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    • Thank for last RT box

      8 months ago


      Doubt anyone from company will read this, but ...  I really like the items from the last box I received I am in training for EMT going for Paramedic later so I found the stationary like the notepad and pen very lovable thought i can't drink, but I guess I can mi juices Now I just need a system that I can actually play the games you send I can't even get steam to work properly. I can't wait to see the next box I love sharing with friends love Roosterteeth make yourself a great day.

    • thoughts late at night

      8 months ago


      if the weapon breaks beyond repair does the character too?

    • drafts of characters Maisonet thinktank\brainstorm

      8 months ago


      this is just sort of a brain storm i do not know the rules for RWBY but i will get to it i am working on it on amino Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. version created by the machine that was being used on Pyrrha  manifesting the Hyde side of things the doc will be a medic of sorts. Semblance(sem.,Sems.) choices are still sort of up in the air maybe a meld of Yang and Adams sems. in the sense that he will take damage from others to heal or protect so no one else can take the damage sort of like Meliodas in seven DS draw backs can be similar plus the instabilityb of personality which like in werewolves when in an altered state friend and foe have no difference they are in danger. im undecided on it n back burner no eal weapon to say can be part of the story starting off w/o a semblence causing weapon proficiency to make up for it until the character finds themselves...uses more equipment  and seems like a support type. starts off on the side of good that changes then from there it goes gray. Due to many factors tends to be alone especially in turn of the incident. hard to be around (for an expianation a weird mi of weiss and Qrow) having late developed semblance causes issues at school being mocked outcast

      (name choices irish first span or jam mid or last name)

      weapons: love and tolerance 

      Love usually a sparton sword 

      tolerance is usually a shield(large)*something will happen to tolerance causing acceptance to feature 

      semblence name(s): Responibility

      Family : four parents *[One is a Rose, one is a Snake, one is a bull(maybe), the last does not matter(for a good reason care)] several siblings one by blood all interesting.

      other characters one based off Prometheus , Schrodinger, Schwartschild.  maybe a theory based team or a   


    • Cosplay help

      8 months ago


      i wish to make a cosplay of the Schnee knoght using light diffusing sheets/panels molded to model the moned version but because of the things going on i sont think i can at least not by myself so i guess it is tome to reach out i have had this idea for some time

    • fruit of boredom

      9 months ago


      So i am making a character or two that might be based off of Dr jekyl and mr hyde with a few twists of course but true to the doctor he will be a medical type character and since it was sort of spurned from RWBY and Qrow and blah blah blah i might have a draft posted on an amino

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