I'm going to preface this week's notes with this: I'm very behind on my video game...game. I rock a GBA and a Wii - on which I exclusively play GameCube games. Help me! What console should I get? I love turn based RPGs, party games and co-ops. Let the recommendations flow!

10 - Mario + Rabbids - I did not know this existed. It seems weird. But also fun?
9 - NieR - C'mon NieR. tHe wHoLe aLt CaPs tHiNg iS sO 8Th gRaDe. 
8 - Cuphead - This looks amazing. Also, I got another Community reference in a Top 10. This will not be the last. 
7 - Nioh - I like when Nick calls me 'Editor'. I just want to make him happy. 
6 - Prey - Why isn't 'Prey' like Gray/Grey. It would be really fun to always be confusing pray and prey. Long live context clues! 
5 - Horizon Zero Dawn - Who else is waiting for the day that Pixar movies become interactive-animated-feature-film-video-games?
4 - Persona 5 - See, this looks right up my alley.
3 - Super Mario Odyssey - But a Nintendo Switch looks sooo coool and fun. 
2 - PUBG - Horde mode or battle royal? Put your hands together. 
1 - Zelda - Aside from the occasional try, I've never actually played a Zelda game. THERE I SAID IT!

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