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    • Weekly: Enderal, Guts and Glory, and more Inside, finally.

      8 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Been a busy week. Filmed several community videos, but there was barely any put up this week, so nothing to share. probably gonna be yet another week of AHWU where there's no vid of the week. :/

      Anyways, a few vids went up on my channel, mostly with my friend @Ijuycra (Danzer), but another Enderal video went up with my friend @RJ from GeekLee (

      New Enderal video, this time with 100% more goats:

      Next, it's Happy Wheels on crack with Guts and Glory:

      Then today's video is finally more Inside:

    • Cinomari asked PhoenixFilms a question

      When are we gonna collab on shit bruh

      Answered: Sep 2, 2016

      Just let me know, bruh. I'm down

    • Weekly Update! Enderal w/ GeekLee

      9 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So here's this week's videos. Well, that's a lie, I linked all my Let's play Community videos in my previous post, but I promise, these will be confined to Friday posts from now on.

      On my channel, Ashes Rising Gaming, I started my playthrough on Skyrim's huge total conversion mod, Enderal with my friend @AH_REALJ from GeekLee. Check out the first three parts!

    • After a short hiatus, more Community videos!

      9 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So the Let's Play Community went on a short hiatus, but new videos started going up today. I was actually in both of them, haha.

      First, me, @aclarkislost, and @TonyPaoli make fireworks in the sky as Genji in Overwatch.

      Second, me, @aclarkislost, @DBenitez87, and @Riles go through the Lottery to find out who wins, and who dies.

      If you guys want to see the hilarious games we did in the Lottery, I actually recorded both games on my channel, so check them out!

    • Huge Skyrim mod - Enderal

      9 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      Me and @RJ decide t check out the new Skyrim total conversion mod, Enderal. It's literally a whole new game.

    • Best Scares in Layers of Fear

      9 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      2 Spoopy

    • Should i start posting here more?

      9 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      So I upload videos three times a week on my channel and I link them on my facebook and twitter every upload. I've been thinking of posting them here as well, but I don't really want to spam people's feeds. What do you guys think?

    • Pokemon Go in GTA

      9 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      This is probably my favorite thing I've made on the Let's Play Community channel. Big thanks to @aclarkislost @KyleDoesGTA @DBenitez87 and @IAmVeryMoist for the help. And also to my friend @Ijuycra for making the music.

    • Ashes Rising Gaming Patreon

      10 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin


      So hey, I started a Patreon.

      Last fall, I started my Youtube channel, Ashes Rising Gaming. For a few months, I was able to consistently get out 1 video per day. Obviously, that was an outrageous goal. I've since changed to 3 videos a week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I've made videos where it's just me, some with facecams, some without. I've made videos with other small youtubers and indie game developers. And I've recently added my roommate, Danzer from Twelve36, as a regular on Ashes Rising Gaming, so there will be many videos with the two of us coming.

      Here's a little about myself though, for those who don't know me. My name is Phoenix Williams, I'm a freelance video editor by day who edits and produces social media videos. For a short period of time in 2015, I was an intern at Rooster Teeth productions, where I got the inspiration and the drive to start my own channel and actually create content. I still create and commentate videos on the Let's Play Community channel.

      So why am I creating a Patreon? Well, I post three videos a week here on top of all the videos a week I create for my day job, on top of freelance gigs that can sometimes take me out of town, and on top of, well, life. This is what I enjoy doing, and although I post a lot, I don't have the best equipment. I may not get a lot of views, but I'm hoping that by constantly making, that will one day change. I hope to be able to buy better equipment that can be used to make the content better, and make even more content, and to be able to stream more regularly.

      I will be clear though.

      Everything I make will still be free to view.

      I'm not putting anything except one video a month (non gameplay) behind the patreon perks. This is simply a way for people who wish to support me to do that. Like my stuff but don't want to be a patron? That's absolutely fine, I don't hate you, I just might like your other siblings a tiny bit better though.

      Thanks a lot and I hope that with the help of patreon, my channel will continue to grow!

    • RTX Round Up - Internet Friends are Real Friends

      10 months ago

      PhoenixFilms Community Hunter, Austin

      With RTX over, and the post-RTX day spent sleeping most of the day done, time for a wrap up of what all happened, and wooo, it's a doozy...


      I was able to be a guardian this year and I was assigned to the AH Lounge. First though, there was quite a few people who flew into town. @RJ, @DBenitez87, @ghostsol, @KyleDoesGTA, @aclarkislost, @Left2Cry, @Brady, @TonyPaoli, and more joined us local Austin guys, me, @IAmVeryMoist, @Ijuycra, and @Riles for a big ol LP Community group.

      Even before the convention we would go out to hang. I was able to show the guys the joys of Austin food, since I'm a big guy who knows food. They finally got to try Torchy's Rudy's, and P Terry's.

      Thursday night we did our guardian thing, then decided to go to the K1 Speed charity event hosted by Jack. First though, we had to go pick up Tony from the airport. Since I'm the only person with a car, we had to figure out a way for us to all get over there, since we had so big of a group, we couldn't all travel together.

      We picked up Tony and headed over to the k1 speed event. My car then promptly broke down. We waited over an hour for a tow while Kyle and a few others were already at K1 speed. Luckily Riles was able to squeeze us all into his car.


      I later found out that my car repair will cost me $580 to fix, so for the rest of RTX, all of us spent money using Fare and Fasten, two new replacements for Uber and Lyft. At K1 Speed, we all ran into @AxialMatt. Glad he remembered me from last year. We waited in line for an hour for all of us to introduce ourselves as AH/Let's Play Community creators. He told me I didn't have to wait in line and I should've just walked up to him cause he knows me. Definitely didn't want to be a dick and skip all those people, so I'd say that was an hour worth it, in my book, haha.

      That night, because there were so many of us, we took a Fare in an SUV back to the apartment. Sadly, that fare turned out to be a $80 ride. Definitely not going the SUV route next time.

      The first day of RTX was amazing, and @micaburton got cookies for all the guradians, it was awesome. At the AH Lounge, @MoofMurphy made signs to try and keep @Joel away from the Tower of Pimps, since he has signed it every year for three years so far. Ultimately, we failed, but only just... Joel was able to get a "J" in before Moof was able to stop him.


      One of the perks of being at the AH Lounge was getting together with other guardians to play Million Dollars But on the Off Topic set and table.


      On Saturday night, we had a big Let's Play Community meetup on 6th street. Met up with some cool friends I've only ever talked with online, as well as some old friends. Thanks @Ijuycra, @DBenitez87, @RJ, @KyleDoesGTA, @aclarkislost, @Left2Cry, @Brady, @IAmVeryMoist, @FromShanePR, and Zach for all coming by, it was a blast.


      Unfortunately, our friend @TonyPaoli wasn;t able to make it. He got into Austin on Friday and then started having stomach pains on Saturday. it was so bad he had to go to the hospital. Turns out he had an appendicitis. He had surgery that night, and we all made sure to visit him that night beforehand. He flew out that Sunday after a successful surgery, but he missed the majority of RTX. Sorry man.

      Overall, this RTX was full of some crazy emotional ups and downs. It was amazing. Last year at RTX, I was an intern at RoosterTeeth, but even though I had spent three months there, I probably focused too much on keeping my head low (or having my head too high, in some cases) that I didn;t really make any friends. My RTX last year had me wandering around the convention without really anybody else, just by myself. It was lonely, and while it was still amazing, I was totally friendless. This year I was blessed with having some amazing friends, almost all of which I met through RT events or through the AH Community channel. We're all friends because of this, even when we sometimes get jaded on the fandom itself. You all are amazing and you have no idea how much I appreciate the fact that you guys are around.

      Internet friends are real friends.


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