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    • Looking to buy an RTX London weekend ticket.

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      Hi Community,

      I'm looking to buy a RTX London weekend ticket if there's someone who can't go anymore. It's for a friend, I stupidly only purchased 2 when they were available for first members.

      I'm ready and happy to pay asap, dropping me an email is the best way to get in touch with me really, since it's kind awkward to see messages on here.

      My friend's email address is the best one to use to actually swap over the ticket, but feel free to contact him or myself ( though he's in America atm )

      My Email:[email protected]

      Friend's:[email protected]

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    • RTX London Weekend Pass

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      If anyone has a spare weekend pass that they can't use or won't be using anymore, please let me know and I will buy it off you ASAP.

      Either message me directly on RT, or email me at: [email protected] or my friend at 

      [email protected]

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    • The show / series listing under Cow Chop

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      Why is the listing limited to CowChop and Uberhaxornova? It looks ridiculous!

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