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    • Nostalgia - Or How did I even know how to internet in 2005

      8 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      I don't know what happened.

      A rabbit hole appeared. 

      I jumped down it.

      Next thing I know, I'm listening to A7F, feeding my Neopets, and somehow successfully remembering my password to my LIVEJOURNAL account (oh lawd, teenage Chelsea seriously wrote a lot of Jak and Daxter smut...  open_mouth)

      Now, excuse me. There is so much more angsty metal teenager music waiting for me on my hard drive and I do have a fairy quest from the dark faerie, Jhudora to take care of.

      I'll just leave this behind... (as you can see, I just created a 5th Neopet, because APPARENTLY THAT'S A THING NOW?!)



    • RT 2017 Community Extra Life - Stream Schedule!

      8 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Hi everyone!

      This weekend we'll be kicking off Extra Life with our 25 Hour RT Community Extra Life live stream! It'll be running from November 4 8:00 a.m. CDT to November 5 8:00 a.m. CST here on Rooster TeethYouTube AND Twitch!!

      Along with the stream, we will be promoting two very special items. The #ForTheKids pin as well as the RT Land t-shirts - available in men and women's cuts. Check 'em out below!


      Every hour we will be patching in a different group from around the world to stream with us for an hour. Many are local community groups that you could join! See below for the full schedule and  links to where the groups now live. 

      ------------------- Nov 4 -------------------

      08:00 AM CDT   Rooster Speak
      09:00 AM CDT   Beta Cats
      10:00 AM CDT   Sour Grapes
      11:00 AM CDT   RT NJ Community
      12:00 PM CDT   Team BIGBITE / RTSTL
      01:00 PM CDT   Constantly Calibrating
      02:00 PM CDT   RT Houston
      03:00 PM CDT   RWBY Nation
      04:00 PM CDT   RT New Vancouver
      05:00 PM CDT   Rooster Buckeyes
      06:00 PM CDT   Rhode Island Rooster Teeth Commmunity
      07:00 PM CDT   The Cartographers Guild
      08:00 PM CDT   g1 Gamedays
      09:00 PM CDT   RT: Nova Scotia
      10:00 PM CDT   RT Austin / Side Quest
      11:00 PM CDT   RT Michigan powered by Ladylike Gaming
      ------------------- Nov 5 -------------------

      12:00 AM CDT   Team Oklahoma
      01:00 AM CDT   RT Ontario
      02:00 AM CDT   RTUK powered by Argentstreams

      ----- DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME------
      02:00 AM CST   RT NorCal
      03:00 AM CST   RoosterTeethDFW
      04:00 AM CST   RTNY Community
      05:00 AM CST   RT Georgia (FB Group)
      06:00 AM CST   RWBY Cosplayers of South East Florida
      07:00 AM CST   RT Florida

      Check us out and remember...

      It's For the Kids!! So check out Jack's BIG Post for all of our double weekend shenanigans!


    • RWBY: Combat Ready - The Road So Far

      8 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Hey everyone!

      It’s been a crazy couple of weeks since the RWBY: Combat Ready Kickstarter Campaign launched on September 27th. Thanks to all the Backers and vocal supporters, the game and campaign have taken off faster than we could imagine.

      It’s only been 30 days, but the game has changed drastically since launch due to the unlocking of Stretch Goals. Those unlocked goals offered game component upgrades, additional content in the game, or additional content to be purchased!

      For those of you who haven’t been following along (or those who have but really want to know what you’re getting... ) here is a brief “The Road So Far” of RWBY: Combat Ready.

      September 27: RWBY: Combat Ready was launched!

      September 29: We clarified that shipping is INCLUDED for people who live in the USA, EU, AU, or NZ!

      September 30: We’re funded!  fireworks

      After being funded, it becomes a whirlwind of updates nearly every day as we started unlocking items. Here’s the quick low down with some links to their specific updates (as necessary).

      Items that are added to RWBY: Combat Ready - for all versions!

      • 6 Additional Objective Cards
      • The Rulebook was upgraded in Quality
      • +4 Additional Pages with a “Making of RWBY: Combat Ready” Chapter
      • The playing cards were upgraded to a high quality Black Core
      • MINIATURES! Miniatures replaced the cardboard player pieces of Ruby, Weiss, Blake,  and Yang!
      • Player Tracker Scrolls were upgraded to be double-backed with recessed squares to hold player cubes securely
      • Vacuum Trays were included in all game boxes to hold all the game components
      • Semblance Tokens were upgraded to be 3D printed pieces
      • Adam Taurus was added as a Villain into RWBY: Combat Ready (36 Card Deck, plus the White Fang Minion Deck with 18 cards and 1 Objective Card)
      • Game Box was upgraded to have UV Printing on the outside
      • Player Cubes upgraded from wood to colored transparent plastic
      • Cinder was added as a Villain into RWBY: Combat Ready
      • PENNY Is Included! (She comes with a 30 card deck, 1 player tracker scroll, 1 miniature, and 1 semblance token.)

      Backer Included Items - Free of charge to Kickstarter Backers at all Pledge Levels!

      • The 30 Card Heroine Booster Deck - a pack of 6 cards for each of the 5 heroines (Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, and Penny)

      • Neopolitan’s Sub-Boss Deck - a deck of 18 cards and 1 Objective Card

      • The 30 Card Villain Booster Deck - a pack of 10 cards for each of the 3 Villains (Roman Torchwick, Cinder Fall, and Adam Taurus)

      Add-On Items Available to Add To Your Pledge (Here’s How you do it!)

      • Villain Miniatures for USD$20.00 (Includes a 30mm tall mini of Cinder, Adam, and Torchwick - Collectible Items Only, Not Integral to Gameplay)

      • Additional Copies of the Game for USD$45.00 (Each additional copy purchased through the Kickstarter will have all the Backer Included Items)

      • Emerald and Mercury’s Sub Boss Deck for USD$10.00 (Includes an 18 card deck and 1 objective card)

      • RWBY Starter Pack #1 for USD$60.00 (Includes the first four volumes of RWBY on either Blu-Ray or DVD.)

      • RWBY Starter Pack #2 for USD$40.00 (Includes the first four soundtrack CDs of RWBY)

      • New RWBY Character for USD$10.00 (An unknown new RWBY Character that will be premiering in RWBY: Combat Ready before they appear in the show, RWBY!)

      Developer Updates Explaining the Game:

      #1 - Objectives and How They Work

      #2 - Card Play

      #3 - Combos and Assists

      #4 - Experience

      I know, a lot of information to take in at once. Take a deep breath. Take a look. RWBY: Combat Ready has grown drastically since we launched it only 30 days ago. We’ve got just about four days left in the campaign so now is the time if you have interest.

      We’re expected to ship this game to Backers in July 2018 and then ideally it will go into the RT Store after the Backers have it in their hands. But remember - there are certain items here that Backers have included for their pledges that will be separate items when it's in the Store!

      We hope you’re as excited as we are to get our hands on it and play it with our friends!



    • Votrobeck asked Chelsea a question

      Do you know what's happening with the Double Gold Q&A page? I tried to watch last Friday and it wasn't working, and it's still sending me to the error page when I check to see if there are updates.

      Answered: Oct 6, 2017

      Hmm... Let me look into this and see if something got a little janky on the back end. Thanks for letting me know about it!

    • Tech Minimums and Recommendations for Extra Life

      9 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager
      • Preferred 
        • Encoder: Xsplit/OBS/VMix - Keyframe interval set at 2
        • Resolution: 720/1080p 60
        • Bitrate: 4000 Kbps
        • Streaming Destination: Twitch / YouTube (Ads Disabled)
        • Sponsors: Please no sponsors during our time frame
        • Graphics/alerts: Turn off personal alerts during our time - We will have a bar at the bottom to display donations and total amount (Our graphics are still being worked out - details will come soon) - We will aim to include their name and channel during their time for people to find. 
        • Upload Speeds: at least 10/Mbps
        • Equipment: A game feed and caster's audio. Group Audio should match output of Caster's and game audio should be lower (Unless game calls for certain game cues) - Webcam is extra, but Lip Sync needs to be checked.
      • Minimum
        • Encoder:: OBS - Audio/Video Sync (Or Console Streaming)
        • 720p 30fps
        • Bitrate: 2000 Kbps
        • Streaming Destination: Twitch
        • Sponsors: No Sponsors during our time
        • Graphic/Alerts: Turn off personal alerts unless they are Extra Life related - Our graphics will still cover certain areas of the screen. If they want to keep their name graphic on stream we can make this work. 
        • Upload Speeds: 4Mbps
        • Equipment: Console Streaming with a headset that can consistently stream for the time frame.
    • Extra Life Community Stream - Sign Ups are Live!

      9 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Hey y'all!

      It's that time of year again - the time where we do truly horrific things to our fellow friends and coworkers all in name of, "For the Kids."

      BUT FIRST - The Community Stream is back for it's second year!

      The Extra Life Community Stream will be happening on November 4 to November 5, 8 a.m. to 8 a.m. CST - a full 25 hours of bouncing around every hour to community groups all over the world. And yes, that's 25 hours, so 25 groups because Daylight Savings Time is happening again. 

      Here's the deal, we're looking for some amazing RT Community Extra Life teams that are streaming on November 4th to participate in our official RT Community Extra Life Stream. 

      If you're interesting, please fill out the following form! Make sure to get with your fellow group members so there's no duplicates between y'all. 


      For those of you who participated last year, you'll have to fill out the form again.  

      Now here's the cool part. By joining our Super Team on Extra Life, every dollar that you, or people in your sub team donate goes towards the total that Rooster Teeth is attempting to raise ($1,000,000!!!) Here is our team!

      If you have issues with the Super Team, or you want to create a sub-team to include in the Super Team, drop the support guys at Extra Life an email at and they'll hook you up.

      So, to sum up Extra Life and the streams...

      November 4 is the Extra Life Community Stream

      November 11 is the INSANE Rooster Teeth Extra Life Stream. 

      If y'all have questions, drop 'em below. @jack and I will do our best to answer!


      P.S. - A lot of people were asking about tech minimums and recommendations for streaming. HERE'S THAT INFO FOR YOU.

    • RWBY: Combat Ready

      in Forums > RWBY: Combat Ready | Follow this topic

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      I know this forum is less than exciting, but surely there are still a few lurkers around here who are vaguely interested in the new board game RT is making, RWBY: Combat Ready and who have questions about it. 

      If you are curious or have questions or just want to talk about it with friends, here's the place to be! :)

      16 replies

    • RWBY: Combat Ready is Coming to Kickstarter!

      9 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager


      Your worry is over. There is a date. There is a light at the end of the tunnel... RWBY: Combat Ready is so close to just overwhelming you with information and excitement. 

      When? Why... September 27! Stay tuned to the RT Site, Social Media, or your emails for more info. And if you haven't signed up for the RWBY: Combat Ready mailing list, do so now!


    • Arcane Wonders - Our Design Partners for RWBY: Combat Ready!

      9 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Today we are excited to reveal that our recently-announced board game, RWBY: Combat Ready, is being developed by world renowned board game publisher Arcane Wonders! You may know Arcane Wonders from their catalog of dumbfoundingly awesome games, like Mage Wars, Viral, Sheriff of Nottingham, and Onitama. With experts like Arcane Wonders behind the wheel of our gameplay development, we're confident that RWBY: Combat Ready is going to blow your expectations away!

      We've got more exciting announcements coming over the next few days, so make sure you sign up for the RWBY: Combat Ready newsletter HERE!

      And in case you hadn't seen the super cool key art, here it is again in all it's glory. <3



      10 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Did you hear?! Did you hear the new exciting news?

      We announced today that the new RWBY board game now has a name. Are you ready for it? If so, look no further than this great piece of key art... with the name, RWBY: Combat Ready. 

      We'll be announcing more information next week! So stay tuned to RT and this special website ( to stay in the know. <3


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