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    • RTX 2017 FIRST Member discount?

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      I still haven't purchased my tickets yet, but I realized I never got a discount code. I got a code to buy them early as a FIRST member, but no discount. Did they send out discount codes this year?

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    • RTX Adventures! (Of past years)

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      Basically, I put myself in the shoes of a first time RTX-goer. There's little to no doubt that you are more excited for RTX than veteran attendees. But you might want to know what kind of experiences you'll, well, experience whilst in Austin and, more specifically, RTX!

      So this thread is dedicated to telling stories (preferably summarized to keep it a little organized) to newcomers! Tell them a story of how you went to RTX alone, and wound up meeting a group of people from your area. Tell them of waiting in lines and... well, meeting new people! Or, tell them about how some asshat was rude and shoved past you in line. This is about preparing the newcomers!

      (If you couldn't tell, RTX is going to be a lot happier if you're willing to meet new people. And don't worry, social anxiety won't fully stop you. I don't initiate conversations well, but it didn't stop me. If you have no clue what to say, simply say, "Hey, you wouldn't happen to be a fan of Rooster Teeth, would you?" and chuckle!)

      Also, I do think this thread is different from the questions thread, since this is more about telling people things they probably wouldn't think to ask about, and also hyping them up.

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    • Anyone have an extra Extra Life Poster (to sell, I'm no beggar)

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      So I fucked up when buying it, and apparently forgot a step. I got an email today that said my cart was "really upset with me". Go figure, I was more upset than my cart when I found out that I hadn't finished the purchase of the exclusive poster.

      Anyway, if there's a kind soul out there who bought extras, I'll pay the original $10, plus the original cost for it to ship to you, plus the cost to ship it to me. I can also pay a couple bucks extra for your profit if you'd like. So all in all I'd be paying around $23 minimum.

      I haven't read any rules that say this isn't allowed.

      That said, if someone from Rooster Teeth reads this and wants to instead let me purchase one, showing the emails that say I had tried to...That'd be fantastic.

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