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  • RWBY Nouveau Phone backgrounds Part 1

    2 days ago

    lambency Insomniac

    Phone backgrounds of my RWBY Girls in nouveau dresses and freehand scrollwork. I wanted to make something pretty that people can use for their phone backgrounds.

    Done in 1080x1920 and free for personal use. Please don't credit, copy, or redistribute.

    So far this is just group one. I still have a lot of girls and their outfit redos to go through but I'll post when they're done. Enjoy and thank you so much for all the good vibes!


  • Redraw Nouveau

    1 week ago

    lambency Insomniac

    A few years ago I did a bunch of 'simplistic' dress attires with RWBY girls in a pseudo nouveau style but recently I've been really wanting to update dresses, posses, everything. So here's a handful of redraws with new dresses.

    If you like them so far, please consider a Ko-Fi tip as I go through as many as I can with some new ones and thank you so much!

    tumblr_pfl3solKqf1qcpbpwo2_540.pngtumblr_pff2agUVoh1qcpbpwo2_540.png tumblr_pf3u21YiRq1qcpbpwo2_540.pngtumblr_pfwcjkkPXP1qcpbpwo2_540.png tumblr_pg031dWmbt1qcpbpwo1_540.png

  • Rwby ship

    2 weeks ago


    does anybody else want adam and blake to get back together i know he like evil now but there been ton of anime couple where one of them term evil for a little like sakura and Sasuke he tried to kill her who know maybe blake can save adam from his self destruction

  • Nebkon 2017

    2 weeks ago


    Last year when Team RWBY came to Nebkon, I gave Lindsay a penny at a panel after she said she missed Penny. After I missed the first time (she went and got it), I said that I had one more left. I should've kept true to the scene and said that I had TWO more left.

  • Looking for friends

    2 weeks ago


    So I've been watching Rooster Teeth content for 5 and a half now, and after so long I've finally decided to get a little more into the community.

    I'm from Portugal and it's almost impossible to find anyone who watches Rooster Teeth content in my country. 

    I'd like to just befriend some people who like to talk about games, comics, Rooster Teeth (of course) and all that nerdy stuff and beyond.

    Btw I'm 19 and a art student. 

  • RWBY Tarot Project Contribution

    3 weeks ago

    SolarPiggeh solarpiggeh

    There's a RWBY Tarot Card project going on on Tumblr, and I was chosen to be a part of it! I was asked to draw Hazel as the Emperor card, and I just had so much fun being part of this project, and so many talented artists contributing.tumblr_pf71gdl85u1ww5hhwo1_1280.png

  • RWBY Discord

    3 weeks ago


    I went ahead and made my RWBY roleplaying discord server. OCs only, no main cast except for maybe some special events I may have in the future. At the moment I only have 1 slot open; wanting to keep a low number of members until I fully get it up and running. I'll be making an exception for anyone who'd be interested in becoming an admin (because at the moment it's just me and I most definitely need help since this is pretty much my first server that I'm running). PM me if you're interested, I'll ask you a couple questions and go over some rules with you.

  • Where is My Stuff?

    1 month ago


    Squirreling away URLs to my comments here:

  • RWBY Manga Anthology Volume 1 'Red Like Roses' Review

    1 month ago

    HawkeyeMatt01 Sasstronaut

    Slightly late review of the first RWBY Manga Anthology 'Red Like Roses'. I absolutely loved this manga and would recommend it for fans of the show.

  • The future...

    1 month ago


    Have you ever wondered about the future?

    Well, of course you have. Not one person alive hasn’t not thought about what the future may bring. It’s so mythical and mysterious because no one knows what it holds. It doesn’t matter what kind of technology or guessing you have, you won’t know the future. The future is this mystery that often plagues people’s hearts. The main effect it gives is anxiety. Rather isn’t be of nervousness anxiety or scared anxiety, it always gives some feeling to everyone. Tomorrow is a mystery, yesterday is history, and that is why’s we call it the present. You can’t change what happens or happened in the past only form it, and you can’t never know what the future will hold. That is why we need to remember the amazing fact of what is happening right now. By savoring and relishing in the present, you can achieve this...


    When you let go of your past after learning from it and let go of the falsity of control, you let yourself reach peace. Often, all we need to do is to silence our mind or a while because our souls know how to heal us. 

    Now I don’t know about you, but my head is a bit on the... chaotic side. My brain has so many voices and fantasies that it talks a lot of efforts just to try and have a normal day. And trust me when you see all these amazing animes, TV shows, etc. it’s hard to not try and slip into a different reality. The thing that’s probably makes my mind the most chaotic, besides the million of ideas and pictures, isn’t the future fantasy corner. Oh my goodness doesn’t that affect your mind. It is 100% a blessing and a curse. It’s nice to envision an idea you your having or what someone’s future will possibly look like. But it hurts when you try and see beyond just a bit. Picturing the far future causes you to want to be at the future you have made up, because right now sooo much better than the one you are in. 

    WHY is that important? I tell you this because the future’s grasp of always seeing something you want, a soulmate, dream job, meeting that one person for whatever, are great motivation but give our current selfs a feeling of something missing. A desire to make the clock turn faster. To be able to turn the knob and move ahead. All while! I say. We beg for time to slow down so we can’t catch up. Time is all wibily wobbly timey wimey. You are on path. And this path will bring you up, it will bring you down. But it’s a pathway no one but you can walk. The challenges you  face now prepare you for the feet’s that you will achieve. 

    There are no accidents. 

  • 3D Printed Beacon Academy

    1 month ago


    Here I will post how to make Beacon Academy's courtyard along with its files and how I made it as well.

    (Files will be posted near the bottom if you want them quickly)

     weissHow it was done yang

    To start, the hardest part of the whole project was finding a way to measure distance on a screen. It's easier said than done because you have to worry about the depth of something. If the two objects are in two different depths, you wouldn't be able to use cross multiplication and have to guess the error. It took me a while to finally find the perfect screen that unlocked the key to find every other distance. With this I can safely say that my model is fairly accurate to the academy. The only error that I can't account for is the animation team not keeping things scaled with each other with each scene, but I think they did a good job, especially now that I had to observe many different pictures of the academy.

    Here is the screen that made this all possible


    This is the ruler I downloaded to measure things accurately on screen,


    I used the length of the road that Weiss is standing on with inches of my screen as its unit, along with the height of Weiss with inches on my screen as its unit, and the given height of Weiss being 5'3'' in heels. With these 3 known values, I used cross multiplication to find the unknown, how wide the walkway was in feet. 

    From there, I was able to get everything else, building off of the bridge that I now know the width of. I had to use many other screens to get all other parts of the model, but you get the idea. It was similar to completing a jigsaw puzzle. You start from the corner, in this case the road, and build off from there.


    Also, in case you want to see my math/notes I used to ensure that everything is fairly accurate


    That's not even all of it, and some of those were front and back, but most of the math was mostly just using cross-multiplication with 1 unknown

    Here is also scrap work I've had to do in the CAD software, also not all of it as this portion was a lot of experimentation on how to make the arches


    I haven't decided if I will post all of the scrap work on future posts, however I thought it was a good idea on my first post to prove that I made it, and that it is accurate to what I'm recreating.

    Here is what it looks like in the CAD software up close 


    And here it what it looked like in real life (The engravings in the buildings don't show up here that well due to the camera, but believe me they are there)

    Also, according to the scale I used, one inch in real life is about 35.5ft in RWBY! This makes the whole courtyard about 533ft x 649ft! The trees might be a bit big though...


    You can compare mine to this picture


    The whole project to roughly 50 hours to create, but part of that was me experimenting with the 3D aspect of the software as this was the first time I have created something like this.

     jauneHow YOU can make one pyrrha

    Here is a list of things you will need to create Beacon Academy

    1. Some kind of adhesive (I used a hot glue gun, tape won't work for holding the main parts together, but double sided tape is a cleaner way of sticking the parts to             your board)

    2. Some way to 3D print the parts (I went to my local library, try theirs if you don't have a printer. Also, you may have one at your university if you go to one, as                   Stony Brook University has one, although the printers may be too small for some of the parts. Just make sure you print the parts in all the same color, I               liked white.)

    3. A green board to put the finished model on

    4. blue fabric (the more it looks like water the better)

    4 1/2. You may need some sort of file as printing something always comes with errors. So if something has a tight fit, just file it a bit until it can fit. No need for a serious file, just something that can grind off plastic.

    The rest of the materials are more or less bonus

    5. small model trees and/or red paint if you can't find a red model tree

    6. I didn't use one, but if you can find a green fabric that looks like grass that would look good, along with some bushes and trees

    7.  If you courageous enough, you can try to paint the parts that aren't white, but I personally think it looks better all white. If one of you wants to prove me wrong, send me a picture of your painted version!

    There may be a lot of small parts, they are mostly just the top to the towers and the surrounding arches. It should be relatively easy to tell which one goes on which as they are all different sizes. The only thing you should know is that all of the tops on the surrounding arches are the same EXCEPT the ones closest to the front of the model, those are a bit taller, and they all go where the arches and a bit thicker. You will see what I mean if you print the parts.

    Here are all the files (The first file is not mandatory, if it doesn't work don't worry about it, as they are separated into printable parts later on, but will make the towers more stable.)

    These files are set so the build will be 15in by roughly 18.27in. If you want it smaller it will require you to resize every part the same amount in the printer. Just beware, if you make it too small, some details won't show up, or be printable at all!

    Instructions: (Don't worry if you mess up any of these steps, hot glue can be taken off with your finger nail. Take as many tries as you please, I sure did!)

    To put the build together, it will require to cut the green board into a shape that is at least 15in x 18.27in. I made a rectangle, but an oval can work as well as long as two of the sides are flat. Then you will need to measure the middle of one side along the edge. This is where you will glue or use double sided tape on the larger building. Then glue the other building in front of that one. From here you can glue the larger arches so the end of it is parallel to the tower on the side of the bigger building, and connect the other halves of the outer arches. I recommend connecting the arches together before gluing it onto the building as it removes any chance of damaging your board.

    Once the framework is set, glue all of the walkway together, but not on the board yet. This is because you will now need to cut your blue fabric to go under this walkway without it peeking over. Once this is done, glue the fabric to the bottom of the walkway (I used double sided tape as its cleaner, but glue should work fine). Lastly for this step, position the walkway as I have and glue it down.

    This step can be done anytime, but now you should start gluing the tops to all the towers, along with connecting the 3 towers for the back. You can also glue the tops to the arches as well. Then put the small arches into the floor with the holes in them. If it doesn't want to fit, just file it slightly.

    For the last step, glue all the towers into there correct places, along with the smaller arches, the walkway and the model trees to there locations and your done!

    If you have any questions or remarks, please don't be afraid to write in the comments or email me on an alternate email I made

     blakeClosing remarks ruby

    I didn't know anything about 3D printing before this, so don't worry if you have no idea what your doing. If you are using a public 3D printer and they even ask you what settings you want on the 3D printer, assuming you don't own one yourself, just say "No raft" and "Supports". Note that not all of these require supports but if a part doesn't need supports it won't get any even if the setting is on, so it doesn't matter, but I did label the files. Also, if the patterns on the main buildings are not showing up when 3D printed, try to set the printer settings to be more fine and precise. The rest of the parts don't require a fine setting, but it doesn't hurt to do the best you can. Just know that using the best settings will use up more time and plastic.

    The whole print will take more than 24 hours, especially since there are so many different parts. You can look at my pictures to put it together or try to do it without looking to test your abilities on your knowledge of the building.

    If anyone has other ideas of what I or other people can make, please write it in the comments. I would love to create something you guys think up!

    Also, some of you may have noticed that I don't have the statue of the hunter and the huntress that has been shown multiple times, which would be placed in front of the main door. The reason for this is because making a human-like structure in the CAD software is extremely difficult, along with the fact that they would be very small to print. If any of YOU can make this, I would love to see it and add it to mine! I will credit you on the next post if you wish.

    (This is the statue I'm talking about)


    PS: I have to thank my highschool CAD teacher Mr.Kench and the library I went to that 3D printed all the parts, one of them also gave me a friendly note that I still have. Thankyou!


  • Wizard World Chicago

    1 month ago

    kuribo125 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Meeting Team RWBY at Wizard World was one of the best things in my life as of late. Thank you ladies! Extra thanks to Barbara who use some esuna magic to un-petrify my shy self during the voice acting meetup. (OTL) It got me to relax a bit.

  • First Day

    1 month ago


    Well this is my first time subscribing. The series I watch the most is RWBY. Let me be honest, if I were gay, I'd date Blake, but I'm straight, I would like to date Ren but Nora will probably kill. 

  • The Rooster's Home -

    2 months ago


    Hey Guys! This is the offical Rooster's Home profile on the RoosterTeeth Community pages! 

    What is The Rooster's Home?

    The Rooster's Home is a fanmade Discord server where fans can enjoy everything they love about Rooster Teeth, including roleplay! We offer something for everybody including: Roleplay, NFSW, Music, General Discussions, Memes (everybody loves memes!), bots, and more! If you don't see something you like, let a staff member know! Chances are we can add it!

    Discord is an amazing platform that allows people to connect from everywhere in the world instantly (or nearly), but with that comes complications. Discord's main way of communicating, is via channels! Adding channels, adds to the clutter, so we rely on bots to help both Staff, and YOU out! When you join, you will see a basic setup. By using a bot command ?rank (rank desired) you can get a fully customizable set up! All Rooster Teeth shows are offered for you to customize your feed! 

    If you have any questions, please comment below, or talk to Venom#8618, FlyingAlligator#5046, MorieMax#4815, or Alpha#3275 on Discord DM's for a quicker responce. The link is below (and in the title)


    The Rooster's Home is not affiliated with Rooster Teeth Entertainment in any way, this is completely fanmade! All characters and rights belong to Rooster Teeth.

  • A bit sad...

    2 months ago


    I wanted to locate some Ursa MMD models so I'd have materials to recreate my favorite version of Goldilocks and the three bears (It's basically Yang with an armory vs three german bears), but I can't find any...

  • MMD motions

    2 months ago


    I found an MMD motion for NekoMiMi switch sometime ago and it looks so fun and wholesome to see Jaune and Pyrrha dancing to it together.

    Stage left's feet keep rolling out of control, so fixing that might be my first job in MMD. Who knows? Maybe fixing the feet will also help fix my unrealistic expectations of how many frames there are in a video.

  • Should I Post this Bio

    2 months ago


    So, remember my posts about my RWBY team? Well, they're moving on to a completely different thing that I'm working on, so I'm left with one last RWBY OC. However, I'm not sure if I should post it because it has some mentions of drugging, torture, and the r word (I don't really like saying it much, as often as I curse and say shitty things). So I want some input.


    I am making a RWBY roleplaying server on Discord if anyone is interested! I've been itching to use this character in a roleplay, but almost none of my friends watch it, and those that do are too busy to get involved. If anyone here has experience running a roleplaying server and such, I could use the help setting things up!

    If you're interested in joining please let me know through pm!

  • Surpassed Expectations

    2 months ago


    For about 5 years, I've always had different kinds of things on my mind when it comes down to friendship & love and I've had many different things to inspire me in all things to inspire me in all of this such as MARVEL (mainly Spider-Man) & Yu-Gi-Oh! (most notably the original series) & also RWBY as I got more into it last year, especially after the conclusion of volume 5 back in January, as well as some other Rooster Teeth shows (like Always Open) that are not only about comedy, but also about life in general (that I can use for future preference) & despite the fact that as of this year, things with it have gone pretty well for it even though I'm still on the lookout for more friendship & love in my life through making new friends & getting a girlfriend, & I've felt that my interest in Rooster Teeth will help me with this in it's own way through the different shows & podcasts that I enjoy watching (either on YouTube or the RT site) on a weekly basis.

  • Rooster Teeth Games, Arcades, Tabletop, and parties at RTX Austin!

    2 months ago

    Cricket RT Games Community Mngr

    Hey there gamers!

    The RT Games Team has been busy quietly working on a few projects… and we’re excited to finally show off some familiar IPs as well as tease some new content we’ve been keeping under our hats!

    First things first: thank you for all of your incredible feedback and ideas on game projects. Rooster Teeth has a long history of drawing on the brilliance and insight of our community, and RT Games is no exception. We read every tweet, every email, and every piece of feedback. Keep your thoughts and ideas coming. As a small team, we’re limited in what we can take on at any given time, but there is NO limit to our desire to bring you fresh content as well as allowing you to take up your Crescent Rose and Ember Celica’s again in combat.

    So. With that. We are SUPER excited to announce that WE ARE GOING TO HAVE NEW DLC FOR RWBY: GRIMM ECLIPSE!!! We’ll be giving attendees at RTX a taste of some new content, including some new cosmetics this weekend! You have more to look forward with new maps and a new game mode planned for later this Fall. We’ll be announcing more details closer to September.

    If that isn’t enough to lure you over to the games booth, we’ll also be featuring one of the hottest new IPs in the indie horror genre: Bendy and the Ink Machine! You’ve probably heard whispers of it. You may have seen a Let’s Play or two. You may even own Chapter 1 on Steam, but at RTX we’ll be giving those who have never experienced Bendy a chance to demo either Chapter 1, and for fans the latest release in this episodic horror adventure: Chapter 4. We’re excited to be publishing this game to Xbox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch, also later this Fall, with the fifth and final chapter of the Bendy saga included. Our official Alice Angel cosplayer, Citrus Bell, will be there in her full Alice regalia along with Joey Drew voice artist and Head of Rooster Teeth Games Publishing, David Eddings!

    And for those of you with a penchant for sloths, pizza, and weapons of mass dysfunction, we’ll be bringing back fan favorite Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars for your top-down, multiplayer shooter enjoyment.

    But that’s not all. Brian Reilly, aka Skilltacular, aka RT Games Tabletop Producer, will be running around playing our latest co-op card game, Heist, on the show floor with our community. (Among other games- bring your best Magic: The Gathering deck. He’ll be on the prowl for fellow tabletop and card game enthusiasts!) Mothership Games will also be back again with their booth (#221) hosting a series of game tournaments including M:TG, some DnD One-shots, and more. Show up alone or with friends to play against other pros or learn new games with our fabulous guardians and staff from Mothership.

    AAAAND if that wasn’t enough, our friends over at ScrewAttack will be hosting a classic arcade space at the JW Marriott in conjunction with the Animation Fest! They’ll have Windjammers, The Simpsons, Street Fighter III New Gen, Tekken Tag, three consoles featuring Street Fighter 30th Anniv., Smash Wii U, CrossTag Battle, and more in rooms 402 and 403 along with some familiar faces from the ScrewAttack squad hanging out and wreaking some scunion on challengers.

    Plans for Saturday night? Join us on the Hilton Austin Grand Ballroom for The Rave at RTX presented by ScrewAttack. This 18 and up event will be featuring DJ GRIMECRAFT with an animated opening performance from team RWBY. (RSVP for free HERE:

    The games team is excited to meet you and share our love for these games with the community in our favorite annual fan event. Don’t be shy and stop by!

    Much love babes,


  • Dust Colors and Elements

    2 months ago


    From RWBY Volumes 1 to early 3, Green Dust was associated with Wind. It wasn't until we saw Amber's staff and her use of wind that White was clearly the new color for "Wind". Actually, it could've been Mercury's rounds that first but I'm still skeptical about his. We see White as Wind again in Volume 5 when Fennec Albain shot an air bullet from his rod. And yet, I could've sworn I saw Leo Lionheart spawn Earth from White Dust. What was green then?

    That wasn't the only question either. If Red was Fire, why did Cinder's Orange burn and why did the Volcano Biome in Amity Arena have it? What is Orange? It also isn't clear what element Cyan Dust is and Water has never been seen in its primary form, though it could've just been the regular blue Dust crystals, even though I've only ever seen Dark Blue for Ice.

    My point is, there's either an inconsistency, a redundancy, or an ambiguity when it comes to the Dust colors and their elements. The best thing for the writers to do is just create a clear chart showing which is which and set it in stone for all the future volumes regardless of what some were in the past. Just call it the new Dust chart and establish it; there were already enough confusions with the previous Volumes' showings of them and even the wiki struggles to wrap their heads around it.

    Here are my own personal choices:

    Red = Fire
    Blue = Water
    Yellow = Lightning
    Green = Wind
    Orange = Earth
    Cyan = Ice
    White = Steam
    Black = Gravity

    Let me explain starting with Blue and Cyan. I know Dark Blue as Ice has always been consistent, but if Cyan were Ice, that would easily depict the combination of Blue and Green as that of Water and Wind, respectively. Maybe Water had already be depicted as a "regular blue" distinct from Dark Blue, but I think one shade of blue would avoid confusion (and Cyan is distinct enough to be its own color).

    I know Cinder has worn Orange and channeled Fire, but if you can establish that there's a layer of Red underneath the Orange, that can actually explain her glass creations. Moreover, the Orange can also represent the rocky terrain of the Volcano biome. Besides, I generally associate Earth with the color brown, but who uses that for something like Dust? But Orange literally shares a light to dark spectrum with brown making it the closest thing.

    I really don't know what else to give Green. It was Wind before, what else could it possibly be? Earth? That only makes sense if it can create vegetation. Then again, Green with Wind was also based on a spiritual/philosophical connection to trees and the grass wind blows on. Nevertheless, for something supernatural as Dust, I'm willing to follow the latter.

    However, if Mercury's White Dust rounds were Wind, it would be consistent with his "winged sandals" theme. Still, the very first time I saw him use it, I really though they were Steam bombs since they ensnared Coco and Yatsuhashi in a vapor, blocking their view (I doubt Wind would have the same effect even if it blasted the ground like that). In other words, even if Steam has nothing to do with Mercury's theme, it does suit his role as assassin when it's used like a smokescreen; besides, the very fact that his weapons are boots is already a sufficient reference to the sandals. Plus, that would also make the geyser field in Amity Arena all the more appropriate Mercury, since it's the biome he used to defeat Yatsuhashi. (And of course, if my theory on Mercury's Semblance is correct (involving ghosts), Steam would actually be more fit him even thematically!)

    So with all that, I think this would be a fair layout for future Dust usage. And eight is good enough number to work with. But for now, I just wanted to use this as my headcanon.

  • RTX Bound

    2 months ago

    lambency Insomniac



    Preview of some of the things I'll have with me this weekend at RTX! I'll have my Jaune Arc bag for easy spotting so please feel free to come up and say hello!

    Thursday I'll be at the Sidequest Auction with my pieces, so I hope to say hello to many people!

    Saturday night!: DjYS0qDUUAEw6BV.jpg

    Feel free to join us for doodle times, friendly times and just sitting around, talking and having fun! 

    I'll be dressed as Raven (red dress design I did) and Kali Belladonna this weekend. Feel free to follow myself or Mirzers on twitter for any questions you may have. See you in Austin!

    twitter: [at]mirzers // [at]CorrinForte

  • Always Dreaming Out Loud

    2 months ago


    Christopher Reeve once said, "So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable." 

    I once heard someone say that if you dream out loud, then it likely won't come true. I myself, find this to be not true. If you are following your heart and you are screaming to the world to hear you. Eventually someone is going to scream back. Passion is what keeps us alive. We all have a reason for what we do, what we love. I happen to be a lover of creativity in every form. I'm always trying new things. Trying to be a better writer, a better actor, a better me. I know that everyday I am closer to that person. Closer to that goal. Life is a series of events and I know that my event will happen. It's only a matter of time. Your time will come too. Just keep dreaming out loud. Be heard. Never give up. 


    Trevor Dylan Benoit

  • Art Improment

    2 months ago

    Hessenerd #Team Cinder


    I drew the left one right after seeing the Volume 2 opening for the first time so..... 4 year difference?

    Thank you, Rooster Teeth, for giving me something (or rather someone) to obsess over so I could become a better artist ;>

  • First RTX

    3 months ago


    OH MY LORD My first RTX is coming up, and I'm so happy to see everyone and get to know so many more familiar and amazing faces! I'm super excited it's going to be amazing.