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    • Lightsaber check, another short idea.

      2 years ago


      Lightsaber Check. A jonny reddny orginal short

      Plot: The Jedi order has discovered there is a Sith amongst them and two clever Jedi Masters have figured out a method to find the Sith.


      Joel: The Jedi Master

      Adam: The other master (Bearded Adam)

      Various other RT staff

      (Jedi nerd fact. Zabrak is the race that Darth Maul was.)

      (Setting: Jedi Assembly room, The Jedi are lined up into rows with the two Jedi masters walking up to the front to address the Lines. The Jedi are talking amongst themselves. Joel is carrying a clipboard)

      Joel: Ok everyone settle down settle down. I need your undivided attention. Now it has come to the attention of the Jedi Council that a Sith lord has infiltrated the Jedi order

      (The Jedi start murmuring again)

      Joel: (Raises his hands up a bit to calm the crowd) Stay calm, don’t panic. Now we of the Jedi council (Motions to himself and Adam) have come up with a solution to root out the sith. Mandatory Lightsaber check.

      (The Jedi mutter in a confused tone)

      Joe: Now what that means is we are going to have you come up one by one and show us (motions again between himself and Adam) the color of your lightsaber. If you are a Jedi your lightsaber should be blue or green or some other happy color. But if you’re a sith it will be read and we will deal with you swiftly and maybe with a cool CGI battle (Adam looks at Joel like he is wondering what he’s talking about). To show you how this will work, fellow Jedi Master Adam here will give a brief demonstration. (Adam pulls his saber out and turns it on, showing that it is blue.) See his is blue, Thank you (The last part is directed to Adam who turns his saber off). Ok let’s start with Jedi… Baxtor. (Points to Baxtor who is standing in the front row, far left of Joel)

      Baxtor: Oh what?! Just because I’m a Zabrak I’m your first suspect?! (Outraged and confrontational)

      Joel: What? No it’s just-

      Baxtor: (Cutting Joel off) It’s just what? There was one Zabrak sith lord so now all Zabrak must be sith lords?! Or is it because I have a double bladed lightsaber (Shows off his lightsaber that is resting on his hip)? You racist stereotyping mother fu- (Gets cut off)

      Joel: It’s because you’re first in line.

      Baxtor: (drops the tone) what?

      Joel: You’re first in line.

      (Baxtor looks around and sees that he is first in line)

      Baxtor: Oh. Right… Sorry, (Walks up and turns on his lightsaber which is green)

      Joel: Ok (Ticks something off on his clipboard) Green, thank you. (Baxtor turns it off and awkwardly goes back into line) Ok next is Jedi Barb.

      (Barbra walks u p and shows her lightsaber, which is blue. She is chewing gum or something I don’t know)

      Joel: Thank you. Jedi Kovic.

      (Kovic walks up and turns on his lightsaber, His saber blade flops down like a limp noodle)

      Joel: What is that?

      Kovic: It’s my lightsaber, sir.

      Joel: No I mean why it is so… (Camera shows the lightsaber flopping a bit) floppy?

      Kovic: It gets like that when I’m nervous.

      Joel: What? That doesn’t even make sense, (Kovic shrugs) just go back in line. (The lightsaber makes a slurping noise when it gets turned off and Joel makes a disgusted face while Kovic goes back in line.) Jedi Chris (Chris walks up nervously) where is your lightsaber?

      Chris: Ya, about that. I kind of dropped it while training.

      Joel: and?

      Chris: It’s still falling.

      (Cuts to a guy walking down the street and a lightsaber falls and stabs him through the top of his head before cutting back to Joel and Chris)

      Joel: You dropped it. That’s awfully convenient, can anyone vouch for you? (Aaron raises his hand) Ok Aaron, come up here and show us your lightsaber then. (Aaron does and its yellow) Ok and you vouch for Chris?

      Aaron: Ya, I was the one who made him drop it. It was green by the way.

      Joel: Oh, well sorry for doubting you, Chris. Go see Master Gus for a replacement. Ok let’s continue this. (Cuts to Joel tiredly sending the last Jedi away) and Jedi Zoey is clean. Is that everyone? (Everyone looks around) ok well if that’s everyone I guess we are done for the day. None of you are the Sith lord, thank you for your time. (Joel makes to leave the room)

      Chris: Wait master, what about your saber?

      Joel: (Stops) Huh?

      Barbra: ya, what about your lightsaber? Maybe you’re really the sith lord!

      Joel: What? No I’ve been a Jedi for 13 years.

      Baxtor: Then show us your lightsaber.

      Joel: Fine (Pulls it out and its pink) See not red.

      (Everyone laughs)

      Joel: What’s so funny?

      Aaron: Ha, your lightsaber is pink.

      Joel: Pink is a very manly color! (They continue to laugh) there were out of the other colors that day! (Turns off his lightsaber as they continue laughing) everyone out, back to your duties! (Everyone leaves the room laughing. Joel just looks down and shakes his head)

      Adam: Don’t worry, we’ll get the sith next time. (Turns and leaves, patting Joel’s shoulder) Pinky.

      (Joel sighs and the camera transitions to a hooded small figure walking down a hall, other Jedi bow their heads with respect and say hello master or just master as they pass.)

      (Camera cuts again to Joel meditating alone with his back to the door. The door opens and the short figure is standing there. He pulls a lightsaber out and turns it on, it is red.)

      Joel: (Opens his eyes) I should have known. (Joel gets up and turns his saber on)

      (Camera gets close to the mysterious figure)

      Pongo: I told you… Watch your back cracker (Removes his hood revealing it is pongo) or pongo gonna cut you open like a fish! (Pongo Rushes forward out of frame and the screen cuts to black as you hear lightsabers clash)

    • Rt short idea : Long lost son.

      2 years ago


      Long lost son. An RT short idea a jonny reddny original idea.

      Plot: Geoff finds out he has a long lost son.

      (Geoff is typing at his desk, editing a let’s play, when jack walks in the room and knocks on the door to get Geoff’s attention)

      Jack: Hey, (Knocks) There is someone outside for you.

      Geoff: Well who is it?

      Jack: I don’t know, they said they were your son.

      Geoff: My son? (Confused. He stands up and walks towards and out the door muttering confused things)

      (Geoff exits the building. A young man (early 20s) turns around and sees Geoff)

      Son: Geoff Ramsey?

      Geoff: Ya that’s me. Who are you?

      Son: My name is Dillan (Or something like that) and I know you are going to find this hard to believe, but I am your son.

      Geoff: Ya I find that hard to believe, I don’t remember having a son.

      Son: Well around 22 years ago you went to a party. (Flash backs to young Geoff at a party) where you got really drunk.

      Geoff: (overlaying on the flashback) ya I get drunk at a lot of parties.

      Son: Anyway, that night you hooked up with my mom, who was also really drunk.

      Geoff: That sounds like something I would do.

      Son: Well that night, you both kind of…. (Cuts too Geoff’s voice and a woman’s voice behind a closed door making sex noises and banging a headboard against a wall)

      Geoff: (Cuts back to reality and Geoff is nodding his head) Nice, always a good story when it ends in banging.

      Son: That night, I was conceived and nine months later. (Cuts to the woman squirting out a baby) It wasn’t until recently when my mother saw you in one of your videos that I knew you were my dad. So I came out here to Texas to finally meet you.

      Geoff: Listen, you seem to be- (Is cut off)

      Son: (panning in close to the son) please just here me out, ever since I could remember, I always wanted to know who my dad was, to meet him and spend time together with him. To do the things a son does with his father and have a relationship that can only exist between father and son. I’m not asking for money, or for you to raise me. I’m 21, you kind of missed that part. But for one opportunity one day, to get to know you, and for you to get to know me, your son. So please, one day. Spend one day to get to know me… Dad.

      Geoff: (Shakes his head debating whether or not to say yes or no) O-kay.

      Son: Yes! (Fist pumps)

      (A montage begins to play out where Geoff is reluctantly spending time with Son but starts to gradually start to like hanging out with him until finally he is ecstatic. The first scene is the two playing catch. The next scene is the two sitting on a couch playing video games together (Geoff’s mood is still bad until Son pulls out two beers from the side of the couch and hands one to Geoff who smiles at this.) The third scene is Son talking to Gavin to distract him, while Geoff farts in his coffee. Geoff then quickly talks to Gavin to distract him while Son pulls down his pants and takes a silent poop in the coffee (The butt cheek is barely shown in shot while the actual pooping is kept hidden until Gavin (while not looking) takes a drink from the coffee. The camera then shows Geoff bursting into laughter as Gavin looks down and runs off to throw up. Son then high fives Geoff who is bent over laughing. The next scene is similar to the catch one, but instead of Son catching the ball he is hitting it with a bat, (there are empty beer bottles all around to show they have been drinking before doing this) when Son hits the ball the camera cuts to the ball going through a car window, the camera zooms out to show they have been hitting baseballs into the employee parking lot. Son fist pumps and Geoff throws his arms up in victory. Son goes in to high five Geoff again, but Geoff turns him down and goes in for a hug. They hug. The last scene of the montage is them getting even drunker at a strip club. They tap beer bottles together and take a huge swig as they both are about to receive a lap dance from different strippers. The scene quickly transitions and pans down to them sitting on a park bench.)

      Geoff: Man, if you told me yesterday I had a son and I would actually enjoy hanging out with him, I would have called you a liar. But after today. I’m proud to call you son.

      Son: That means the world to me, dad.

      Geoff: Please, Call me daddy. Come here. (Opens his arm for a hug)

      Son: Ok. Daddy (Goes in for the hug, but is interrupted by the sudden appearance by Burnie)

      Burnie: Hey Geoff, what’s going on?

      Geoff: (Stops mid hug and puts his arm down) Oh hey Burnie, this is my totally awesome, long lost son.

      Son: Hi Mr. Burnie

      Burnie: oh that’s cool, I’m hanging out with my long lost son too. (Turns back) Hey son!!

      (Camera Cuts to show another 20 year old something guy waving to the camera)

      Burnie: (Camera cuts back) ya I just met him yesterday, showed up out of nowhere. But I got to tell you, he’s really cool. Like the son I never had.

      Geoff: Don’t you already have two sons?

      Burnie: Huh? Ya sure… (Scratches the back of his neck)

      (Gus walks into frame)

      Burnie: Gus? What are you doing here?

      Gus: Oh hey guys. (Awkwardly acknowledges them) what are you doing here?

      Geoff: We’re hanging out with our long lost sons.

      Gus: What? Really?

      Burnie: Ya why?

      Gus: That’s what I’m doing. Gus the 4th come over here.

      (Another 20 something year old guy comes into the frame)

      Gus4: Hello, nice to meet you.

      Gus: ya, he just came into my life the other day, and it feels like I’ve known him my entire life.

      Gus4: Aww thanks dad. Hey, I’ll go grab us another beer. (Runs off screen)

      Gus: Man if I knew having a long lost son was this cool I would have had one years ago.

      Geoff: Wait a minute, if you have a long lost son, and you have one, and I have one… and they all Just came into our lives… you know what that means?

      Gus: I do.

      Burnie: FATHER SON COOK OUT!

      Geoff: You know it!

      Gus: AWW YA!

      (The camera cuts to black as they high five. Snaps of camera can be heard and various pictures of the 6 at a cookout pop up (one for each click) with the final one being the six all hugging each other in front of the camera with a banner saying father son cookout 2016 above them (in the back ground their real children are in the background obscured, in Gus’s case it’s his dog).

      End short.

    • Achivment hunter comic ideas

      2 years ago


      Achievement hunter comic ideas

      4 panel comic idea (Top left panel 1 top right panel 2 bottom left panel 3 bottom right panel 4)

      Idea 1: Two of the achievement hunter crew (Jack and Gavin in this case) are interrogating Caleb who is accused of screen looking (panel 1), taking a brake they send Ryan in (panel 2). Gavin notices that he forgot his water bottle in the room (panel 3) goes back in to get his water bottle to find Caleb hogtied on the table dressed as a cow with a ball gag in his mouth, Ryan has an evil look on his face Caleb is scared and Gavin is shocked.

      Panel 1 dialogue:

      Jack: We know you did it Caleb! Admit you were screen looking! (Jack and Gavin are standing in front of the table jack is pointing at Caleb and Gavin is standing with his hands up in frustration)

      Caleb: I’m not telling you anything! (Sitting behind the table)

      Gavin: Ug this is getting us nowhere!

      Panel 2: (Jack and Gavin are standing outside the door to the interrogation room and Ryan is in front of the interrogation window)

      Jack: Ryan, you go in there. We need a break.

      Ryan: You got it,

      Panel 3: Gavin and jack are still outside the door but Ryan is no longer in the panel

      Gavin: I forgot my water in there.

      Panel 4: Caleb hogtied on the table dressed as a cow with a ball gag in his mouth Caleb has a scared look, Ryan has an evil look on his face and is standing next to Caleb, rubbing his hands and Gavin is standing by the interrogation door with a shocked expression

      Gavin: Hey Ryan I forgot my – OH MY GOD WHAT IN THE WORLD!

      Caleb: (muffled)

      Ryan: Another one for the hole.

      Idea 2: Lindsey is talking to Barbra about her concerns that Michael loves Gavin more than her; Michael does little to ease her fears.

      Panel 1: Lindsey is standing in a living room; Barbra is standing across from her. They are both looking at each other talking. A mantle with a photograph of Michael and Lindsey is in the background. Michael can be seen walking in the frame near the mantle

      Lindsey: Sometimes I think Michael loves Gavin more than me.

      Barbra: You’re just imagining things

      Panel 2: Michael is now in front of the mantle

      Panel 3: Is a close up of the picture, Michael has replaced Lindsey’s face with Gavin’s

      Panel 4: Michael is now walking away from the mantle Lindsey is raising an eyebrow at Barbra, Barbra is a little shocked

      Lindsey: You were saying

      Idea 3: Michael and Lindsey turn in for the night and are about to have some fun. But before they do Michael has a surprise for Lindsey.

      Panel 1: Michael is sitting in bed half under the covers. Lindsey is standing next to the bed in a nightgown. She has a saucy look on her face.

      Lindsey: Ready for some fun?

      Panel 2: Lindsey is now in the bed looking at Michael. Michael is looking and reaching down the other side of the bed.

      Michael: You know it, but I got you something first.

      Lindsey: Oh? What is it?

      Panel 3: Michael is holding a bag towards Lindsey. Lindsey is holding the bag and looking at it questioningly

      Lindsey: You got me a bag?

      Michael: I got you a pleasure bag; it increases the love making pleasure.

      Lindsey: Ok?

      Panel 4: Lindsey is wearing the bag; on the bag is a picture of Gavin’s face. Michael is looking at it with a aw ya look

      Lindsey: This isn’t working.

      Michael: Oh its working allright.

      6 panels

      Idea 1: Ray faces the wrath of Ryan after angering him with constant mention of free edger.

      Panel 1: (Ray and Ryan are sitting at a table eating sandwiches)

      Ray: so when are you gonna free edger?

      Ryan: For the last time Edger is there of his own free will.

      Panel 2: Ray is still eating his sandwich while Ryan has an angry look on his face staring down Ray.

      Ray: Yet you built a hole for him with a glass roof. Free edger 2014

      Panel 3: (Black screen with the words the next morning)

      Panel 4: Ray finds himself in a hole with a glass roof on top. Ryan is standing next to a cow above the hole. Ray looks confused while Ryan has a crazed look.

      Ray: What’s going on?!

      Ryan: Edger is the one in the hole…

      Cow: Moo

      Panel 5: The achievement hunter office except the cow is sitting in ray’s desk. Everyone is just playing games in the background and the focus is on the cow. Geoff is behind the cow at his desk.

      Geoff: How’s that video going Ray?

      Cow: Moo

      Geoff: Good to hear

      Panel 6: Michael is talking to Gavin. Ryan is sitting in the background on the couch with an insane look.

      Gavin: Does Ray look different to you?

      Michael: not really no.

      Gavin: Huh must be my imagination.

    • The stages of Being an RTX Guardian ( A Short written by Jonny reddny)

      2 years ago


      Please note this is not my feelings on being a guardian personally, I had a great time being one (save for an unfortunate accident which seemed minor at the time turned in fact to some torn muscle near my ankle). This is a script for a short based a comedic/jaded approach to the emotions you will go through while being one. The style is that of a 1980’s style P.SA to act as a welcoming video into being a guardian. Enjoy

      The stages of being an RTX Guardian.

      Voice actors: A male narrator

      Congratulations on being selected as a guardian for RTX! You’re in for a tiring few days and with them a wide range of emotions! Let’s go over the emotions and the stages you can expect to experience them through. (A series of slides showing the convention and such)

      Stage 1: Excitement! Excitement is the primary emotion you will experience when you are first selected as a guardian! This stage lasts through much of the planning of RTX right up to the first day of work. This period is accompanied by, abundant energy, positive attitude and a general ok feeling. (Have a guardian standing in front of the camera looking pretty happy)

      Stage 2: Tiredness: After your first day of back breaking labor you might feel a sense of tiredness and desire to just rest for the remaining convention. It is not uncommon to have both a feeling of dreed and a feeling of joy for the next few days to come at the same time.

      Stage 3: Exhaustion and desperation: While similar to stage two this stage is accompanied by a sense of desperation. At this stage you and your fellow guardians may want to lay down and die, but don’t worry that won’t happen with the hard working (Paid) staff members around to keep you motivated. (At this point introduce some staff members prodding prone guardians with cattle prods and hot pokers to get them to move) At this point you may be wishing to die and any feelings of joy have left you and has instead been replaced with heart felt wishes to let it all end. But don’t be so quick to end it all (This section can be guardians writing last wills)! You still have at least 1 more day of hard work ahead of you!

      Stage 4: Jadedness. You’re tire, you’re sore and you are surrounded by hundreds of people who are happy and oblivious to your pain. So why should you care? Quite frankly at this point you don’t. You are too tired and sore to care. You just want the day to be over and done with and don’t care who knows it! Just make sure you keep your complaints to yourself, you don’t want to disrupt morale. Your benevolent overseers have special ways of proving morale (Show staff members holding the prod and poker from earlier as well as a flogging whip. In the background you can hear screaming)

      Stage 5: Joy once more! You did it congratulations! You’ve survived four days of hard strenuous (unpaid) work but you’re done! You can now take that five minute break you’ve been asked for without being shocked (Show a guardian giving a sigh of relief before being quickly shocked by an RTX staff who makes the oops hand motion before giving a wink to the camera) So rest, relax and enjoy a cold drink. But be careful, we still have 1 more step to go through. (Have the guardian poured a drink and right before he takes it he gets pulled away)

      Stage 6: Nostalgia. The most dangerous of all the stage, Nostalgia is a trick bitch. As time goes on nostalgia causes your memories to warp and twist. You forget the agonizing steps 2-4 and only remember the joy of steps 1 and 5, (Show the staff members from earlier holding the torture tools then quickly do a dream wave to change it so they are holding candy for you with a happy back ground behind them) and like a fool drunk on your nostalgic memories you sign up to become a guardian again and even recommend the experience to others! Continuing and adding to the cycle of free labor and pain! But hey, at least you got some free stuff right?

      (Show a revolving door system of people walking in normal and coming out as tired guardians. With a slow pan of fire and smoke covering the screen and the narrator laughing evilly)

    • Skyrim Done!!!!

      2 years ago


      I have finally After almost 4 years perfected Skyrim. I buckled down grinded my way to lvl 78 and hopped around until a legendary dragon spawned. I then proceeded to shove my Dragonbone 2h up its ass and kill it Earning me 40 gamer score and the last achievement i needed in the game.

    • Fallout 3 Defeated!!!

      2 years ago


      After 7 or so years since fallout 3 has come out i have defeated it it. and by that i mean i finally got every achievement in it. The trouble achievements that have kept me from having it completed you ask? The three lvl 30 achievements and the mother ship zeta log collector. Now that is defeated i add it to my small collection of 100% (Dlc included) completed games.

    • When in doubt lame it out.

      2 years ago


      When in doubt lame it out, but admit you lamed it out

    • 3 years ago

    • 3 years ago

    • Random Comunity comics.

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      Well I noticed that even on a weekly comic schedule there seems to be weeks or months in-between some of the posts. So I thought, why not create a topic page where people can post their own random comics not related to the weekly submissions. both writers and artists alike. I'm not sure if this s allowed so not sure how long this will be on the group forum so have fun while it lasts maybe? I don't know.

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