FINGER LICKIN' GOOD • Heavy Rain Ep 13

Cow Chop Gaming: FINGER LICKIN' GOOD • Heavy Rain Ep 13


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This time on Heavy Rain, Ethan needs to cut off his own finger in front of a live audience to save his son. Will he be able to do it before the five minutes run out? Also, the police are on the lookout for him, because his ex-wife told the police he's been acting strange. Can Ethan evade them with the help of Madison or will she turn him in, and end it all?

The following is for those multicultural. 

Este ensayo se llama "El Lagarto" más que probable debido a la capacidad de ciertos lagartos para perder piernas / partes del cuerpo y sobrevivir o incluso volver a crecer la extremidad perdida.

Le copeaux de bois qui est dans le coin n'est en fait pas une option pour couper le doigt. Ce petit morceau de bois est quelque chose pour Ethan pour serrer ses dents vers le bas afin de ne pas se concentrer sur la douleur.

FINGER LICKIN' GOOD • Heavy Rain Ep 13
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