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    • What a bundle!

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX

      Hey look, more community hunter videos.

      This is one I made with @IAmVeryMoist

      And here's one I co commentated with SoulMystique

    • Much Community... So Hunter.

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX

      And even more Community Hunter content. This time with @IAmVeryMoist.

    • 2nd Community Hunter video - Rubber Ducky Easter Egg in Just Cause 3

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX

      Here's my second Community Hunter video with @RJ. Rubber Ducky Easter Egg -Just Cause 3.

    • 2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX
    • My first Community Hunter video

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX

      So my first Community Hunter video went up today. Pretty fun. I'm used to posting Let's Plays daily on my own channel, so this kind of format is still new to me.

    • This Is: Just Cause 3

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      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX

      Hey guys, my name is Phoenix. Over the summer of 2015 I was an intern at Rooster Teeth, mostly in live action, but I also helped edit with RT Games, a couple podcast Let's plays, and Kdin and Lindsay graciously let me do a first pass edit of a couple GTA Things to Do's.

      Since leaving Austin, I've started my own channel. I don't have a lot of subs, but I've been posting daily videos to the point that I now have over 100 videos on my channel. I would like to start making some Community Hunter videos as well, but my style is more Let's Plays, at least on my channel. I'd love to start with maybe a This Is in Just Cause 3, whether it be making the video itself or just co-commentating with someone if anyone is already working on it. My skype is phoenixfilmsj79 and that is my twitter handle as well. If you're interested in co-commentating, or just having me in the co-comment chair, let me know, I'd love to get started on CH.

      You guys can check out my videos at (links to my channel since I don't have a custom url yet). I have a blue yeti mic and I'm constantly making videos for my channel, but I'd love to make things for Community Hunters as well.

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    • Tales of Zestiria - Normin locations guide

      in Forums > Tales of Zestiria - Normin locations guide | Follow this topic

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX

      Hey guys, I'm looking for somebody to help me out. I'm currently playing through Tales of Zestiria, recording whenever I find a Normin (tiny little fucks who increase certain equipment stats as he game goes on. It's Japan, don't ask questions). If anybody else is playing this and recording, let me know, I don't know how soon I can get all of them and any video sent to me showing gameplay of the Normin's location would help a lot in me putting together that video for me to move into editing and co-commentary. My skype is phoenixfilmsj79 and my twitter handle is the same. Thanks!

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    • My 100th video on my channel

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX

      So it's been about three months since starting my channel, and here I am with my 100th video!

    • What I've been up to... Youtube channel

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX

      So I haven't been updating here as much as I should, but man, I've been busy. Not just on work, but on my own YouTube channel. Tomorrow I'll be uploading my 100th video on my channel. But why wait, here it is posted on this journal, aren't you guys special.

      But seriously, it's been a ride so far. After finishing my internship at Rooster Teeth I knew that it was what I've always been looking for. It was the most fulfilling job I've ever had, and the most rewarding. It's what motivated me to start my own channel. Specifically, it was Jeremy's own channel Dooley Noted that I took inspiration from, being able to work and make videos.

      So as an update, showing you all the best of what I've got so far, I give you a link to three videos. (Click the thumbnails to view the video, for some reason I can't embed on this site)

      First the first highlight video I made a while back to celebrate the first month of uploads:

      Here's today's video where I started experimenting with a VS style tournament bracket, similar to Achievement Hunter's:

      And finally, my 100th video, Highlights #2:

    • I'm now a part of the Fullscreen network

      2 years ago

      PhoenixFilms The Lone Few-Austin, TX

      Hey guys. So I've kinda stopped spamming my profile here with my videos, cause that was kinda a bad idea. I will be posting important things here, however. And as far as important things, this seems to be one of them... I'm now a part of the Fullscreen network. My gaming channel, Ashes Rising Gaming, is now a part of their network going forward.

      Slowly but surely I'm growing the channel, and I'll be releasing new videos every day. Currently I'm doing a play through of Layers of Fear if you want to see me scared out of my mind.

      So yeah, go subscribe to me on YouTube. I've got a backlog of videos I'm going through intermixed with newer, funnier stuff coming up (even though it was just a few weeks ago, the earlier stuff is noticeably not as good). I've done a few more collaborations with my friends at Gaming Under the Influence including a series of hilarious Worms Battlegrounds videos.

      Channel Trailer:
      Follow me on Twitter:

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