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    • Postmortem: Brisket Edition

      10 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      First, Hurricane Harvey Update: I'm in north Austin, pretty outside of the city limits. We got a lot of rain and wind. Luckily, our power never went out and nothing flooded. Well, my car got pretty wet inside, it's a convertible so I think the wind and rain was too much for it to handle and stay dry. 

      Now, onto the meat.

      Thank you to everyone who gave me their input, wisdom, and trips and ticks regarding on what to do with my meat. For my first time smoking anything, let alone something of this nature while fighting Mother Nature herself, it was a fun time and I definitely learned some things for next time. 

      What I did:

      - Rubbed that baby down with a handful of spices the night before and let it soak in.

      - Saturday morning, built my fire with charcoal and wood chips, let it simmer down and then put the meat on the grill wrapped in open foil

      - Had it on the grill from like 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

      - At that point, the internal temperature was still only about 160'F so I stuck it in the oven for a few hours until it was up to 180'F

      - The brisket was dry, but hot damn -- it was still so tasty.

      Things to remember for next time:

      - Don't try and do this in the middle of windy and rainy weather

      - Possibly don't wrap it in foil until much later in the process

      - Probably was fine when it reached 160'F and I didn't need to do it in the oven and just have let it rest

      - Try again!

      So, once again - thank you! It was super tasty. I'm always open to being told where I might have strayed away from something that would have made this turn out differently. There were so many differing opinions, I tried to combine a few and it may not have worked out in the best way. 

      Here are some pics of the product...

      Birth of the Brisket


      Brisket Almost Done




      That's all for this weekends cooking adventures!



    • Coming Soon This Weekend - Brisket Attempt #1

      10 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      I have a friend. She's never had brisket. 

      This is a Texan atrocity. 

      So I'm going to try and smoke/cook/grill/[insert correct term here] a brisket.

      With my research, I have discovered the following tips:

      - marinate/rub for 12 hours. 

      - put brisket on the grill - COLD

      - use something called the "snake method" to ensure long time burning temps

      - cook somewhere in the vicinity of 5-7 hours until temperature is like 195'F

      I'm using a charcoal grill. Got any tips for a newbie playing with her meat?

    • Boston Comic Con & the RT Community After Party!

      11 months ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Are you going to Boston Comic Con this weekend? Or do you live in the Boston area and are just looking for something to do?

      Well, I've got something for you to do!

      On Saturday August 12th, the Rooster Teeth Community will be hosting a Boston Comic Con After Party at District Hall. The event will run from 8 p.m. - 11 p.m. ET and tickets will cost $20.00. Pizza and snacks will be provided along with a private bar for drinks. This event is open to all ages.

      This event is a simple party for those looking to hangout after the con, chat, drink, and get to know one another. The space does have a capacity so there is a limited number of tickets, get yours while you can. 

      Wanna grab a ticket and see more details? CLICK HERE FOR THAT!

      *dramatic sigh* Unfortunately I won't be making it out there to say hi to y'all, but hopefully you make some really fun new friends. 

      And if you are attending the convention, @Lindsay, @Barbara, Arryn, and @Kara will be around to sign, take photos and say "hey". 

      Remember, HAVE FUN. <3

    • littlerooster24 asked Chelsea a question

      I'm having problems trying to use my First code for the store. Any way to help?

      Answered: Jul 13, 2017

      So, if you go to My Settings, "Profile Details" and scroll all the way down to where it says Store Region...

      • If you are shopping in the US Store, make sure your Store Region is set to : U.S. / International Store
      • If you are shopping in the UK Store, make sure your Store Region is set to : United Kingdom Store
      • If you are shopping in the AUS Store, make sure your Store Region is set to: Australia / New Zealand Store

      Once those two things are matched up (Store + Store Region) you'll be able to use your discount code no worries. 

    • calebwiseman asked Chelsea a question

      Hello I was looking at my information for my RT box and I shows my June order is still processing I was wondering is there anyway to track my shipment?

      Answered: Jul 11, 2017

      Heya! Looks like your box was shipped out on the 7th with an expected delivery of the 13th. Let me know if you have any other questions!

    • CoweringGiant asked Chelsea a question

      Hi, I understand that being in Australia shipping takes a while, I have been tracking my May RT Box and it hasn't updated on the DHL tracking page since June 2nd.

      Answered: Jul 6, 2017

      HMM. Even Australian ship times aren't that hefty unless something wonky happened with the border customs. Try emailing so they can take a deeper gander into it. :)

    • Three Year Anniversary & E3 Excitements!

      1 year ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Instead of posting twice today, once about my self-absorbed excitement in being with Rooster Teeth for three years and another about my love for E3 games/hatred towards my wallet, I'm just doing a big ol' hodge-podge of stuff about ME!!

      Three Years 

      I don't think I'll ever get over the thrill of working here at RT. Six years ago, I had just attended my first ever RTX (and the first one, period) out in the field at the old 636 Office. My now-ex-boyfriend, best friend and I all managed to snag tickets. So, we all attended and fangirled/fanboyed a bit when we met the founders - including fat Burnie. 

      Three years ago (June 6, 2014) I had just graduated college with a degree in Business, turned down a position in Houston, Texas and was floundering with what to do because I was set to move out of my apartment in San Angelo on June 10th and had no where to go. The stars aligned and I was able to pick up a temp gig as a Front Desk Coordinator at RT. WHOOO - wait, don't freak out too much Chelsea. (My first day is another story that may be told one day...)

      Then, the stars decided to align some more and this really massive, terrifying, colossal project fell into my lap courtesy of the one and only, Burnie Burns. This project was something known as Lazer Team and that crowdfunding campaign that was about halfway through. THAT, that massive writhing creation of community and excitement fell into my lap with no one to train me on how to handle it. It was my first toe (okay, first head dive) into community and what the RT Community was like. 

      The first day we had an email address set up for the campaign, I received over 2500 emails. Do you know what that was like? INCREDIBLE. Some of the best emails were literally, "This is so cool! I can't believe that RT is finally making a movie!" There was no anger, no hatred or disdain. Even the emails were fucking excited. I think I responded to someone with nothing but emojis at one point...

      I loved it. So, over the last couple of years it's been a part of me, who I am and what I'm aiming for. 

      Thank you to everyone who's been around, who's been my online friend, helped me out with podcast recs, or just chatted for a bit about one thing or another. I'll still be here, not going anywhere anytime soon. 

      Now, onto the GAEMS -- 

      E3 Excitement!!!!

      Seriously. I'm fucking rock hard after the last couple of days and I don't even have a working penis that can do that. Here's a relatively short list of some of the games that I'm most excited about. 

      A Way Out - It's couch co-op. I have been waiting for this day to sit down with a buddy and just play a split screen game again. Such excitement. 

      Anthem - I hadn't heard of it before the conference, but I'm interested in seeing more. Looks like what I wanted No Man's Sky to originally be. 

      Assassin's Creed Origins - Never played an Assassin's Creed game, I know horrific, but being in Ancient Egypt? Gimme. 

      Far Cry 5 - Also never played a Far Cry game. Dog picking up a gun kinda sold me on it, though.

      Monster Hunter: World - Been playing MH for a while now, but was never able to concentrate for more than a few minutes because the screen was so tiny. If I get to hunt dinos now on a 65", I'm all about it. 

      Skull & Bones - Pirates are cool. BUT IN THE TRAILER, the man with the jaw line - he sold me. 

      Skyrm PSVR - I'd have to demo this before committing to buying a VR setup considering how nauseous I get with VR, but becoming Dragonborn in VR? Yasss

      Super Lucky's Tail - It's for XBone, but I kinda still want to play it... Adorable little fox.

      Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Only if I play Ori and the Blind Forest at some point... (Once again... Xbone... killin' me)

      Beyond Good & Evil 2 - The cinematic trailer was fucking gorgeous. And the loud-mouthed ape. I'll be picking up the first one before I decide to do the sequel or not. 

      The Crew 2 - Early 2018... but I wanna race boats noooow

      Other mentions: Detroit: Become Human, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Metro: Exodus and Destiny 2 - all things I'm interested in but it didn't get me freaking out in my desk chair or on my couch with an immediate need to purchase everything. 

      And that's it for the moment! I've gushed about the community and my anniversary, freaked out about new games and... well... That's what I've got.

      [Because asking questions on a double-topic journal is weird... I'm going to ask anyways: What was your favorite game to come out of E3 this year?]



    • DippyFresh01 asked Chelsea a question

      Hi my name is Justin I'm 15 and I wanted to send a letter. I just need to know yalls address so I can send it. Please let me know ☺

      Answered: Jun 7, 2017

      That's awesome! We love getting letters. <3

      When sending to anyone here at RT, please address it like the example below:

      Rooster Teeth

      ATTN: [insert the name of who you're sending this to]

      1901 E 51st Street

      Austin, TX 78723

    • magictrali asked Chelsea a question

      Sooo, i received a duplicate of the collectible card in my june box, I'm sure someone is missing an opportunity to complete the set. is there anything i can do to help? Thanks Mark

      Answered: Jun 5, 2017

      You received a duplicate? As in, the card you got in your June box was the same as another month?

    • Izayer asked Chelsea a question

      How you been?

      Answered: May 30, 2017

      Oh you know, making spreadsheets, drinking coffee, locking new marketing interns in a closet, trying to decide just how "GREEN" I should paint my bedroom before it looks like a teletubby threw up in there... The usual. How you doin'?

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