JAILBIRD • Heavy Rain Ep 14

Cow Chop Gaming: JAILBIRD • Heavy Rain Ep 14

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In the last episode, Ethan was caught by the FBI right after he chopped off his pinky finger. Even with Madison's help, he couldn't get away from them. Now he's in the investigation room being questioned by the FBI. Will he be able to break free and save his son?

The following is for those multicultural. 

Si usted es capaz de evitar que Ethan sea arrestado, entonces usted puede obtener una escena completamente diferente con Norman en su habitación de hotel, tratando de resistirse a las drogas. Si Ethan es arrestado, el juego te lleva de vuelta a la comisaría para que Norman rescate a Ethan.

به عنوان پیشرفت بازی، این امکان را برای شخصیت های اصلی به مرگ است. نظر شما چه کسی زندگی می کنند و که شما فکر می میرند؟

JAILBIRD • Heavy Rain Ep 14

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  • sleepyguyy

    1 year ago

    Im sad that they don't get much attention on this site. Love their videos

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