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    • Review - Ant Man

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX

      Hey hey, this'll be my first video review. I've been doing these as text for a while, but now I'm going to start trying to make them into video reviews.

      I completely admit, I was fully expecting this to fail. I knew that Marvel's momentum just couldn't keep going and I was convinced that Ant Man was going to be the one where it stumbled, because, well.... It's Ant Man... no one really likes Ant Man.

      Let's start with the comic books. Hank Pym is the first Ant Man, and in those comics, he's a misogynist drunkard who makes an all around asshat of himself. The second Ant Man, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd in the movie) is a divorced ex-convict who is pretty much inept at everything he does except steal things, as he even stole the Ant Man suit to begin with.

      So going into this movie, knowing that all of those comic elements were still going to be in it, I was expecting this to fail. Surprisingly, and pleasantly so, it was actually an extremely entertaining comedy heist movie.

      It's actually a bit of a side story to the Marvel cinematic universe, as all the action takes place far removed from the main action. If this were a tv show, this would be a one off episode where they their main stars don't show up in order to save budget on the season. It certainly doesn't detract from the movie though, as one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes was one where they let David Tennant take a break. (Blink)

      What I like about the Marvel movies recently is that all of their movie "episodes" have really been different genres. Iron Man is scifi, Thor is fantasy, Cap 1 was a war movie, Winter Soldier a spy thriller, Guardians was a space opera, and the Avengers are Joss Wheden movies (TM). Ant Man, in the same vein, is a heist movie, and it plays itself very tongue in cheek, making itself easily one of the funniest Marvel movies to date.

      The only downsides of this is, like almost all the Marvel movies, it has a really weak character as it's villain. The character of Cross is explained to have insanity issues because of his failed Ant Man serum, but I felt like that was just an excuse. He was both written and performed as too much of a mustache twirling evil doer for my taste, and he's just too over the top of a bad guy for me to believe it, and this is a superhero movie, where I can very easily forgive that, but here it was too much.

      I was however very pleasantly surprised by the appearance of another female superhero that I won't spoil here.

      So yeah, Ant Man, of all super heroes... grab a magnifying glass and go see it.

    • My first video review - Ant Man

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX

      So I decided to also start doing video reviews along with the typed reviews of movies. They're still short and more impressions than reviews, but still, I'm trying something new with it.

      Like and subscribe and stuff:

    • Review - Terminator Genisys

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX


      One thing that's always bothered me about the Terminator movies is that whoever they get doing their trailers never understand what a plot twist is and that you need to keep it a secret. First it was way back in Terminator 2, when the trailers spoiled the fact that the Terminator was actually the good guy and Eric Roberts was the bad guy, and now this one was spoiled.

      Big spoiler ahead, but it's in the trailers, so I'm going to talk about it. So just as they are sending Kyle Reese back to the past to save the "helpless" Sarah Conner, John Conner is attacked by the Doctor... I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

      Well, after Kyle meets up with Sarah and her guardian terminator, Pops, they encounter none other than John Conner himself, who has been turned into a new advanced terminator. That right there should be the massive plot twist no one should see coming, and yet it's spoiled in the trailer.

      Anyways, I should stop talking about the trailer and start talking about the movie itself. I genuinely enjoyed it, probably more than I enjoyed T3 and Salvation. Emilia Clarke is both adorable and kickass, and really fits the role of Sarah Conner. What I find interesting is that her Game of Thrones co-star Lena Headey has played the same role in the past on the Terminator tv show. Arnie is back in the role that made him famous, and truthfully, I really liked him. But there were two characters I really felt they could have done a lot more with. JK Simmons was probably my favorite part of the movie and he didn't get enough screen time, in my opinion. And Matt Smith (the Doctor himself) has a very small but vitally important role that I won't spoil here, but needless to say, I wish there was more of him (and apparently, there may be more of him in the way if they make more).

      What I think really makes this movie shine is the dynamic between our three leads, Pops, Sarah, and Kyle. All the little character moments were actually genuinely great. While the big plot twist is spoiled already, there's still a lot of turns in the story that have now drastically changed the terminator timeline, and does a good job of rebooting the franchise and the threats to humanity within the story.

      I went into this movie expecting it to suck, mostly because reviewers didn't get to see advanced screenings, which usually is because the production companies don't have faith in the movie, but I walked out of the theater satisfied. This is probably my second favorite in the franchise, right next to Terminator 2.

    • The Scorpion Prank - I'm loving the reactions

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX

      I'm loving the fan reaction to the latest RT Life (The Scorpion Prank). It was really my first editing project as an intern so it's really cool knowing that something I edited is getting so much attention and love (#humblebrag). It couldn't have happened without the guidance of Brandon and Daniel n the Live Action department. And of course Josh and Chris for setting up the whole thing.

      Loving the RT community, you guys are awesome!

      Watch the video here:

    • Review - Inside Out

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX


      Damn you Pixar and making me cry.

      Not only does this movie deliver on the feels, it delivers some incredible voice acting and amazing character animation. Whatever pixie dust these animators took to become so good at animating the character of Joy, in particular, I want to try some (unless it's cocaine, cause then... probably not).

      Amy Poehler by far stole the show. An extremely animated voice for an extremely animated character. Facial expressions, body movement, everything.

      But what really hot me was how accurate they portrayed Sadness. I suffer from depression a lot, especially since I'm new here in Austin, with nobody to really hang out with. Hell, I went to see this movie by myself when I usually see movies with friends, friends that are in Dallas. Sadness has the uncontrollable urge to touch things she desperately wants to be a part of, and yet everything she touches turns into sadness. No matter what she does, she can never be Joy. If that doesn't sum up the hopelessness felt in depression, I don't know what does.

      In turn, Joy suffers from an overabundance of pride. She believes that all anyone needs is happiness and everything is fixed. But in thinking that she's all that's needed, she bottles up the other emotions, making it disastrous when situations arise that happiness just can't be found. Sometimes, you just need a good cry.

      Overall, an amazing movie, but this is Pixar we're talking about, so of course it's an amazing movie. Go see it.

      And stay for the short stuff at the beginning of the credits. The part with the cat is easily my favorite funny part of the movie.

    • Review - Balls Out

      3 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX


      Ok, so on my personal Facebook page, I like to post the images of movie posters of movies that I have recently watched and then in the description give a short review of the movie, post my opinion, etc. I figured since I should probably increase my presence on this site, I'll just start posting here as well (sorry guys, not going to add people on BookFace, but you can follow me on here and on Twitter @PhoenixFilmsJ79). Anyways, I figured this would be the best movie to start out on this site, as it has a relation to RoosterTeeth, in a way.

      I was able to catch this movie while at an Austin Film Society party at Roosterteeth my first week there. I wandered around, not knowing anybody, nobody talking with me, and going up to all the dogs people brought and petting them because I'm horrible at meeting new people but I love puppies (and Kerry's corgi stole my heart).

      Anyways, about the movie. I don't think I've genuinely laughed out loud as many times as I did with this movie. It's extremely crude humor, but it's amazing in that regard. It's an Austin made film. It was actually really funny to be watching this and then go "hey, that's Billy Blair!".

      The cast in this got every comedy note spot on, and I think I laughed the hardest watching Beck Bennett. The movie is about a bunch of college losers (sorry guys) who are looking to grab one last claim to fame (fame?) in intramural flag football. It plays with a lot of sports movie tropes and really turns them on it's head, and has some of the funniest sequences I've seen in comedy movies recently. Where else will you see someone shit on the ceiling?

      This just opened in a limited theatrical release, so if you like comedy and sports movies and comedy sports movies, you should definitely seek this one out and support Texas film.

    • RT Internship - 10 Years Later

      3 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX

      So I guess introductions are in order. My name is Phoenix Williams. Ok, so Phoenix isn't actually my name, but I've had the name a long time. So let's start there.

      Back in middle school/high school, I was socially awkward... I still am, but I just talk a lot more now, so humor me. I didn't talk to a lot of people, but there was something I did a lot of. Gaming. Also, I was the one who installed the original Unreal Tournament on most of the school's computers, allowing anybody in the various computer classes access to play the game against other people at the school over our LAN connection. On the game, I always used the username Phoenix. As this was a primary introduction to me for most people at the school, and what was able to get me friends I normally wouldn't meet in person, everybody started to know me by "Phoenix". Usually this introduction was somebody laughing and calling out in class afterward "Who's Phoenix? He just kicked my ass."

      You know what else was big for me in middle school/high school? A little thing called the internet. As I only had dial-up at the time at home, I would use the school's fast internet to download videos to save on a disc (I had to burn to discs back then). One of those videos was a young show called Red vs Blue. I'm sure this story is very familiar to people my age. Right click, save as, get as many episodes as possible. I even have an old RT profile on here that I've long forgotten the password to, and it has all the horrible fanart of FMA and Halo that I used to draw. (Can't draw for the life of me now).

      That was around, oh, maybe the start of season 2 of RvB, and I've been following RoosterTeeth ever since.

      Fast forward. I've been working almost as long as I've been a fan at getting a career in filmmaking. I've directed a lot of shorts, written and directed webseries episodes, I even have two feature length scripts that I haven't done anything with yet. I'm really getting into color grading, and I edit a lot. I've worked as DIT, AD, and Editor. I've been a PA for features and tv shows, my first PA job being on a feature with Kevin Sorbo (and when Hercules has a craving for Whataburger, you bet your ass they're sending the PA to pick it up for him), and since then I've worked on shows like American Ninja Warrior (one episode I'll have helped on is airing this Monday), The Amazing Race, and a few reality shows.

      But there was always that thing in the back of my mind. RoosterTeeth has always been an extremely forward thinking company. They've had so many "firsts" on the internet. There weren't a lot of webseries before RvB, heck, there was barely any video at all on the internet. There was no YouTube, there was no social networks beyond things like Xanga, and there were no "Internet Celebrities". RoosterTeeth got there first, or had the nugget of the idea first. The thing in the back of my mind was, I want to work there.

      10 years later, I'm now an intern at RoosterTeeth in their live action department. I know I know, it's just an internship, but who cares. The opportunity to learn from a company I've looked up to for a decade is definitely something I love doing.

      I've had a lot of jobs. Delivery driver jobs and retail, I've never enjoyed it. What I've enjoyed have been the gigs I get outside of that. When I run myself ragged setting up the course for American Ninja Warrior, or driving around producers all over Dallas for Amazing Race, or working in crazy situations as a PA for literally everything I've been a PA on (seriously, it's always some new and exciting adventure in the film world, both good and bad). That's the stuff I enjoy doing. It makes me feel alive.

      Yesterday was my first day at RoosterTeeth. At the end of the day, Brandon came by and said "You can go ahead and head home." And for the first time in any job/internship/whatever I've ever had, I had the thought "Do I have to?"

      This summer will be another adventure for me, and I can't wait to see what's in store for me.

    • 4 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX
    • Making a medival short film

      in Forums > Making a medival short film | Follow this topic

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX

      Hey guys, I'm not new to the RT site, but I am new posting to the forums. I'm a filmmaker/editor/colorist from Dallas who hopes to move to Austin this year, if I can actually find a job down there. I thought I'd share something I'm working on, just to spread some exposure. I recently created a short film that starred an anime voice actor by the name of R Bruce Elliott (Case Closed, DBZ, Samurai 7, Space Dandy) and it actually went over well. It's called Witchbane: Hunters and you can view it over at my youtube page:

      This time I'm making a medieval short with a sword fight that is based on a real medieval martial art, fiore de liberi. I'm shooting at the beginning of February and hope to get it into a few festivals around the Dallas/Austin area in the summer. We're trying to raise money to be able to pay cast and crew as well as rent the equipment we're missing, lenses for the most part since we're going to be shooting RAW on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

      Here's the indiegogo page:
      And here's a link to the facebook page:

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    • 5 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX
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