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    • Why Rooster Teeth is Huge to me.

      1 year ago

      REDbent redbent

      Im looking at Rooster teeth - Mariel's post on “love and Pride” While listing to home spun folk music on Youtube and I am struck by a theme.

      May be some explanation is due. 

      I have been an RT fan for a long time (season 2 of RVB). It has been long a journey, we have both come a long way. I was in my late twenties in college seeking a career in advertising ( one I would get, prosper in, burn out wonderfully, and  then forsake in the intervening years ). I have often wondered how and why RT means so much to me.

      Part of it is the fact we are in the same field. 

      You see,I have been a video production professional for most part, but that is not entirely it. Some of it is a head cannon that me and some of the staff would have met at UT if I had left hawaii after I got out of the navy in 99 and moved back to Texas, and went to UT (which was one of my plans). We would have drank together became friends and may be, just may be I would be at RT right now.

      This is a Head cannon I have abandoned. I am a 40 year old dude, who loves his life, I love my Wife, my Job telling the National Guard War fighters story, in video, photo and print. ( yes I am a professional writer ( a horrible one, I know…. for a severe ADHD dyslexic it is a miracle I have made it this far… ok part miracle, part luck, but it has been alot of \ hard work)).

      But while the fantasy that i would have meet Burnie in college and, would be working at RT is absurd, it is close to the truth of why I am a huge fan of RT.

      I am a fan of RT because of … Austin.

      Austin Texas. yes Austin

      I have only been there once in my life, over thanksgiving of my senior year in High School (1994). It was a pivotal time, I got drunk for the first time, fell hopelessly infatuated with a beautiful woman, who also loved women. for the first time. ( a repeating theme in my life ) I am a dude. Love is love, seek it. (The term I used was “obsessed” then. I learned later this scared her and my friends because they knew what I did not. Sorry Adrian. ) That was a magical week, I came in to contact with the power of writing, of creative expression. some thing I seek every day, I seek to create and ingest creative products. I wrote my first true poem on the road back home, as my best friend and soon to be brother in law drove the long drive to our home in the panhandle. Austin left a mark on my soul, that has never warn off. It is this mark that i feel resonates in every thing RT makes. It vibrates with the frequency unique to Austin. Austin is an endlessly creative and weird town. It is this creative and weird seed that is present in RT’s productions, it speaks to my soul.

      Austin is a weird place, it is irreverent, loyal, and driven to stand out. Texas can be a ... closed minded place. But Austin strives to defy that tendency. Felled with tattoos and leftist, thoughts that drive most texans nuts, but they fight to stay .. off... center. rebelling in their very existence. Which is also a very Texas thing too. So while Austin strives to be separate from Texas they prove that they are the most "texas" place in the world.

      BTW I would later meet Burnie at the Hawaii Lazer teeth meet up. I wore a a UT hat, I wanted to tell this story but I was .. star struck and… needed time. Also It would have been rude to lay this at his feet as over a hundred fellow fans waited to say hi.

      Keep on, keeping on you do you. stay weird

    • Ok about the RWBY Letter

      2 years ago

      REDbent redbent

      if you want a RT response. watch the "legacy of RWBY" extra on the DVD / Blue ray. - It was made before Shanes letter, and it destroys it IMHO.

      BTW here is my perspective ( I know it is posted else where but it helps)

      Yes while, I can see Shane’s perspective on some Issues.

      I have further experience that tempers what I read. In the past I worked at a creative services agency and survived many changes in policy, procedure, and focus. I work in video productions, and know the work flow. here is my perspective. It sounds to to me that shift from one system to another is what was really at issue.

      From Poser to Maya. I have seen really talented people refuse to move to the industry standard system, either become obsolete, or become obstacles as they dig their feet in. In all the cases these individuals had to be removed. While this would have never happened to Monty because he was the creator, or creative director, and he was given latitude.

      Also there is a huge difference when working on a production as a solo effort versus working as a team. In any video production, organization is key and while it may seem inefficient to have a structure. In a work flow you simply can not have 5, 10, 20 people woking on a project all filling / building / saving things their own way. You need a system that every one understands and can work in. The ability for anyone on the team to be able to pick up where someone else left off is essential. Now exceptions can be made, Ie for Monty, he was largely self trained, and absolutely a master in his system, but for the production team they must have a system that can be implemented across the board.

      Shane was going through a lot. I have been there. But his perspective is limited. In time May be his perspective will change.

      Mine has....

      BTW I was let go, due to conflicts at an agency I help start. 6 years ago and it was hard. But the lessons I have learned, after the fact have been invaluable.

    • Ok stop just stop

      2 years ago

      REDbent redbent

      I have been a community member since RVB episodes had to be downloaded (some time during season 2). I have been getting Flamed with -noob on several posts where I have stated an opinion. and even once I was stating a fact. Just leave it alone, and or stay positive.

    • OK about the the Holiday podcast

      3 years ago

      REDbent redbent

      I am am from Amarillo Texas, (west Texas) and Have been to Hereford Many times, and yes it snows there, and does so with a passion. so, need less to say this cast brought back so many memories. But the weirdest came from their gynogalogist conversation. So long story short, when I was in High school I worked at at a Lab, on that processed tests, like blood, urine, drug, skin, and so forth, and my job was to file all the test results by last name.

      So, in my class was this girl I was hot for. We had minor conversations, some shared interests she was dating some one else.So I was waiting biding my time, then one day at work her name popped up on a report I was filling.. age address every thing, the test was for an STD, I do not remember the result, but need lees to say the awkwardness this created killed any chance.

    • wizard of oH zed

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      REDbent redbent

      So is there a sub / super team . of Ozpin, Crow, Iron wood, Glynda, - are a secret team based off of the wizard of Oz. (Oz=Ozpin (duh i know) Glynda = Glinda, Iron Wood = Tin Man, and Qrow = Scare Crow. and this is some how tied to the guardiean thing

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    • yay sporkball

      3 years ago

      REDbent redbent


      Yeah, Ryan is a mad genius. Sorry Tyler

    • 3 years ago

      REDbent redbent
    • send me a message

      3 years ago

      REDbent redbent

      I need to see how this works

    • new profile - to explain my activity

      3 years ago

      REDbent redbent

      I work in video, social media, and public affairs. I have a few obsessions for my free time, Roosterteeth, Disc Golf, and Recumbent cycling, ( I am an odd bird, I know.) I watch almost every thing RT produces. In Disc golf - I throw - Inovva, Vibram, and Discraft, I also have a few Disc Makers. I follow, Paul Mcbeth, Latitude 64, and Will Schusterick. BTW my user name is about my bike.

    • Moments from RTX to Animate

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      REDbent redbent

      The " I Don know Moment" from the RTAA pannel - where Burnie goes off Needs the RTAA treatment.

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