Hi y'all!

This is my first blog post!!  Wow!  Excited to be here!  If you don't know me (which probably most of you don't), I'm Stephanie Ard!  I'm the Art Department Coordinator here at Rooster Teeth!  This means I work with Marcus, Max, Ashlyn, Stephen, Alex & Travis and all of our awesome contractors to put a beautiful touch on everything you see on screen (well, except for Animated shows)! 

In addition to being an Art Department coordinator, I'm an actress/writer/director and do a lot of improv and sketch comedy!  My main improv troupe here in Austin is called SheSheSheShe - one of Austin's first all-lady troupes!  I have a cat named Swayze, I've lived in Austin for 7.5 years, and I've been working at Rooster Teeth since Feb/March of 2016!

2017 was one of the busiest, craziest and most fun years I've experienced in my career and life to date! 

Here were some highlights:

- Handling pre-production for Lazer Team 2, Immersion: Mass Effect and the RTX AH Escape Room alllll at the same time :)

- re-connecting with and sealing the deal with my amazing Boyfriend!!

- getting to know and become friends with a lot of the AWESOME ladies at RT!

- my 30th Birthday trip to NoLa with my besties! - Herding cattle on my best friend's ranch in Northern Colorado and loving on her sweet baby son!

- Art Coordinating on my first feature: BLOOD FEST!

- a two-week New Mexico/Colorado Road trip with my love!

-  Working on a new sketch troupe at my local improv theatre

- RT Coven at Extra Life!

Clearly, things were fun and busy!  There were also some major challenges:

- Handling LT2, Mass Effect and RTX at the SAME TIME (haha - that was a doozy)

- working out with a new trainer and learning how to take better care of my body

- friendships and relationships changing and growing

- Working on my first feature: BLOOD FEST ;) ;)

- dealing with @MaxCookie (just kiddinggggg - I love Max!)

One slightly comical challenge (although, not at all funny in the moment) that happened this year, happened in the final hours of assembling the RTX Interactive event, the AH Escape Room.  In the final hours, the real crunch time of getting that room built and ready for all of the attendees, Austin's brand new Fire Marshall made his rounds.  Now, I had only done one prior RTX, but there was no Fire Marshall present last year, and I wasn't aware of any specific Fire laws that needed to be followed.

BOY was I wrong! This new Fire Marshall was by-the-book, and scared the living SH*T out of all of us.  He threatened to shut our whole event down because we didn't have proper fire exits, an evacuation plan, and our structure had a muslin roof.  Long story short, we had to quickly tear the roof down, run out to Home Depot to get Exit signs and Fire Extinguishers, quickly install them, and I had to throw together the fastest, most-professional evacuation plan you've ever seen!  

In the end, the Fire Marshall gave us some slack and with our minor changes, he let the event go on!  And it was a good thing he did, b/c that Escape Room was a hit!  Can't wait to see what we do at this year's RTX!

Speaking of this year, in 2018 I'm looking forward to so many things!  I'm looking forward to possibly stepping into a directing role at times (stay tuned!) and developing more as an actor/comedienne and as a writer/director!  I'm also looking forward to all the inevitably crazy times we will have as an Art Department!  I'm excited to work on more creative, cool content for you guys and get to know all of you more :)

That being said - if you want to get to know me more, hit me up!  I'm always down to answer questions about me, my team, what we do... whatever!  And if you want to follow along, my twitter handle is @StephanieArd :)

Happy New Year y'all!  I hope you're looking forward to a new year filled with exciting new adventures!

~ Steph

Proof that I herded cattle (and was not at all terrified that I would be thrown off and trampled on by this beautiful old horse grimacing):