SAVE THE NIPPLE • Heavy Rain Ep 12

Cow Chop Gaming: SAVE THE NIPPLE • Heavy Rain Ep 12


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After Ethan went through the last trial  (a tunnel filled with glass, then an electrical condenser) he stumbled back to his apartment, and passed out with the door open. Good thing Madi just happened to be outside; hopefully she can help him with that terrible nipple burn. Blake suspects Ethan to be the Origami Killer, and private Detective Scott Shelby questions another person that might be connected to the murders.

The following is for those multicultural. 

O capítulo em que a ex-mulher de Ethan chega à delegacia não é jogável, e é mais como uma cena. Também acontece de ser muito alto e difícil de ouvir. Basicamente ela disse aos detetives que ela suspeita que Ethan seja o assassino.

Le chapitre où Shelby jouer au golf avec M. Kramer est le plus facile dans le jeu. Tout ce que vous avez à faire est de frapper la balle trois fois pour déclencher les prochains événements. Si facile!

SAVE THE NIPPLE • Heavy Rain Ep 12
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