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    • ElyseIsAMupper asked Chelsea a question

      My rt app is all out of sorts! It says I need a first membership and that I need to sign in, and I repeatedly keep signing in but says I don't have a membership! What do I do?

      Answered: May 1, 2017

      Oh no! What app are you using? iOS, Android, Xbox or going through the VRV app on the PS4/other platform?

    • I'm a Pre-Teen! (On the Site at least...)

      1 year ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

       fireTWELVE YEARS ON THE RT SITE  fire

      Ohhhh snap, yo. It's my RT Anniversary! (Community, not hire anniversary...)

      Twelve years ago, that's 12 YEARS AGO, I had a crush on this guy in my 7th grade science class. He was super cute, liked playing video games, and had that super flippy emo haircut. At this time in my life, I also had dyed black hair and massive raccoon eyes so of course we were a match made in heaven.

      This cutie patoodie introduced me to Halo, my first ever FPS, and it was alright. But hey, he was inviting me over to his house every day so we could play together so who was I to complain? A few weeks into this friendship, with me pining over his floppy hair, he was like, "Dude! I found this awesome video on the internet, I downloaded it earlier today, wanna watch it?"

      Of course I was going to say yes, so thus we watched the very first episode of Red vs. Blue. (At this point in time, RT was already on season 3 or so, we had some catching up to do.) Shortly thereafter he introduced me to the company,, and the community on here. HELL NO - I never posted anything on the site, my account was even labeled Male with some made-up name and a profile picture of a shirtless Squall Leonhart from FF8.(Yes, this is the exact image.)

      This boy and I never dated, but I kept watching RvB. I remember coming home from school, unplugging the phone cord from the landline in the house, plugging it into the computer and telling my dad that I'd be using internet for the next thirty minutes while I downloaded the latest episode - if the website had enough bandwidth at the time. (Remember, pre-YouTube days here!)

      RvB and I were friends into high school. Starting picking up the RT Shorts at this time and the Drunk Tank/RT Podcast and a few other things... I still ingested the content, but since I was never an active participant on the site (and still labeled as male) I just lingered in the shadows, commented here and there, but watched stuff. 

      Fast-forward to now, many moons later, and here I am - a community manager of all you crazy people, with a profile picture of ME and marked as female. It's like I've grown up or something. (Wait, no, I have not grown up.)

      So, to people I've been friends with for 12 years (there are a few of you) to the people I've been friends with for 12 minutes, or hours or days -- I love you all. You let me be weird and post recipe journal entries.  caboose

      Thank you for my pre-teen years, friends! Here's to another 12 years - and many more! <3 <3


    • Happy St. Patrick's Day!

      1 year ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager

      Screw the green beers and the "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" fakers (there is no way that many people are part Irish. I'M not even part Irish and I'm a redhead!)

      You know what's truly important about today?

      Some gosh darn corned beef and cabbage. 

      YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Make your house smell awful and create a spiced concoction worthy of throwing your taste buds into serious orgasmic bliss. It's probably too late for you to start this on a Friday afternoon, but why not make a lazy Saturday or Sunday dish? It's quite simple. Here, I'll even share a recipe that I use! (Really, quite simple to do. Takes little to no work.)


      3 lbs corned beef brisket (should come with a tiny spicy packet)

      Dozen Red Potatoes (whole or cut in half, totally up to you)

      3 carrots, peeled and cut into thumb-sized pieces

      3 stalks of celery, cut into thumb-sized pieces

      1 large head of cabbage, cut into wedges


      1. Stick that beefcake into a large pot and slowly cover it with water. Sprinkle the spice packet over it*** and sensually stir it around. Cover the pot (it's okay, you'll see the beefcake again soon) and bring it to a boil. Reduce it to a simmering simmer. Keep that baby simmering for a while - 50 minutes per pound. (50 minutes = 1 lb, 1 hr 40 minutes = 2lbs, 2 hr 30 mins = 3 lbs, etc...)

      (***I like spices. I also flavor to what I like. About halfway through the cooking time, I'd usually sprinkle in a little extra pepper, garlic, and just a wee bit of chili powder. You can do whatever you want, just remember to taste! And try not too add too much salt, corned beef is brisket that's been brined.)

      2. Toss in those potatoes, celery, and carrots to keep your beefcake company and let them simmer together in matrimonial bliss until they are tender and together. Screw up their happiness by adding in the cabbage. You have also now subjected your home to a lingering scent that won't leave. Cook for around 15 minutes and then remove from heat. 

      3. Pull out the beefcake and let it relax on its own without the nagging presence of the vegetables. 

      4. Cut the meat across the grain, serve with the vegetables and viola. Food.

      5. Oh, mustard or horseradish are AWESOME additions to corned beef. Like, mhm tasty. 

      So, yeah. Enjoy. Because my journals that aren't related to Rooster Teeth are about food. 

      <3 Now you can have that green beer with the food.

    • Feather-Brush asked Chelsea a question

      Chelsea, is the Double gold Q&A still a thing or is it something like a code sent in the RT box to insure it's just Double Gold membe? I've been trying to find out what time of the month it would be.

      Answered: Mar 14, 2017

      Yup! It's still a thing. This month it'll be in the last week of March. We'll be sending an email about it shortly as we nail down the deets. :D

    • odieblock asked Chelsea a question

      Chelsea I have some fan mail I would like to send to the Rooster Teeth HQ. Does Rooster Teeth have a P.O. box or something like that where I could send fan mail?

      Answered: Feb 21, 2017

      When you're sending us stuff (awww yiss), use this address:

      Rooster Teeth

      ATTN: [name of person or group]

      1901 E 51st Street

      Austin, TX 78723

    • Community Game Night - January 28!

      1 year ago

      Chelsea RT Community Manager


      Are you back in school? Bored and lonely with your super weird roommate who for some reason keeps heating up Brussels sprouts in the microwave and causing an ungodly stench to permeate your very fabric of being?


      Well - you're better off than a percentage of humans here. 

      BUT - there's a community game night this Saturday! A few groups around the world are hosting an event where you and some friends can pop by, play a few rounds of Million Dollars, But... The Game or other fun board games that the members brought.

      All of these events are hosted by Rooster Teeth Community Groups. Whether you're already involved or not, it's good to see what fun and exciting events are going on. 

      United States


      Hosted by RTCalifornia (*Edit 1/25/17 to RTCalifornia) 
      -- Hollywood
      -- San Francisco Bay - Union City


      Hosted by RT Florida
      -- Gainesville

      -- Lauderhill

      -- Online (Seriously, it's actually Online. Not a real place. :O)

      -- Orlando


      Hosted by RT Maine

      -- Westbrook


      Hosted by RT: STL (St. Louis)
      -- Chesterfield


      Hosted by Rooster Buckeyes

      --  Akron

      -- Cinncinnati


      Hosted by RT ATX

      -- Austin



      Hosted by RT Ontario

      -- London

      Nova Scotia

      Hosted by RT Nova Scotia

      -- Halifax

      New Zealand

      Hosted by Rooster Sheep

      -- Auckland

      Hope to see photos of some of y'all there! HAVE A BLAST. 



    • jtdoyleiii asked Chelsea a question

      So I became a double gold member earlier this month and it has been saying that my rt box has been processing for quite a while now. I'm just curious if it has shipped and its just not showing up.

      Answered: Jan 11, 2017

      Your box was shipped out on December 30!

    • Pyro100 asked Chelsea a question

      Hi Chelsea. My girlfriend purchased me a double gold membership for 6 months in December. Good for a month but I'm back to a 1 star First Member. No help from support email. Help?

      Answered: Jan 11, 2017

      Oh no! I'm going to look into your account and then DM you because I imagine there might be some in-depth explaining to occur. :O

    • TheBirdClaw asked Chelsea a question

      Does this count as a question?

      Answered: Dec 1, 2016

      Does this count as an answer?

    • mckatk813 asked Chelsea a question

      G-Day Chelsea, Just wanted to ask are the monthly Q&As a thing for double gold members? Have been a Double Gold Member since July and have never seen one. Cheers

      Answered: Nov 22, 2016

      They are for Double Gold Members! We have been communicating them to the DG Members via email announcing the Q&As, but we're also moving forward to post about them in the Double Gold Group (which you should totally join).

      Archiving the old Q&As is coming along and will be available soon. 

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