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    • PulsingPenguin asked Chelsea a question

      UK Customs charge? :s

      Answered: Jul 8, 2016

      We'll be sending out an email today with more information about the UK Customs Charges and how to proceed. Thank you!

    • InfluxM asked Chelsea a question

      When you purchase First membership you get a 5% store discount. When you get double gold membership you get a 10% store discount. What is that 10% store discount? And it didn't auto apply itself. TY

      Answered: Jul 4, 2016

      The discount for Double Gold members is, "DOUBLEGOLD10". We'll look into the auto-application and see what the issue might be. Thanks!

    • Are there Community Events at RTX?! YES, THERE ARE!

      2 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Hey people-we'll-see-in-ONE-DAY!

      Are you going to RTX? Are you wanting to find some fellow like-minded friends of yours while here in Austin? Check out the below list of community events that are happening before, during and after RTX occurring on June 30 to July 3 here in good ol' Austin, Texas! (Did you not get tickets? Good thing we still have some left!)

      Confirmed Events Happening on Thursday June 30

      *** Jack Pattillo's Annual K1 Charity Event at K1 Speed

      When? Thursday 6:00pm - Midnight CT

      Here's the event page!

      Confirmed Events Happening on Friday July 1

      *** Community Artist "Art Jam" at the Residence Inn Austin Downtown (inside and to the left of the lobby) Here's the event page!

      When? Friday July 1 9pm - 11pm

      What to bring? A sketchbook and a pencil

      *** RT Ontario & RT Ottawa at the Old School Bar & Grill

      When? Friday July 1 at 9:30PM CT

      Here's the event page! Feel free to RSVP!

      *** RT DFW is meeting up for donuts!

      When? 10:00am CT

      Where? VooDoo Doughtnuts 212 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

      *** RT Pittsburgh is doing Mini-Golf! (And then onto Gordoughs)

      When? Friday July 1 9pm CT

      Where? Here's the event page!

      Confirmed Events Happening on Saturday July 2

      *** RT Maine & RT New England are having a meet-up before the Community Projects Panel!

      When? Saturday July 2 at 9:00am

      Where? In the ACC outside Meeting Room 6 Here's the invite!

      *** Neon Katt Meet-Up with Meg Turney

      When? Saturday July 2 3:00pm

      Where? In the Austin Convention Center by Main Stage - Here's the post!

      *** Austin Sol vs Dallas - Ultimate Frisbee Game (Go see @caleb play!)

      When? Saturday July 2 6:30pm - 9:30pm

      Where? House Park Stadium - Check out the Invite!

      *** RT Florida is having a meetup at Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden

      When? Saturday Night at 8:30pm CT

      *** Twitch Party (NOT FREE)

      When? Saturday July 2 9:00pm - Sunday 2:00am

      Where? Vulcan Gas Company - 418 East 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701

      More Details and Ticket Sales HERE!

      Confirmed Events Happening on Sunday July 3

      *** RT DFW is meeting up for food and socialization!

      When? Sunday at 7:00pm CT

      Where? South Austin Social Food Park 409 Jessie St, Austin, TX 78704

      *** RT Sidequest is having an RTX Wrap Party!

      When? 10:00pm - 2:00am

      Where? Buffalo Billiards, 201 E 6th Street

      Extra Info:You must have your RTX Badge with you to get in.

      See you lovely people at RTX!


    • Sadboym asked Chelsea a question

      I bought a VIP pass but I never got the email with the info on the party. I'm checking the same email that I used and its not in spam or trash.

      Answered: Jun 29, 2016

      Paging @Bethany!

    • YooniqueKwon asked Chelsea a question

      I purchased my RTX weekend pass via the $100 perk on the MDB Kickstarter Project. I didn't get a receipt or anything. I pick it up on July 1st at the con do I get it? Thank you :)

      Answered: Jun 28, 2016

      I'm sending out an email today! :D

    • 2 Year Anniversay

      2 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Two years ago I was brought in as a temp employee to help fill in the gap at the front desk. I had just graduated college and moved back home to Austin and just needed a little income to tide me over as I looked for a new hotel gig in town - it's what I had spent the last years training towards. Wanting to be GM of my own fancy-ass Marriott. *dreamy eyes*

      Not even a week into my temp position I was approached by Burnie and Yvonne. There was this big campaign going on, ya know? It was called Lazer Team. Well, it was... uh... big. Kinda really big. People were asking questions, Backers wanted to know what XYZ was and so many other things. I was asked to take a stab at the campaign and see what I could do.

      I ended up never finding a hotel position. Life took another direction (one that I'm totally okay with) and I decided to stay on as the front office coordinator/other positions... and now settled into my role as a Community Marketing Associate with a pretty cool group of people.

      This is my family: the online RT Community and my fucking awesome coworkers. (Love all you guys and gals!)

      So, here's to a very symmetrical two years from Lazer Team to Million Dollars, But... and here's to many more ahead! *clinks champagne glass*


    • MDB Campaign - Social Achievement Wrap!

      2 years ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      And that's it!

      We're wrapped. All 10 social achievements have been completed. A big thank you to everyone who participated and sent us photos of ya'll doing crazy and ridiculous things -- all in the name for #ButStuff.

      Here are some of our favorites:

      1. Eating a Birthday Cake with your hands

      This adorable submission came from @juniorlax16

      More birthday baby cakes, with @MisterRonCo and the devouring of their son's first birthday cake! Check out the video HERE!

      2. Date with Hitler

      Thanks to @bestbet24 and her lovely date, @ezridax89 for showing us that the F├╝hrer does indeed like springtime (at least the flowers part.)

      3. Invisible Dog

      Thanks to @JenniferHagen3 for showing us that invisible dogs can still leave messy invisible poops. Video HERE!

      4. Googly Eyes or Puppet Arms

      We're very confused as to what state allowed this gentleman to get a license! Thanks @tallmidget09

      5. Tiny Tops

      Rock out with your... ? No, no, that's wrong. Thanks to
      @jenniferhagen3 and friends for shrinking down their clothes!

      6. Evil Twin

      Snapchat filters: showing different sides of people since 2016. Thanks @emma_hall18!

      7. Spaghetti Spit

      Thank you for not vomiting that up. From @jakesieglerjake

      8. Josh Character

      No one wants to know where that finger has been. OR will be going... From @bestbet24 & @ezridax89

      9. Sponge for a Meal

      A taco worthy to be included in an Austin menu. From @TooRealGames

      10. Digitally Black Teeth (And your profile picture!)

      Thanks to @jfrowen for enduring a profile picture and gnarly black chompers!

      And that's a wrap folks! The campaign is a blast - we have loved seeing the photos, videos and ideas that everyone has come up with.

      We've got three more days of the Kickstarter, with us wrapping up at 11:59pm CT on Thursday June 9th. You've still got time to head over to and get your copy!



    • JakeWiser asked Chelsea a question

      How did you react when Miles and Kyle put that picture of you at the ren fair on the MGSV Sponsor Play?

      Answered: Jun 3, 2016

      Haha - They asked my permission before they used it, so I knew it was coming. (Also, Sponsor Play? Big fan, here.)

    • OliveCarnivore asked Chelsea a question

      I'll be in Austin a day before RTX, do you have any suggestions of things to do or see?

      Answered: Jun 3, 2016

      If you've never been to Austin, get out of main downtown. Immediately. Don't go to 4th, don't go to 6th (even east 6th)... go exploooore Austin.

      Go to Barton Springs at Zilker Park. Go to Mt. Bonnell if you have time. If you have a car, take a day trip with some friends to McKinney State Park. Go walk along South Congress (the part of Congress that's south of the river), lots of cool kitschy shops that still have the familiar feeling to it. Even the Capital is something pretty cool to check out. Hit up the Drag (along Guadalupe behind UT), which is pretty cool.

    • Gothicknight13 asked Chelsea a question

      Hi I bought my RWBY tickets back in March but I never got the email with the discount or the RWBY merch. Should I expect it to be sent later or should I have gotten it by now?

      Answered: May 4, 2016

      The last batch was sent out today. If you haven't received it, go ahead and send me a message here on the site with your email address and I can retrieve it for you.

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