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    • Excited to start work on a new series!!~

      1 year ago


      I've had a mighty want to get working on a new series I've had running around in my head and I'm happy I'm finally in a spot to start on it. I don't want to share too much about it because I hope to possibly pitch it as a series to Rooster Teeth at some point. But hopefully I'll be able to share this with everyone soon enough!!~

    • Check out my YouTube channel?

      1 year ago

      Just making a quick little post to my page to give a shout out for my channel. I'll honestly say it isn't the greatest but I'm trying day after day to make it better! Its a heavy passion project that I hope to get significantly better at. I also stream on Twitch found at the same name shobr0

    • Feeling positive!!~

      1 year ago


      This is, if for anything, for myself. While I'm still not in a mental state where I find enough value in myself, whether it be my face or body, I'm beginning to enjoy who I am more and more. As part of helping myself, I've changed my profile picture to one of myself that I like. It isn't all of me because I don't want to see all of me, but it is a step in the right direction!!~
      (Above sits my old picture as a small reminder)

    • Where Ya Comin From?

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      Something that I always loved when going to cons was finding out where people came from and what they were most excited for! It's always cool to see how far people travel to go somewhere!
      I'll start, I'll be coming from Ohio and I'm most excited to meet Miles and learn more about his writing process!
      How about all you lovelies? 

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