Um... say what? 

There are tons of rumors swirling around the upcoming Game Awards, ranging from a Death Stranding appearance to Nintendo announcements... but one of the most intriguing rumors has to do with a franchise -- and to be honest, a developer -- that's been dormant for quite sometime. According to Superbunnyhop, there could be something from PORTAL revealed during the ceremony. 

Superbunnyhop tweeted: "Hearing rumors from a gamedev friend about some Portal *thing* being revealed at the game awards Thursday. Crossing my fingers that they're right, though any Portal anything might feel off without Wolpaw's writing." He's of course referring to Portal writer Erik Wolpaw, who left Valve back in February -- one of several writers they've lost in the last year or so. 

Either way, the prospect of seeing something out of the Portal universe is certainly exciting -- although given recent history, it's more likely that this is some kind of VR project, similar to The Lab. Still... maybe we can hope for some kind of full game experience? The Game Awards air on Thursday, December 7.