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    • MandeelovesCHURCH asked Chelsea a question

      So there is a monthly Q & A for double hold, but I don't know where. Can you help?

      Answered: Jan 22, 2018

      We actually discontinued the Monthly Q&A due to lack of interest. :( 

    • New Rooster Teeth Video Platform - Beta Testers Unite!

      in Forums > New Rooster Teeth Video Platform - Beta Testers Unite! | Follow this topic

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      To those of y'all who have received an invite to be a beta tester for the new video platform for Rooster Teeth, here is a place where you can come and join up with other beta testers. 

      Share your thoughts, your likes, dislikes and more. Other testers probably feel the same way! The engineers will be checking in here periodically to help clarify and clear up any confusion as well as probe your brains some more as they work through the development of the brand new video platform. 

      377 replies

    • This is a test

      6 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Gotta make sure I can embed using them iframe references!

    • LiliNR asked Chelsea a question

      Hi! I submitted a Customer Care request about a week and a half ago. I was wondering if there was an approximation on how long it will take for someone to get back to me, as i have to leave TX soon.

      Answered: Jan 4, 2018

      Hiya! If you sent in an email to your ticket should have already been answered. If you could send me your ticket number or email address that you used to contact them, I'll jump in and double check that it's being handled as soon as possible!

    • stxrlesseyes asked Chelsea a question

      Is there somewhere to report that you did not receive a card in the Community Card Exchange?

      Answered: Jan 2, 2018

      Shoot us an email at and we'll look into it!

    • blackrose2255 asked Chelsea a question

      Hi! i'm trying to check out from the RT store using the US store, i'm a first member but my code FIRST5 is not working. it just says that the code is invalid. Can you help?

      Answered: Dec 15, 2017

      Heya! Make sure that you're logged into your account and that the store you're shopping in matches the region you live in.

      So, if you go to My Settings, "Profile Details" and scroll all the way down to where it says Store Region...

      If you are shopping in the US Store, make sure your Store Region is set to : U.S. / International Store

      If you are shopping in the UK Store, make sure your Store Region is set to : United Kingdom Store

      If you are shopping in the AUS Store, make sure your Store Region is set to: Australia / New Zealand Store

      Once those two things are matched up (Store + Store Region) you'll be able to use your discount code no worries. 

    • Update on RT Store Orders and Customer Care

      7 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Hi everyone!

      I've got a very important message to deliver today regarding our Customer Care Team for the Rooster Teeth Store.

      I know many of you are affected by orders being delayed and all around confusion on if you’re going to get your order in time for Christmas. We understand that you are looking for information on your orders and we haven’t done the best job in answering them quickly.

      There are a few concerns that many of you share. So we’d like to address those and let you know how we are handling them.

      1. Extra Life Orders: Due to the insane support that you brought to us #forthekids we had to enter a second production run for some of the items, particularly the pin set, which has caused a delay in order processing.

      How are we fixing this? If you had an order with EL merch and OTHER items, we're going to be shipping the non-Extra Life  items immediately. Once the EL items are in our warehouse, we will ship those to you separately. You'll be contacted directly from either myself or the RT Store via email with more information about this. We apologize for the delay in getting these items to you.

      2. Oversold Items: Due to a glitch in our warehouse system, a few items were oversold.

      How are we fixing this? We are cancelling the oversold items, refunding you for those items and pushing the rest of your order through. You will be contacted directly by either myself or another member of the CS team with your new order number and additional information if needed.

      3. Shipping Status: All orders placed before the shipping cutoffs will be delivered before Christmas. As a reminder, these are the shipping cutoffs for those of you located in the United States:

      Dec. 15th - Last Day to Ship Standard UPS Ground - Order by 6 a.m. CST
      Dec. 20th - Last Day to Ship via UPS Second Day Air - Order by 6 a.m. CST

      Dec. 21st - Last Day to Ship via UPS Next Day Air - Order by 6 a.m. CST
      * The shipping deadlines listed above only apply to US shipping destinations.

      If you ordered internationally, the last day to ship International Standard was Dec. 5th 6 a.m. CST. As a note, carriers do not guarantee delivery times for International Shipments.

      4. All other inquiries: This includes questions about order status, tracking, product information, and more.

      How are we fixing this? We have hired ADDITIONAL HELP to aid the Customer Care Team in responding more quickly to all inquiries.

      All of us sincerely appreciate your support and patience as we work through the holiday traffic. Please let me know in the comments below anything that we can do better moving forward.

      Much Love,

      Chelsea + RT Store Team

    • Shhh shhh shhhh - it's Christmas

      7 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      So last week, @RTcastMichael shared a story with me about @IowaHawkins and their interaction during setup for some broadcast show. 

      It was time to get ready to shoot the next show, which would be airing after Turkey Day, and Cody (IowaHawkins) is one of the lighting guys. He was going around, doing his thing and making things illuminate. Illumination included pulling out Christmas lights and other set stuff. 

      Apparently, every time someone would say, "But, Cody, Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet!" or something along those lines he would just hold a finger up to his lips (or theirs, if they were within touching distance) and respond like so: 

      "Nu-nu-no-no," he says, "Just Christmas," he finishes in a whisper and a jolly grin. 

      I've taken it upon myself to inflict my house with holiday spirit and cheer - some of it prior to Thursday's Turkey feast. And every time Michael (RTcastMichael) would tell me it's not time yet, I was able to respond with that exact sentiment from Cody.

      Because, you know. IT'S FUCKING CHIRSTMAS NOW, OKAY?

      So, here's a photo of some of that cheer. I made the wreath, decorated the hell out of a tiny tree, and I also made the weird Russian/Scandinavian Christmas Gnome. His name is Petyr.


    • Thanksgiving Week

      7 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      I think I'm already headed towards a turkey coma...

      We get catered lunches here at RT every Monday because they're surely slowly fattening us and filming it all in secret so one day they can launch the biggest weight loss content program ever. Today, because it's Thanksgiving week, we got Thanksgiving lunch. 

      Now, for those of you unfamiliar with a standard American-sized-Pilgram-invented-meal... it includes:





      Mashed Potatoes

      Green Beans

      Rolls (YEASTY ROLLS)


      Pumpkin Pie

      And usually some other stuff. But we had that for lunch. I'm ded. And sleepy.

      And I'm doing Thanksgiving for @RTcastMichael and I on Wednesday, and then again on Thursday for the family, and probably joining in for a Friendsgiving Thursday night... 

      Do you know how many turkies, hams, stuffings, and mashed potatoes that is?! A GORGEOUS AMOUNT.

      I need all the stuffing. 

      What's your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal? (And for everyone else... what's your favorite part of a fourth Thursday of November meal?)

    • Rooster Teeth Holiday Card Exchange!

      8 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Happy Holidays Y'all! 

      The time of giving and thanks is upon us, from now until the merry and jolly days that is the majority of December. During this time of year, we usually take a moment to say, "Thank You!" or "Happy Holidays!" more often. There are smiles, cheers, and all around good laughter and tears. 

      Those of us here at Rooster Teeth never want that time to be lessened either, so this year we're hosting something simple and FUN. 

      It's a Holiday Card Exchange!

      What is that, you may ask. Well, a Holiday Card Exchange is where you sign up with your address, many other someones else sign up with their addresses and we switch 'em all around and you're assigned someone to send a pretty little holiday card to. 

      It's low cost and effort, but the effect of someone receiving a handwritten (or DRAWN!) card is immeasurable. 

      If you feel like being in the holiday spirit sign up today to participate! 

      SIGN ME UP!


      You'll be sent your match on December 1, 2017. If you have any questions, contact us at


      If you decide to be a Grinch, and any reports come in where you didn't send out a beautiful little card, you will be blacklisted from all future gift exchanges. 

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