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    • Princess Ruby, or Prince Jaune?

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      Today I would like to discuss a theory regarding two of our favorite characters, Ruby Rose and Jaune Arc.
      In the last episode of World of Remnant for this Volume, The Great War, Qrow, through his narration, talks about how the war started, who was fighting who and why, and how it ended. Long story short, the Great War ends in the deserts of Vacuo, with the King of Vale personally taking to the field and demonstrating his considerable might in battle.
      Through the King's efforts, the war is won for Vacuo and Vale, but at the cost of a large percentage of human civilization; what wasn't lost or destroyed in battle was razed and abandoned on account of the tremendous rise in Grimm activity responding the the war. The King decided that the world needed to change; rather than focusing of what everyone else was doing and competing with each other, humans should work together to combat the Grimm and build a better future for their children.
      But who is the king? Well, we know that he was the last King of Vale, that he lived around 100 years ago, wielded a sword a scepter in battle, and that he built the 4 Hunters' Academies across the world. But, could he also be related to one of our main characters?
      The King is described to be a peerless warrior, one so great that his feats were said be scholars to have been legends; exaggerations at best; and that natural causes, such as weather, were a major contributing factor to his victories. Apparently, by that logic, he was so powerful that he was compared to a force of nature. I think it is entirely possible, based on that description, that King Vale might have been a Silver-Eyed Warrior, though no specific mention of this trait is found anywhere. Either this was done to keep the twist a secret, or his eye color was of no significance.
      Ruby's lineage is largely unknown, beyond the identity of her parents and her sister (though the Qrow x Summer theorists would throw doubt into even that), so it is entirely possible for her lineage to the royal family to be a secret to her. Not to mention the story motif of having Princess Ruby fight the "evil Queen Salem"; very Disney-eque. Not too far fetched, considering this is a storybook inspired show.
      But of course with little evidence beyond fighting prowess and this cute little motif, it's hard to draw any solid conclusions. So who else is a candidate? Well, there's always good old Jaune, who is said to have been descended from great warriors. Okay, good start. He is even said to wield a sword originally owned by his great great grandfather, who fought in the war. Another point in his favor. But there are two main problems with the possibility of Jaune being a prince: his family, and his sword.
      Jaune's family isn't nearly as mysterious as Ruby's; his family knows who Jaune's father, grand father, great grandfather and even great great grandfather are, and you would think that if Jaune was decended from royalty, he would know; Vale may be run by democratically elected officials nowadays, but it's still a conversation piece. Secondly, If you pay close attention to the sword that King Vale used in the Great War, it doesn't look right; the blade is too wide, and the handle is of a slightly different shape. So that is most likely not the same blade Jaune is using, unless it has been modified over the years, similar to how Jaune modified his shield.
      So the possibility of Ruby or Jaune being of royal decent are out there, with Ruby definitely in the lead, but there even more to it than that. You see, outside World of Remnant, we learned a little bit about Professor Ozpin too; we learned that he has the ability to transfer his aura into the bodies of others when his current body is destroyed. Where have we heard that before?
      Well I recall a story about 4 special little girls, the maidens of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, and an old wizard. The old wizard ensured that the 4 Maidens, should they fall, would transfer their power to another body, in order to preserve that power and to ensure that no one person would hold the power forever. Some people have speculated that the old wizard may have used some of his power to give himself the same power, so that he may watch over the Maidens throughout their various incarnations.
      If this theory is true, and Ozpin is the current incarnation of the Wizard, then it would explain the power that Ozpin wielded in his brief fight against cinder Fall, which was far greater than anything any of the other good guys had displayed before him. And it could explain how the King of Vale, in a time where there was no such thing as Hunters, could rise to such a legendary status. Additionally, the sceptor that the King of Vale owned has been pointed out by others to be visually similar to Ozpin's cane. But if that is the case... 
      Why  would Ozpin let someone who initially appeared as incompetent as Jaune into Beacon? We're not expected to believe that Professor Ozpin didn't know Jaune's transcripts were forged, are we? And what about Ruby? Sure, she demonstrates some beyond excellent skills for her age, but she's too young to take on the responsibilty of being a Huntress. But he let her in anyway, knowing almost nothing about her.
      Could Ozpin actually be the reincarnation of the great, great grandfather of Ruby? or Jaune, for that matter? 
      Or, as a once famous meme once said, "Why not both"?

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    • Masamune113 asked GeoffVader a question

      Do you have a soul

      Answered: Oct 24, 2016

      I have many souls

    • Charity and wikipedia

      4 years ago


      I think someone should edit Rooster Teeth's wikipedia page to include Rooster Teeth's charity work, what with the Extra Life live stream, the 8-bit salute, and the ASL ice bucket challenge, I think there's enough there to make an entry out of it.

    • Achievement Hunter Let's Play Idea

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      so they had CTT, and they had Lava Wall, what if we combined those two idea and created an arena where the Lads and the Gents have to make their way across a contested zone into the opposing team's base to destroy some type of item that represents their team's life in the game.

      But wait, now that I think about it, that actually sounds a lot like... DOTA???

      Yes, I think the Achievement Hunter guys should attempt to recreate DoTA in Minecraft (Defense of The Ancients, not Dota 2, the Valve game). I imagine Ryan would probably be the most informed on how DoTA works, being the PC guy, but I'd like to believe at least one of the others guys also knows how it works. Either way, here's the breakdown:

      -A maze-like arena with set paths and two bases. There are 3 paths main paths which are connected through various alternate roots. The mazing should all be obsidian, so that nothing can be messed with, but it should also be open enough to allow for combat and ambushes to take place (in other words, a fairly large build, at least on par with Pac-Man if not bigger. It's possible Achievement City in it's current state can't fit a build this size in it, and it may have to wait for the Xbox One version and the 30x size increase, unless in can be done underground[?]).

      -Since minion spawns cannot be replicated, "Neutral Monsters" (zombies, skeletons, spiders, etc, preferably not Creepers, as their explosions may interfere with the game) will replace them as a threat for both teams, and should be spawned in at regular intervals by an overseer who can spawn them all over the map.

      -The goal is to destroy Towers along the three paths (normally the Towers would attack back, but that would be very difficult to replicate) made of something hard that would take a while to destroy. Once a part of the Tower has been destroyed or removed, it cannot be repaired. Once all the pieces of a tower in a lane has been removed or destroyed, the opposing team can advance to the next Tower. Once all the Towers in one lane are gone, the opposing team has access to that team's Ancient (something large made out of an easily destructible material; a large cube of wool, for example) and can start to pick it apart. The team who destroys the other team's Ancient first wins!

      -A "class" system could potentially be implemented; for example, a "Warrior" might have an Iron/Diamond set of equipment, including a sword, made durable and suitable for close quarters combat. An "Archer" Would have a bow and arrow (possibly an enchanted bow?) and lighter Leather/Iron armor (one increment lower than Warrior, probably) and would be adept at ranged combat, but would do poorly close up. A "Mage" would have the lightest armor, if any, and would have a supply of splash potions performing various effects (slow, damage, healing, possibly a single Death potion each life) which he can stock up on by visiting home, up to a certain number, and would possess no actual weapon. May require some balance tests. Obviously, no class can use items exclusive to other classes.

      -There is a potential for a money system, based on the drops that the Neutral Monsters give, which might be traded in for useful items (Flint&Steel, Spider Web, enchanted/upgraded version of items, regular healing potions for any class). This would be optional and might not work, depending on whether or not this system could be maintained on top of the Monster Spawning.

      -Whether or not the players would be allowed to class switch mid-game would be up to the discretion of the AH crew. If it was implemented, it would have to be after a death.

      -A long hallway, like the one implemented in Lava Wall, could be used to replicate a respawn timer.

      -Basically infinite class-specific resources. We wouldn't someone to be forced into a class switch they didn't want just because there weren't enough swords for them to use!

      And that's basically it! I think it would either great, like CTT, or boring and confusing like Snowbound (no offense, it was well intended and could have been a lot better with more careful planning IMO). So why don't they just play the actual game instead of doing a whole build for it? Well, the League of Legends and WoW Let's Plays showed that sometimes being thrown into the middle of a game they don't understand isn't a good thing. While it works well for things like 7 Days to Die, Farm Simulator, Worms, and even Minecraft to a degree, strategic or complicated games don't always hit the right note. Having a game that is built in their world with familiar physics and rules they they designed and agreed upon as a group, as well as the visual similarities to previous Let's Plays like CTT, might help the AH guys get into it easier and quicker, and make for a more entertaining Let's Play. That's probably why CTT and Lava Wall were so popular in the first place.

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    I have many souls