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    • My Aspirations.

      1 year ago

      GenM SodaPop

      Hell Everyone,

      Many of you Don't Know me. But I'd like to give a little backstory to my creative history.

      Ever since I can remember. I've always had an overactive imagination. As a kid I would play out story lines with my toys. As I grew old with the internet. I started making rather juvenile movies with toys, stick puppets and friends. (This was pre iPhone era where not every phone was a camera)

      YouTube was brand new back then. Only big rule back then were copyright strikes. And if you had enough you're entire account would be banned ALONG with all your videos. My first main account held a someone popular AMV: A One Piece AMV with Harder Better Faster Strong as the song, the theme was the Straw Hat pirates entering that next level during the CP9 Fight. Sadly, both my account and my precious video was deleted ( I should have made a local copy)

      My next stint was making horribly made movies with like a 800x600 camera. They were fun to make. But it was a cringey

      Soon after, I decided to give my go at creative writing; mainly fanfictions. Creative writing was definitely something that I loved to do. There was no skill need to animate, to film, to draw. All I had to do was write my feelings into paper I had a minor following in a romance rendition of One Piece in Deviantart. I was actually very happy to see so many people like'd what I did. Growing up though. Just like the old films I used to make. They were very cringey. 

      Soon after that, I wanted to take my go at music production. I learned how to play the guitar. Manipulate midi software and was able to create some tracks that I really liked. But I always thought they could use polishing.

      The one thing that I got out of that, however, was that I was a phenomenal lyric writer when it came to rapping. My strongest songs had rap style verses. I was praised by peers, and I decided that I wanted to further my then passion at school.

      Sadly. I realized I wanted to do music a little too late. Junior year in high school. No experience in academic music. By the time I reached a college that offered a music production program, I was denied due to my inexperience. 

      I held my head down as I traveled back home. But there was one thing that inspired me. Rooster Teeth and it's many productions. After being inspired by Burnie, Geoff, Gavin, Michael, and Jeremy, I thought to myself. Maybe I can do this too. 

      I looked back at all the things that this company has done. And I took a look at myself., "I've always wanted to be an artist, an animator, a director, a music producer, a personality." I've always wanted to be a creator. 

      That's when it clicked. I don't have to have the talent to make the things I want. I can be the driving force that inspires people to help me do it. And I want to help other aspiring creators in any way I can. This is what set off my dream: to become the ultimate creator. A creative director of a circle of creative minds and talents that just never really got a chance.

      I'm not good at anything. Except for talking. Talking loud for that matter (even thought I naturally keep to myself) So I decided to take my first step by being a Youtube Gamer. If you like please subscribe to

      Follow me on Twitch @SPGenM

      And Follow me on Twitter @SP_GenM

      Thank You for actually taking your time and reading my narcissistic life story 

      Please make any comment, suggestions, ANYTHING that can help me get started

      Thank You So Much
      SodaPop Gen aka Genesis Moreno

    • Worst Rumble in WWE History

      4 years ago

      GenM SodaPop

      Absolutely the worst. Never in the history of the WWE was there such a massive shit storm of boos during the Rumble. Let's start off small. Where was Y2J? RVD? Evan Bourne? Christian? This could've been the perfect time to bring them back! It seemed like everyone in the Royal Rumble were just mid carders we knew that weren't gonna win. Now let's get into the real issue. Where was Daniel Bryan? Through out the entire Rumble the crowd was chanting "Daniel Bryan! Daniel Bryan!" And I knew once we were at entrant 29, I knew Bryan wasn't gonna be in it. There was no element of surprise this Rumble. No pizzaz. When Entrant 30, Rey Mysterio came in, I've never heard him get sooo many boos in his career. I don't even remember Mysterio ever being a heel. And when Mysterio, the man that took the crowd's hope for YES Moment, got eliminated, the crowd went nuts for a cheer. Then there's Roman Reigns, the crowd's only hope for a good Rumble. A record 12 eliminations, a face turn, a wrecking-fucking-machine. Roman Reigns made it to the final 2 and was eliminated by the returning Batista. Batista? Really? We're really going the predictable route? The Rumble was a way to boost or cement careers. Batista doesn't need either. This PPV was deplorable. I feel bad for the crowd that paid for their tickets just to sit through that crap.

    • Thursday January 23, 2014

      4 years ago

      GenM SodaPop

      One Piece Fans and Every Character They See

      One Piece fans are always making theories of who the next Straw Hat is gonna be. Is it gonna be this guy is it gonna be that guy. Here's the deal. There will be a significant amount of story to that character if he or she has the potential to be in that crew. One of the most recent theories was Cavendish. Cavendish is just a contender at the coliseum. He's not helping the Straw Hats fight, he has no significant story just a story explaining his abilities. He's a side character! There are only two possibilities right now. Kinemon (and/or Momonosuke) and Rebecca. That's it.

      Second Day of Inventory Ended in Frozen Cars

      Today I came into work to do inventory. I did inventory for our kids store last night. But tonight ended rather rage inducing. The work night ended when the power went out around the entire outlets. We were probably the only people left in the entire mall. As everyone else closed early due to the weather. When we got out to our cars, every one of us had frozen windshields. We're Texans, we don't carry an ice scraper with us in our cars. We should though. One of my managers said to use a credit card to scrape the ice, it broke one of my cards. Thank God, for this random dude that came by and had a make shift scraper with him. He helped all of us out. I drove back to my apartment at 30 miles an hour. I fuckin hate the cold.

    • Tuesday January 21, 2014

      4 years ago

      GenM SodaPop

      Bullshit Automatic Payment

      This morning I woke up to an email from Paypall notifying me of an automatic payment by Funimation for the Elite Video Subscribers premium. I cancelled that premiumship a month ago. And it's an extra problem for me because the associated bank account with my Paypall is currently empty. I emailed Funimation expressing my problem at 6:30ish, it is now 10:30ish and I have no response. Funimation offers a lot of quality anime but there service is still not up to par. They need to fix this.

      Legalization is Coming

      A new change is coming to America. And that is complete decriminalization and legalization of recreational marijuana. This is a good thing. Finally the war is ending. The money going into enforcement, the innocent people being treated like murders and rapists is finally gonna stop. Ju'bla!

      9 Hours With No Internet

      So my Internet (and cable) was out for about 9 hours today. Which was insane. My life was gone. I had no idea what to do. It was like the apocalypse. It seems so weird that people used to live life without this, I just can't even fathom a life without internet. It'd be boring and I think I'd kill myself.

    • Monday January 20, 2014

      4 years ago

      GenM SodaPop

      A Shooting Star at the Rumble

      I read an article about Evan Bourne and Christian's return and that a possibility could be in the Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble was shite last year but if Bourne, Christian, Batista, Y2J and RVD, I'd have a good mark out night.

      Struck by Lightning, Sounds a Bit Frightening

      As I was watching the new GTA V Let's Play, Plane Train, when Jack died in midair and mentioned lightning, I wondered if it was even possible in GTA V. So I googled it, and when i got to "can you get struck by lightning..." Google auto completed it to "Can you get stuck by lightning in gta 5" Google knows me so well.

      NO! NO! NO!

      Daniel Bryan informed us that Harper and Rowan of the Wyatt Family will be attending the Royal Rumble which leaves Bray Wyatt to face him one on one. By that logic Daniel Bryan will not be at the Rumble. It's a shame. This IS the year of the Dragon but to have Bryan not win the Rumble it doesn't make it a great year for him.

    • This is where I'll let my thoughts out

      4 years ago

      GenM SodaPop

      I've quit Instagram. I've stopped tweeting. And I'm gonna keep my Facebook statuses at a minimum. No one finds interest in me. No one finds me interesting. But I have these thoughts that I'd like to get out and I use social media for that reason. But what when nobody gives a shit about your life, it's like you're talking to no one. Which is what I've decided to do... on here. This place is perfect to get my thoughts and opinions out. Sure I could just keep a personal journal but I want to have an existence in the internet. I may sound egotistical when I say this but, I want people of the future to look at this and understand who Genesis Moreno was. I NEED that existence.

    • Initial Reaction project

      4 years ago

      GenM SodaPop

      I'm working on several projects. One of them is Initial Reaction where I do Let's Play-esques on flash games across the web. Here's the first video I made for this project. I played Parallel Levels.

    • 4 years ago

      GenM SodaPop
    • Community

      4 years ago

      GenM SodaPop

      I became a sponsor mainly so I could watch RT Podcast in video and not have to wait a week for it to come out on youtube. But I see the RT Community is very large and sociable. Idk if I can do this. "This" meaning trying to be social with the community. It's just not my thing. But I'll give it a go. Who knows who'll I meet on here.

    • The Origin of Gavin's 'Bird Call'

      in Forums > The Origin of Gavin's 'Bird Call' | Follow this topic

      GenM SodaPop

      I couldn't find a topic with this question, so I'm gonna assume it hasn't been asked. But what is the origin of Gavin's bird call or high pitched "ahhh" sound and why is Geoff so annoyed with it? I'd like to know if this is an inside joke in achievement hunter or if it's reference to another pop culture series.

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