So my pal @Fly posted 30 Things About Him that I thought was cool (I like learning about other people), and I'm gonna run with that idea.  Here are 10 things about me that aren't too incriminating.  

1)  I'm human, so go figure I love art, stories, and pretty much anything that explores and expresses the human experience.  Music, visual art, and story come together in anime... and I love anime.  I don't like limiting myself to anything in the realm of art and expression though, except on moral grounds.  Any culture, language, genre, etc... as long as it is able to impact my soul.

2)  I love nature.  Hikes are great, especially on trails with awesome viewpoints and great geographical features.  Any terrain is good, desert, woods, caves, mountains... I'm up for all of it.  Even any time of year.  I want to go scuba diving but haven't yet.  Nature documentaries are great, I enjoy learning about nature and other living organisms, from microbes to dinosaurs.  Even nasty looking arthropods interest me.  I also love learning about the stars and galaxies, too bad we still have so much to learn in that category.

3)  I consider myself a realist as well as an idealist. opposed to say, believing in religion because I was raised religious, I learn about reality and believe what I find to be it.  Kind of like Dwight Schrute's approach to 'not being an idiot', only I think, "is this for real?  and if it is, then I believe that thing."

4)  I love comedy.  If a show doesn't have any comedy in it, chances are I'll only like it at the most.  I'm up for most every shade and style of comedy too.  But for whatever reason, I don't find stuff like Looney Toons, Seinfeld, or The Three Stooges to be all that funny.  Some stuff I've found hilarious:  Brian Regan, George Carlin,  The Simpsons, Wings (the 90s TV show that takes place in an airport), The Office, Kare Kano, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, NigaHiga, The Guild.

5)  I'm the 2nd oldest of 6 siblings.

6)  I'm one of those "crazy conspiracy theorists" that the media likes to deride so much.  While I don't believe in space alien or reptile people conspiracies, I do believe in New World Order, United Nations, and related conspiracy "theories."  If you'll remember, I only believe stuff if I find it to be true.  And I do not follow Alex Jones, that idiot is a shill meant to confuse people.

7)  When I was a teenager I took 2 years of Taekwondo and still have decent martial arts reflexes.  While I'm not exactly skilled, I could defend myself against the average person very well.  Against the average thug... maybe not so much.

8)  I'm doing my best to become a health nut.  Practicing grounding (see: ), becoming raw vegan (in the manner of a combo of Fully Raw Kristina, Victoria Boutenko, and Annette Larkins methods, as well as some of my own), using top rated Usana nutritional supplements (, exercise, and the list goes on....

9)  My favorite fruit is pomegranate. 

10)  I got to go to the first major movie Premiere screening that was outside of LA or New York City... it was in my currently home city of Tempe, for the movie Wolverine.  Got pictures of all the major actors including Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.  Usually the first premiere is in one of those two cities.  I didn't actually go in the theatre though, but it was the event outside before the movie which was open to the public that I went to.  Hugh Jackman rode a motorcycle around the parking lot before coming on stage.