WACKY PRANKSTERS • Behind the Cow Chop

Behind the Cow Chop: WACKY PRANKSTERS • Behind the Cow Chop

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Time to check out a Prank Kit that James got a long time ago. There are lots of pranks, but Aleks is having none of it. 

The following is for those multicultural. 

Stellt sich heraus, dass Stan gelernt hat, wie man die Nagelpistole benutzt und Trevor als Streich erschießt. Manchmal nimmt er die Dinge ein wenig zu weit.

Care a fost farsa favorita ta: apa gelificare glumă, bombe Fart, guma de mestecat vioi, sau șocantă mână? Spune-ne în comentariul de mai jos.

WACKY PRANKSTERS • Behind the Cow Chop
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Comments (2)

  • TheGamingFaux FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    11 months ago

    James throwing the stink bombs was the best part (you gotta pop them first James then put them in Alek's socks

  • Medical_pizza

    11 months ago

    I love Cow Chop and made a first account to support them, but i don't really see the point of me being a first member for their content if it releases on their youtube channel at the same time.

    Im aware we will get bonus content soon but I don't understand why we cant see this videos 24 hours earlier than when they go on youtube, like Roosterteeth, Funhaus and Achievement Hunter do