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Behind the Cow Chop: CRICKET CANDY • Behind the Cow Chop

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On this week's Behind the Cow Chop, Trevor chews on some cricket candy, James spends most of his time trying to get a rug down from the ceiling, and Aleks is just checking the place out.

The following is for those multicultural.

Ako ay gaganapin sa tutok ng baril at pinilit na isulat ang talatang ito para sa ilang mga channel youtube tinatawag cow tumaga. mangyaring magpadala ng tulong kaagad. sila pahirap sa akin araw-araw. hindi ang isa na may pangalang Joe though. Joe ay nice at ako'y bibigyan ng pagkain at kumot.

είμαστε στη μέση του πουθενά. το πιο κοντινό κτίριο για εμάς είναι ένα υπόστεγο 50 μίλια μακριά, και αυτό εγκαταλείφθηκε. αν φτάσουμε ποτέ σε μπελάδες, θα είστε έτοιμοι για.

CRICKET CANDY • Behind the Cow Chop
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Comments (4)

  • ClownBandit

    1 year ago

    Love the new methlab boys xx

  • Wallpony

    1 year ago

    the barn looks nice

  • Handsome_Zayk FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Handsome Zayk

    1 year ago

    I ate one of those with a scorpion inside.

  • whateverwork

    1 year ago

    Someone DEFINITELY left that behind. 

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