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    • GIF GAME

      6 years ago


      So people do it, and I got tons of gifs, so why not? xD

      1. This is you:

      2. This is how you feel right now:

      3. The next two gifs are your best friends:


      4. This is what you do when you hang out together:

      5. This is how you behaved at school:
      Sounds like me alright.

      6. This is how you react to graduating:

      7. This is your family.

      8. This is your job.

      9. This is your boyfriend/girlfriend.
      Well who doesn't love Gavino eh?

      10. This is how you met him/her.
      The perfect love story.

      11. This is how you show your love for each-other.

      12. This is what your family thinks of him/her.

      13. This is how your react when your boyfriend/girlfriend proposes to you.

      14. This is how you behave at your wedding.

      15. The next two gifs are your children.


      16. This is how your children behave.

      17. This is what you think of your children.

      18. This is how you react to your children growing up and leaving home.

      19. This is what you and your husband/wife do when they’re gone.

      20. This is how you react to your husband/wife dying.

      21. This is how he/she died.

      22. This is you behave at their funeral.

      23. This is how you die.

      24. This is how people behave at your funeral.

    • Sponsor chat adventures

      6 years ago


      So my brother is trying to sleep in the other room from me now, and I left my laptop on by accident, all the music was paused yet the volume was still up, I completely forgot that I was logged into the chat room for sponsors, and then all of a sudden our good friend Adam comes in, embeds a music video that contains pirate rap w/ swearing. It was loud as hell and I was scared myself when I could hear it. Shoutout to Adam for scaring my 7 year old brother with a "rap/shiver me timbers type of song."

      I'm not sure if daily journals are cool ideas or not, and wanted to ask that. Opinions?



    • Sup?

      6 years ago


      I don't wanna write this journal for much, but I noticed that @MrBunns is BLOWING UP on Tumblr, and I just wanna say, I liked him before it was cool.

      Thank you.

    • Yeah, school, you know

      6 years ago


      A quick update that, knowing me, will probably turn into a whole massive document on all my life's achievements and what will happen when I die. See I'm yabbering on now!

      So school, school is cool, I have fun, and can actually do work sometimes, if it's interesting, which sucks since my attention span isn't exactly the best thing in the world, but I can put up with things, but since today, I've decided that Chemisty is the boss, since everything has rules, and you can work pretty much everything out from a few rules that you have, for example, how 2 elements are going to react, what will be the product of the reaction, and what properties the newly created materials have. Anyway I find it really cool!

      Got my first result back too, from taking an exam 2 years early, I still got an A!!

      *que obvious Gavin gif*


      Anyway, I'm really excited about school, I'm better than my ICT (computing) teacher, so that can only be a recipe for success!!


    • This changes everything

      6 years ago


      Seriously this new episode blew my mind, again, it means that South wasn't part of a test to see what would happen if one twin got an AI instead of another, it means that it was Carolina's fault that South got really jealous and shot Wash in the back, and (supposedly) killed her brother. She was a good soldier, she fought for the force well, and she also only went off because of a hot-headed move by Carolina, and by the Director. It also means that the AI production is being incredibly fast. since there are 2 ready for implantation in a day. But does that mean that Epsilon was Carolina's AI? The fact that South and Washington are told to have Iota and the other one I need to watch the episode again, or would Epsilon go to someone else in the force?

      It also interests me how Wyoming must be scared of Carolina or something, as when she walks in, Wyoming just walks out... And has he had Gamma for that long? For the battle 2 episodes ago, or is he a new arrival? He also sounds like Chief from Arby 'n' the Chief, so when do we hear him with a happy or a sad face?

      I really hope that they bring the AI back in the newest of the episodes, the Blood Gulch guys, maybe even the Director, because when you think about it, they have the ability to send backups of themselves to the command server, does that mean they can be restored from the backups? Sure some were deleted, but that doesn't mean that there aren't some that can be recovered from backups, especially with a Recovery Agent with them, doesn't it?

      Valhalla, the place where Donut didn't die, since he apparently went into Armour Lock or something, and come on, Washington isn't exactly going to kill Donut like that, neither did Lopez apparently, so does this mean that Donut is back in the series finally? Or has he gone somewhere else with command? All that I hope is that he's still alive, because that is going to be really cool. But it also means that Doc might come back, since the teams do need equalling, and does anyone know where Doc went after Season 8? I assume that he went back with command, but he could have snuck back to Valhalla to keep an eye on Donut, literally anything could happen!

      And my guesses for the Freelancers that could still be alive are Maine, Wyoming, and York, since Delta could have run York's healing unit, instead of the "pain medication" that he said he was giving to him, keeping him alive, and also hidden from the radar, Washington kept South alive, why wouldn't he do the same with York? His death could have been extremely elaborate of a way to keep him alive, you don't see anything of him during his exploding death, since he could have escaped the platform, or he could be dead, and Carolina has let go of the possibility of that happening. While Maine has survived being shot in the throat, being hit into a car and then going off a cliff, being run into by a car, and many other "deaths" so why couldn't he have unstrapped the hook from his chest, and grabbed the cliff, or even survived the fall down to the bottom of the cliff, sure of course the AI and equipment may have left him extremely weak, but it doesn't exactly mean that he couldn't survive, and also, his head going crazy when Sigma started considering the AI sticking together was interesting, maybe Sigma got a slight link with Gamma, or maybe Gamma is thinking the same as Sigma is, when he repeats "together." Any of it is possible. And Wyoming being alive is an idea, since there could be so many copies of him that are still alive, one could have escaped the fight on Blood Gulch, and none of them could have suspected it. I do hope North is alive, but it's RT's job to sort that one out, not me, I only have the theory that his death was faked. Please be true.

      Quick shoutouts, @vivalajady is doing a Pokemon Let's Play that you should check out here.
      And @MrBunns has decided to release CDs!! Please donate here or check out the journal relating to it.

      That's all from me, sure I could say even more about my RvB theories, but there is probably a PSA next week, so I'll say it then!


    • This counts as a milestone

      6 years ago



      Thank you to everyone who watches me, I would like to thank my parents for making me be alive, and for all of you for accepting the Achievement Hunter avatars that I make so kindly, I could never ask for a better community, you guys are funny, you are kind, you are talented, I feel as if I don't deserve to be a part of it. But hey! I'm here, and don't expect me to leave. Seriously, I'm just the annoying fly in your ear. So thanks for watching me!

      I'm sorry the past 6 weeks have come with barely any journals, I just haven't done very much in these school holidays which are worth documenting! smiley4.gif

      But Wednesday marks the start of a new school year, and I'm prepared to be beaten up or whatever is meant to happen when you're in year 10, whatever it is, I'm not looking forward to it.

      After the RvB episode tonight, I'm gonna post a journal in the morning about my theories in the latest season, and the rest of the story, and what I think they can do, or what I want to happen.

      Prepare for a bunch of avatar uploads soon.


    • God dammit

      6 years ago


      So the holidays are coming to an end, not looking forward for it to end, I go back to school on Wednesday, but I have to go to work with my dad on Monday, so I have no freedom from then on.


      Anyone done anything interesting on the holidays? I've done barely anything, since I'm not that interesting, go me.


    • Episode 12!

      6 years ago




    • Writers block.

      6 years ago


      I don't actually know what's the acceptable amount of time between journals, but I really don't have much stuff to say. I remember those days where I'd upload polls, and 100 watchers later and a bunch of updates to the RT site, I can't do that anymore.

      So accept these as substitute for writing.


      That's all I got, seriously I cannot make words.


    • Guess I should write this

      6 years ago


      I haven't written many journals recently, that's because it's the holidays, and barely anything has actually happened.

      I did see Batman, which sucked. Sorry, but it was the most predictable movie I've seen, like ever. I don't know if it was because of the character choice, or because I hadn't actually seen any of the other movies, and maybe then I might have had a connection, the action was meh, I didn't really approve of one guy who just beat the shit out of the guy who was meant to be the hero, it was shitty to see, maybe some actual fight scenes that were equal might have made it look nicer.

      The Bourne Legacy was incredible, even though it had the most abrupt ending ever... Of all time, I still really enjoyed it and can't wait for the sequel which is obviously going to happen, the storyline was great, it explained what was happening, even though I hadn't seen any of the other films to do with that either.

      Episode 10 was incredible, defeated a lot of the concerns about the MBG, and it also threw the whole of the season to the deep end of the plot section, it's almost up to my waist! And, even though the first time I was screaming "Die bitch die!" I was having a conversation with people (@Agent_Me and @MrBunns) about CT, and realised that she really is just doing things for good, and I watched it again and got tackled by feels, while the fight scene was just epic. That's all that can describe it.

      I brought 3 of the Halo novels, the first two in the Forerunner trilogy, and Glasslands, which is great because I always wanted to know what happened after the Ghosts of Onyx, and I'm finally going to find out. *squee*

      I'm trying to make an avatar a day, but that's gonna be difficult when the requests dry up, so don't let it happen! Even if I've made one for you, ask for another!

      Quick shoutouts to @MrBunns for amazing music, @Karl for amazing videos and person. and @AmazingBethT for amazing person.




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