my life I require Closed Captioning. Now that they are no longer posting to YouTube I have no way to watch their recent videos without struggling severely and I know that people who are completely deaf are unable to view their videos at all. I would like to ask that closed captioning be made avaible so that a wonderful comunity of people aren’t excluded from these wonderful shows. 

  • Starting Again

    1 week ago


    Going to start being on this site again if only to watch RWBY Chibi and Camp Camp might think on paying for membership. We shall see. 

  • RTX SideQuest previews

    1 week ago

    lambency Insomniac

    Titled Beacon's Light. I did vinyl silhouettes on grunge splatter background paints with glow in the dark acrylics that activate either in low light or in black lights.

    Each painting has those three modes. Light - No Light / Glowing - Black Light.

    They will be available at RTX Sidequest charity auction.





    Still working on Yang's because her's will be a little different. It's just been 120 degrees here and the heat isn't making it easy to put vinyl down ;w;

    I'll have an image of it ready ASAP!

    I hope to see you at RTX! I'll have many things to hand out and give away!

    I'll be (at least 100% I know of) there in my Kali Belladonna cosplay and my Nouveau Raven Branwen dress.

    Don't forget to check out Mirzer's art jam! More info will come on that, too!

  • 3D Printed Beacon Academy

    1 week ago


    Here I will post how to make the Beacon Academy along with its files and how I made it as well.

    (Files will be posted near the bottom if you want them quickly)

     weissHow it was done yang

    To start, the hardest part of the whole project was finding a way to measure distance on a screen. Its easier said than done because you have to worry about the depth of something. If the two objects are in two different depths, you would have to guess the error. It took me a while to finally find the perfect screen that unlocked the key to find every other distance. With this I can safely say that my model is fairly accurate to the actual academy. The only error that I can't account for is the animation team not keeping things scaled with each other, but I think they did a good job.

    Here is the screen that made this all possible


    In case you didn't find out yet,


    I used the length of the road that Weiss is standing on, and the given height of Weiss being 5'3'' in heels and used cross multiplication to find the unknown, how wide the walkway was in feet. From there, I was able to get everything else, building off of the bridge that I now know the width of. I had to use many other screens to get all other parts of the model, but you get the idea.


    Also, in case you want to see the math I used to ensure that everything is fairly accurate


    That's not even all of it, and some of those were front and back, all the math was just using cross-multiplication with 1 unknown

    Here is also scrap work I've had to do in the CAD software, also not all of it as this portion was a lot of experimentation on how to make the arches


    I don't think I will post all of the scrap work on future posts, but I thought it was a good idea on the first one to prove that I did it, and that it is accurate to what I'm creating

    Here is what it looks like in the CAD software up close 


    And here it what it looked like in real life (The engravings in the buildings don't show up here that well, but believe me they are there)


    You can compare mine to this picture


    The whole project to roughly 50 hours to create, but part of that was me experimenting with the 3D aspect of the software.

     jauneHow YOU can make one pyrrha

    Here is a list of things you will need to create Beacon Academy

    1. Some kind of adhesive (I used a hot glue gun, tape won't work and I don't think normal glue will hold up too well either)

    2. Some way to 3D print the parts (I went to my local library, try theirs if you don't have a printer. Also you may have one at your university if you go to one, as Stony Brook University has one as well, although the printers may be too small for some of the parts)

    2 1/2. You may need some sort of file as printing something always comes with errors. So if something has a tight fit, just file it a bit until it can fit. No need for a serious file, I bet a nail file would do.

    The rest of the materials are more or less bonus

    3. blue fabric (the more it looks like water the better)

    4. small model trees and/or red paint if you can't find a red model tree

    5. A green board to put the finished model on

    6. I didn't use one, but if you can find a green fabric that looks like grass that would look good, along with some bushes or something

    7.  If you courageous enough, you can try to paint the parts that aren't white, but I personally think it looks better all white

    There may be a lot of small parts, they are mostly just the top to the towers and the surrounding arches. It should be relatively easy to tell which one goes on which as they are all different sizes. The only thing you should know is that all of the tops on the surrounding arches are the same EXCEPT the ones closest to the front of the model, those are a bit taller, and they all go where the arches and a bit thicker.

    Here are all the files (The first file is not mandatory, if it doesn't work don't worry about it, as they are separated into printable parts later on. Also, you might notice that some of them may  say "fixed" don't worry about that, and that my files are not named so neatly, that is my fault, sorry :D

    These files are set so the build will be 15in by roughly 18in. If you want it smaller it will require you to resize every part the same amount in the printer

    If you have any questions or remarks, please don't be afraid to email me on an alternate email I made

     blakeClosing remarks ruby

    I didn't know anything about 3D printing before this, so don't worry if you have no idea what your doing. If they even ask you what settings you want on the 3D printer assuming you don't own one yourself just say "No raft" and "Supports". Note that not all of these require supports but if a part doesn't need supports it won't get any even if the setting is on, so it doesn't matter. Also, if the patterns on the main buildings are not showing up when 3D printed, try to set the printer settings to be more fine and precise. The rest of the parts don't require a fine setting, but it doesn't hurt to do the best you can.

    The whole print will take more than 24 hours, especially since there are so many different parts. You can look at my pictures to put it together or try to do it without looking to test your abilities on your knowledge of the building.

    If anyone has other ideas of what I or other people can make, please write it in the comments. I would love to create something you guys think up!

    Also, some of you may have noticed that I don't have the statue of the hunter and the huntress that has been shown multiple times, which would be placed in front of the main door. The reason for this is because making a human-like structure in the CAD software is extremely difficult, along with the fact that they would be very small to print. If any of YOU can make this, I would love to see it and add it to mine! I will credit you on the next post if you wish.

    PS: I have to thank the library I went that 3D printed all the parts, one of them also gave me a friendly note that I still have. Thankyou!


  • What RT Means To Me

    1 week ago


    Despite me being into Rooster Teeth for over a year (as of January 2018), the main things that it means to me aside from being a good source of entertainment is the amount of friendships I'd make through the official Rooster Teeth site & then meeting them in real-lfe someday, & another thing too is how flexible I can be with getting into more shows aside from Red Vs. Blue, RWBY & (recently) Camp Camp, & lastly there's the party-life side that I try to blend in my Rooster Teeth interest into more & more since I started getting into Rooster Teeth through RvB Season 14, Episode 24 (in late-2016) & since then as I got into RWBY, I started to see more different possibilities with Rooster Teeth beyond the different shows I've taken an interest in so far & any others that I'll soon get into & enjoy in the near future.

  • News from Anime Expo

    1 week ago


    Hey guys. 

    So we just got done with our panel at Anime Expo and it was insane. SO MUCH BIG NEWS. Let’s start with a project I’m thrilled to share more news on - gen:LOCK! Now we’ve already told you about this guy, but, oh, there’s so much more. 

    Today we announced some amazing new cast members including esteemed voice talent Kōichi Yamadera as Kazu Iida, a gL recruit from Japan. Yamadera-san has been in a couple tiny shows like Batman Ninja, Cowboy Bebop, and Ghost in the Shell, y’know, so maybe you've heard of him. 


    We’re also thrilled to announced that Dakota Fanning is joining our cast as Miranda Worth, an expert pilot and someone who is very close to Chase. Yes, THAT Dakota Fanning from The Alienist, The Twilight Saga, and so much more. 


    We also revealed our first supporting cast member, with Monica Rial (Dragon Ball Z, RWBY) playing the part of Colonel Raquel Marin — yes, it’s her voice you’ve already heard in the virtual call in the gen:LOCK teaser! As excited as I am about how this cast is shaping up, we have so much more yet to reveal. So maybe you should stop by RTX Austin, check out our big RT Animation panel and see what other names we might drop, along with the latest gen:LOCK teaser that we’re working on. It’s going to be a giant party.

    We’re also excited to announce the launch of a website for the new mobile game, RWBY: Amity Arena! CRWBY has been playing an early prototype of the game around the offices and we’re all absolutely addicted to the gameplay. If you haven’t yet heard of RWBY: Amity Arena, it’s a new strategic duel game from the renowned developer of Crusaders Quest, NHN Entertainment. If commanding RWBY characters in a real-time, high-energy strategic duel against friends or competitors across the world sounds fun to you, check out videos, photos, and more info about RWBY: Amity Arena here:


    And if you’ve been enjoying the English translations of the RWBY anthology manga from Viz, the next one is Weiss, arriving in August!


    Thanks everyone and can’t wait to see you in only 27 days at RTX Austin! ...wait only 27 days?! Guess we gotta get back to work on all the cool stuff we want to share!! See ya in Austin soon!

  • What I Drink

    1 week ago

    froggydog003 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    If you ever wondered what I like to drink here is my personal collection I keep from the rest of the house.

    (Also, a not so subtle clue as to who I cosplay. Hint: It's not Zwei)578773-1530714877214-20180704_073253.jpg

  • RWBY Chibi Shot Breakdown - Mysterious Red Button

    2 weeks ago

    Triple_Bee Chibi VisPost Supervisor

    Hello again Chibi friends!  Now that RWBY Chibi Season 3 is back for more wacky hijinks, it seemed like a good opportunity to take another look behind the scenes into what goes into developing a shot for our little show!

    This week I'll be going over Ruby's big sun-busting moment (the actual BIG sun, not the Junior Detective) from Season 3 Episode 7: Mysterious Red Button.  Though it's not as overtly stylized or filled with blazing effects as some of the other shots I've gone over, the one has some subtle complications and considerations that make it worth a look!

    As always we start off with this segment of the script by Tom Alvarado:

    CUT TO:

    Ruby walks along and sees THE BUTTON. She shrugs and pushes it.  The sun blinks out like a light bulb.


    Huh, I did not expect that.

    She pushes it again and it turns on.

    Lights on.


    Lights off.

    Lights on.


    Lights off.

    Push - the SUN POPS like a burned-out bulb.  Yang walks out.

    What's up with the flippin' sun-

    I didn't do it!

    Ruby runs off in a panic


    Next Animator Nicole Moellner digs in, creating hand drawn thumbnails of the action to establish the rough timing, stage direction, framing and a number of other rough factors.  These help bring up conversations about poses, expression and everything else that she'll be dealing with next.


    Once Nicole gets approval from Chibi Director Paula Decanini, she continues on by loading the the characters, set, props and setting the scene's camera to capture it all!  From there she'll set about animating everything, which will involve several reviewed stages from rough pose placement through to final approval. One change you can see from the script is Ruby pushes the button many more times and has her devilish grin worked in.  These sort of modest changes happen organically during the animation process when the Director and/or Animators realize a funny or important moment can be further enhanced!

    The final product of this stage is a completed animation playblast, which is movie quickly produced by our 3D Package (Maya) using a low quality, generic light and textures that allows for visibility but not much else!  As you can see things like skin tone, reflective surfaces and even some basic surface colors aren't present.



    Now it's time to start lighting!  We've got a general established look for the Forest set for consistency, so there's not lot of fine tuning or review needed on that front other than to position the sun's lighting direction in a camera-friendly place.  However...


    ...because Ruby is interacting directly with the button and the tree it's attached to, it will be far easier to render those as separate elements from the backdrop itself.  That way we can chose to render only the background frames where the camera moves and then freeze the image the rest of the time.  This reduces our computation time on the render farm and makes us far more efficient!


    This is one of the other big reasons for separating the tree out.  Because Ruby's shadow will cross over that of the tree and button repeatedly, it makes more sense to produce them in one pass.  Otherwise you risk having the shadows overlap and double-up which, given the strong single light source of the sun, would look incorrect and require a lot more effort to fake.



    Now it's time to start layering things on top of our backdrop.  These are going to be lit with the exact same lights as the Forest.  First up is the tree and button, which get their own pass as a joint object.  The button has it's own special light to give it the internal glow that it always sports when active, though note terribly noticeable here in the daylight (more on that soon though!)


    Next up is Ruby, who has a few extra lights herself.  Generally we add a fill light or two to the Chibi characters to help with the shadow shaping on them. Because their heads are so big and round, most overhead lights tend to cast a lot of unwelcome shadow on their mouths and chins. We also give her eyes and teeth some attention to help them pop and increase her expression readability.

    Last we add a final beauty treatment which adds a subtle glow and vignette to draw the eye to the center and give everything a slightly soft, warm feel.


    All done right? NOPE!

    Ruby breaks the dang sun!

    That means we've actually got to light this shot twice, and the second one is a time of day we don't usually see in the Forest, so we're starting from scratch!


    We're actually going to set this up fairly similar to the day lighting in terms of direction since we don't want to make the audience dizzy with something DRASTICALLY different when it starts rapidly flipping back and forth.  It'll be hard to tell until we add the objects back in, but there are some differences to help it stand out however.  We also have to replace the skydome providing the background sky.  Luckily I made one for the Mystery Bunch sketch last season, so I can just drop that in back there!



    Because the Forest dirt clearing is SO distinctly bright yellow, once we're in our compositing tool (After Effects) we opt to de-saturate and color shift the ground to a paler, blueish hue that helps imply 'moonlight' rather than just 'dim sun.'  Attempting to do with by coloring the actual light would be possible but would have proven less effective, and would also have colored everything in the scene excessively in the process.  That said, I provide a similar adjustment to the rest of the backdrop as well to help it blend, it's just far more subtle.


    Just like before we have the tree and Ruby as separate elements sharing a shadow pass.  Here you can finally see the other main difference from the sun light, the moon provides a much less crisp shadow.  It stays somewhat sharp near the contact points on the ground but grows much more blurred as the tree (and Ruby to a lesser extent) rises into the air.


    Another little enhancement we're going to make (and one applied to the daytime set as well) is to have the backdrop become blurred the farther it gets from the camera.  We do this by using a Depth Pass, one of a number of hidden utility layers that we have included INSIDE of the background and character passes.  This treatment is fairly common to the Forest and most other outdoor settings to help them feel even more expansive.

    Depth passes are visualized as below. They generally look pure black at first glance, but we're able to adjust them in After Effects to set a near point (black) and a far point (white) with the grey in-between allowing for a partially blurred transition between the two.


    Time to add the tree to the shot in this version too.  As you can see, the button's internal glow is much more obvious in the darker night lighting.  One problem that becomes apparent however is that since the tree is in a separate layer, the glow from it isn't having an effect on the ground below!

    Not to worry though!  We can add an extra pass that hits the environment and then layer that on top too.  Since we'll want it to land on Ruby AND have the her shadow from the button light hit the ground too we'll include her in the pass at the same time.  Adding it to the composition now creates a SpOoKy GhOsT RuBy! 

    Time to bring Ruby into the scene properly!  Because she naturally has a lot of dark colors that might get lost in the shadowy undersides of the trees behind her, we add a pair of gentle rim lights behind her that add definition to those spots.  You can see those here as the slightly blue light lines on the left side of her hair.  All this serves to help her silhouette pop off the backdrop even better. Depending on where she's standing the button light from above also provides this!

    Finally we add the same glow and vignette enhancements, though fittingly they're less prominent in this darker lighting except around high contrast points!


    Now that both of those lighting variations are set up, we can toggle between them with a quick adjustment in After Effects!  That comes in handy for the end when the sun finally bursts, flaring and fading out in an uneven fashion. 

    That's it for now, thanks for checking out another making-of RWBY Chibi!  I've got a few more of these planned, especially as we get deeper into the second half of Season 3 so keep an eye out!

  • RWBY: Runners

    3 weeks ago


    Something fun I've been working on in my free time if you'd like to check it out. A Remnant World Story that takes place before the construction of the CCT, A story following Orphans and Convicts who were roped into being messengers between Vale and Vacuo. 

    RWBY Runners

  • Ruby Rose Fire Emblem Heroes style.

    3 weeks ago

    EssuDesu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    When all your productivity and creativeness happens in the AMs.  

    Tumblr Link


  • I like camp camp ;-;

    3 weeks ago


    what the title says xD

  • Where is My Stuff?

    3 weeks ago


    Squirreling away URLs to my comments here:

  • Faunus Rights Revolution: Pitch

    4 weeks ago


    Hi there, @Miles @Kerry and anyone else who is taking the time to read this. Thank you for interest, be it coming by on chance or because I sent you the link, your attention is greatly appreciated! 

    With that in mind, I will cut to the chase. I have prepared a Log Line, Synopsis and treatment for a Faunus Rights Revolution film I was hoping to share with you. I also have a conceptual movie poster being commissioned as you read this and more content besides waiting in the wings for those interested. I'll let my writing speak for me now and would be honored to get a response, thanks for your time! 

    Faunus Rights Revolution

    Log Line


    The Faunus Rights Revolution is a thematically charged action and war drama, centered around a trio of young Faunus fighting to save their people from persecution, deportation, and death at the hands of Humanity.


    In the world of Remnant, the Faunus face oppression and deportation at the hands of humans. Three young heroes join the resistance to defend their people.


    Fifty years after the Great War that ended with the promise of peace and equality, the tides of oppression rise again. Faunus are forced from their homes and driven from their lands, consigned to the tiny desert island of Menagerie. In the face of this injustice, Sienna, a former mining debt slave, Kali, whose ancestral land was stolen away, and Ghira, a native of Menagerie, are united by the desire to protect their people from persecution, and join the resistance. Together, they will stare down the greatest kingdoms in the world to protect their people- and each other


    Prologue (SEQUENCE ONE – Status Quo & Inciting Incident)

    The hot summer sun shines through palm trees as a young boy with dark claws is drawn away from his work chopping wood to look across his home of Kuo Kuana. 

    The houses are rickety, and it looks somewhat sparsely inhabited. He grins when a boat comes limping into port, and abandons his chore to rush through the streets of the town. 

    He shouts about new arrivals to those he passes and skids to a halt at the base of the pier, where a robed Faunus with long dark hair stands waiting with a guard.

    The boy is waving and shouting is cut off as his parent clasps his shoulder and says, quietly, “Not now, Ghira.” 

    Ghira is stunned as he takes in the people on the boat, tired, worn, huddled and sad. He asks why they are not happy to be there? 

    His parent explains that the journey would have been hard and how tiring leaving one’s home is, before moving to greet the newcomers. They are greeted as chieftain and are thanked as they offer their town’s hospitality. 

    Ghira overhears the new arrivals speak of death tolls on the travel and mention that “More will be coming, they won't have a choice.” 

    Ghira looks out to the sea with concern.


    Within a pristine, mountainous forest, a large and prosperous settlement of Faunus live in in yurts and tents surrounding a forest temple and a small number of stone fortifications.

    A young girl with braided black hair and cat ears walks through the village, greeting friends and family who answer her with statements like “Good morning, Kali” and "Hello Kali!". 

    Kali approaches the center of the temple. She smiles, offers a prayer to the ancestors and begins to place offerings, talking of strange human visitors from the nearby coast who came by that morning.

    Kali's ears perk up and the sounds of arguing can be heard, words of land deals, purchases and broken promises ring out as the ones arguing insist they cannot leave their ancestral home only to be told their 'home' is Menagerie and that the land is owned by the kingdom of Mistral.

    The Faunus argue that they may end up resisting and are chided for being upset, citing the Grimm as a threat and the importance of law and order in the kingdoms. 

    Kali sneaks around to watch the people arguing, worried, and sees armed guards with the human. She is pulled away by a senior Holy One and told not to worry and that everything will be fine.


    A similar mantra of 'everything will be fine' is heard from a new voice, one more stressed and tense.

    A small child is revealed being pulled along by an older Faunus out of an airship and into a dusty, rocky area surrounded with walls, boxy building and guards. She is tense and alarmed even though she is told the guards are here to protect them.

    She argues that she can protect herself and is hushed harshly and told in a whisper that she never should have sought out that "Old fool Dios" and how Faunus like them who don't change with the times and cling to tradition make things harder for the rest of them.

    Her expression hints that she does not believe this as she asks how long they are meant to help out at the mine before they can go back to Atlas. 

    She is told it will not be long, just until things "quiet down, Sienna". 


    Written: David Passmore (Email: 

    This is just the log lines, synopsis and prologue, I have a complete Treatment ready at 89 pages, but cannot post it all at once and was hoping to gauge reactions before revealing the rest. I can also send it by private message or other methods if that is preferred. 

    Thank you again for your time. 

  • My Overall Weekend

    4 weeks ago


    This weekend has been a good one for me because I spent it alone with only 1 dog & 3 cats for close company, just like I did back in late-2016 (September 30th - October 3rd) & this time, I not only watched RWBY Volume 1 (1:30) & Red Vs. Blue Season 14 (6:00) on Saturday & the 2017 Power Rangers movie (8:00) on Sunday, but I also got more in touch with a part of myself in nature (clothes-free) as well, that & along with reading the 1st RWBY manga anthology book, doing target practice with my water launcher & slingshot & watching some random videos on YouTube, some of which were Jackass related (which takes me back to my last long weekend at home when I watched Seasons 4 & 5 of Viva La Bam on the Saturday & Sunday evenings), & this weekend (for me) has given me a clear perspective of how this summer will be like for me & what I want to have more of in my everyday life in terms of friendship & love, as well as the certain things (such as some MTV related shows like Ridiculousness) that I had an interest in a long time ago that I want to do more of as well

  • RWBY Anthology Readthrough

    1 month ago


    After seeing Action Point last Saturday at the Sunridge Spectrum, I went into Chapters to look around for a few minutes & when I get there (at the manga section), I come across the RWBY manga anthology book that revolves around Ruby Rose & after getting it, I promised to get the other 3 books that revolve around the other 3 main characters in RWBY (Weiss, Blake & Yang) & read through them as well, & on the weekend, I'll finally read through the Ruby book (& give myself a head start by reading the coloured part of it), like I did back in March with the manga book that I got before the manga anthology came out & since the Weiss book (anthology book #2) won't be out until August, I'll be reading the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga again, which I did before the official RWBY manga anthology came out in 2018 in English format (from 2015 - 2018) which I enjoyed & will again over the summer in the same way I will as I read through the RWBY manga anthologies from book-to-book for the next few months.

  • New Notes on Ren's Semblance Headcanon

    1 month ago


    0. Stockpiling of Evil

    All the negative emotions he buries eventually stockpiles and takes the form of a sentient, inner demon with serpentine motifs and the power to overtake others' aura. Visually, the latter is identical to Ren's canon Semblance but emits green aura instead of pink. Effects may include poisoning, paralysis, trauma, maybe more (it's much like what happens when any mere ninja get exposed to Tailed Beast chakra in Naruto--they can't handle it.) I'm naming that demon Lienji for distinction.


    1. Not Just Emotions

    Any mental/spiritual ailment can be fed to his inner demon if Ren uses his own Semblance to overcome them. Let's say Emerald causes Ren to hallucinate, the latter can not only clear his head but also drain the sensations that made him hallucinate (and I don't need to repeat what kind of drain that is.) As a result, Lienji will also be able mimic Emerald's Semblance albeit his own variation of it; that is, unlike Emerald who typically uses it to deceive or misdirect enemies, Lienji will use it to cast his killing intent and the inflicted will witness their own brutal deaths in a vision.

    2. Role of Pink

    Ren constantly needs to keep Lienji in check, because the last time he got careless with this power, he nearly killed Nora (in all seriousness Lienji might as well be a snake Faunus), but that was a long time ago. For the most part, he's been pretty successful but Lienji may still slip out at any given time (but that's just my excuse for Ren to be Pyrrha's partner in the Vytal Doubles). However, that would mean that his fight against the Nuckelavee should have been the most reasonable time for it to be unleashed and yet no cigar.

    Or maybe, the best time would've been specifically after his aura was depleted in said fight. To avoid conflicting with canon, Ren could be about to use Lienji's power but still be prevented from doing so by Nora (who doesn't even need to realize what Ren was planning). So for consistency, this would have to be explained in a later season. And so with the Nuckelavee dead and his relationship with Nora growing, it looks like Lienji can't and won't need to surface again, right?

    ...A full circle this early is a bad omen. I don't like it.

    3. A Guide to the Underworld

    If we're ever going to see Lienji in the story ahead, someone or something else needs to forcefully awaken him from Ren's heart. One such idea I have depends on my theory for Mercury Black's Semblance to be correct: He can steal, store, and channel the ghosts of everyone he's killed, which is how he guides his Dust rounds--each one is possessed. But more on that can be explored here: 

    I envision a fight between Ren and Mercury, in which the latter will send a whole swarm of ghosts to try and possess Ren. Once Ren uses his Semblance free himself, all those ghosts will be sent drowning into Lienji's realm where the demon devours them all and grows so much stronger from them. From this point on, Ren may struggle and fail to contain Lienji again.

    In addition, from Mercury's Semblance, Lienji also gains the ability to summon phantom snakes that extend his own power through their fangs.

    4. Yakuza Zombies

    Another storyline for bringing out Lienji involves an OC villain of mine to serve as Ren's archnemesis. His name is Yakuza Yuying, whose Semblance enables any inanimate object he touches to move and act upon his will. This also works on dead bodies as well as the ornate Dust tattoos all over him. The corpses are still technically dead, but they will walk, jump, run, and fight at his command like any living huntsman.

    My point is, this Yakuza is the guy responsible for unleashing the Nuckelavee across villages in Anima, and for each population killed, he collects the bodies, tattoos them with various types of Dust (a distinct decoration on each corpse), and reanimates them all to form an undead army, or what calls the Yakuza Zombies. And who do you suppose would be among their numbers...?

    If Ren were to see his parents again being desecrated and used to assist Yakuza's crimes, then that would obviously trigger him and Lienji. Or worse, Ren could be forced to take them down when they become a threat to his friends as well, and when he does, I don't expect to see him even try to hold Lienji back--just let his rage and hatred run wild as swears to kill Yakuza (who would in turn make seizing Kuroyuri's survivor a priority).

  • My top ships from RWBY X-Over Fanfics

    1 month ago


    One of my top 3 X-Over RWBY Ships

    1.Harry Potter X Pyrrha Nikos

    2.Ben 10 X Ruby Rose

    3.OC(Kamen rider user) X Yang Xiao Long

  • "EROTIC" RWBY Cosplay on WEB - Notice

    1 month ago


    I discover it searching on internet for RWBY Cosplay images at Google Images: Have pornographic content site shares videos of RWBY's cosplays made by notebook webcam and homemade animated videos. And this files are reshared in another of this porn sites – so many times, hosted at United States's servers. I’m a Brazilian RWBY fan and would love work at ROOSTER TEETH, but this dream is SO IMPOSSIBLE; I think erotic RWBY Cosplay CANNOT SHARED IN ANYWHERE, FOR ANYMORE. Porn cosplays destroy the magic fantasy brought by the characters we fan identify with us. I wanna request to Rooster Teeth claim trought Legal Instruments to remove all of this files hosted on United Stades Server, under penalties of fines for disobeying the judicial decision favorable to the Copyright holder of RWBY’s characters or relationed informations. 

    I wanted suggestions on how I can combat this kind of inappropriate content, and that it violates the Rooster Teeth characters’s copyright.

  • Rwby 5

    1 month ago


    Just bought my copy of Rwby Vol. 5 on Blu-ray.  Can't wait for the soundtrack release.

  • Rwby Card Battle Board Game

    1 month ago


    With the beginning of volume 4 or RWBY its been on my mind a lot lately, as I'm sure many can relate. A friend and I have been designing board games together in our spare time for a while now, I have the double curse of idle hands and insomnia, so designing systems is something I can't really stop doing, I've got a folder with design docs and mock ups for a dozen or so tabletop games.

    With RWBY on my mind lately, I threw together a little RWBY card battle game. I've played it some, and it ended up not being horrible, so I thought you guys might be interested. I put the rules down, and but the necessary playing materials, sans board, into a document. The reason I didn't include the board is because it ends up being fairly large, and I couldn't find the best way to divide it over 4 pages and communicate the shape in a way that made sense. So the idea is, if you play this, just grab a few sheets of paper and draw the board yourself, it doesn't need to be in an oval, the only part really required is the grid. The game also requires at least one, preferably two, D10s (10 sided dice). Link to the drive folder below

    You can find a print and play, along with some WIP characters and ideas here

    If people enjoy it, or show any interest in it, I may add more teams or mechanics too it or polish it some. As you can see I'm no artist, and I got all the art for the cards from the RWBY wiki.

    Its also not super well balanced, so if anyone plays it and sees something that could be nerfed or buffed I'd be glad to update the print and play, or even if something in the rules just isn't clear. Like I said this is just something I've thrown together in my spare time, so I'm not super attached to any numbers or even any rules.

    So have fun, or don't. The game was designed with 2 players in mind, but in theory it could support up to 8 players on two teams. Each team would just have to divide their characters among themselves.

    Original print and play located here, for posterity sake

  • Neon Rainbow

    1 month ago


    I don't know if Ilia is going to Atlas too, but if she is...well, Neon is in Atlas, right? (There's a picture for this, just letting you know.)

  • RWBY Nouveau Shirt

    1 month ago


    Hey guys back again! >O< !

    This time to say my RWBY shirts are in the RT store now!! ^U^



    Thank you RT for giving me the chance to work with yall again <3 I hope everyone likes the shrits it was SUPER fun to draw. If you buy one let me know what you think eheheh ^^