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    • Anybody need a roommate for RTX?

      3 years ago


      Vanessa and I are looking at a place on Airbnb for RTX. We would like to have 2 people to stay with. The place we are looking at is right next to the convention center. The only bad thing is we would have to pay for parking everyday. There is no free parking for the place. We would be there from August 5-10. If we have 4 people total, it would be about $250 a person for the whole stay.

      Anybody interested?

    • So, yeah.

      4 years ago


      I haven't really been on Rooster Teeth in a long time. Ever since I went on vacation last summer, I just got backed up on what to watch and that basically ended it.

      Anyway, a few months ago, I got a job in the Dallas area. So Vanessa and I moved up there. She also got a job too. Then about 3 weeks ago, I got let go from my job because "it wasn't working out." So now I've been unemployed for almost a month now. I've been applying for jobs up here like I was before I moved up here, but I'm just not getting any calls back. It's getting to the point where I'm getting really discouraged about myself and that I'm probably just going to have to get some shitty job that I won't like. Any ideas from you guys? I've been looking online for job postings and applying but what else can I do?

    • Can I get some opinions?

      4 years ago


      So, Vanessa and I are going to Master Pancake Theater on Sunday. It's Choose Your Own Pancake, where we have to bring in our own favorite/terrible movie that we want mocked and they'll narrow it down to 10 and the audience will pick the winner. We've got each of ours kind of narrowed down, but I want to see what you guys think. Vanessa's will be in the comments.

      Here's mine:

    • I'm finally moving!

      4 years ago


      Haven't really been on the site in a long time.

      But last week I went up to Dallas for a job interview and I got the job! Vanessa and I will be moving to Dallas on October 10th and I start my job on the 13th. It's going to be weird being out on my own finally.

    • Fogo de Chao?

      4 years ago


      So, Vanessa and I will be in Austin on Thursday and was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in going to Fogo de Chao with us? We're looking at going maybe Thursday or Saturday.

      Anybody down?

      @Schraver, @Fthreat, @Retalora, @Newbs, @Kempob, @BlackPenguin, @Erkan, @Warpek, @craZboy87, @Jteeth, @Kiyoshi, @Radius55, @Karl

    • RTX is in 2 months!

      4 years ago


      Who am I going to hang out with!?

    • I need to rant.

      4 years ago


      To any Spurs fans that may read this: Thank you for making us feel like total shit.

      My girlfriend and I drove down to San Antonio from San Angelo for the Mavs/Spurs Game 7 today and the moment we got in line, we just got harassed by every Spurs fan. It wasn't that bad to begin with, just the little jabbing at us like, "You guys should be in the back of the line." to "You need to be wearing black and silver."

      Then it just turned to complete horse shit when we got to our seats. Just from people yelling their retarded "Go Spurs Go" bullshit at us to just being obnoxious in general. Then when the game got way out of hand is when they got way out of hand. My girlfriend and I are just sitting there, obviously upset about the game, there's also some other Mavs fans sitting next to us, these douchebag Spurs fans are literally taking pictures of us sitting there, unhappy, thinking it's fucking hilarious. Then one of the other Mavs fans went up to get some popcorn and when he tried coming back, the Spurs fans on the end weren't going to stand up to let him by, they were trying to make him go down another row to get to his seat.

      Around the middle of the 4th, the other Mavs fans sitting next to us decided to leave, and all these assholes in our section start cheering, clapping, yelling "Go home!" to them, and waving goodbye all sarcastically as they leave. Then after they left, these dudes who had to be drunk came to the seats next to us and were being really loud and every time the Spurs scored, they basically just started dancing obnoxiously close to us, obviously mocking us and trying to be an asshole. Then this stupid girl decides it would be fucking hilarious to walk over to me and ask me why I don't just leave and go home since it's so boring. We weren't even saying anything to her to make her come over. We just told her that we aren't even bothering her and she just goes, "Oh I'm just kidding." Yeah. Fucking hilarious.

      It didn't even stop after the game. We couldn't even walk outside with a stupid Spurs fan making some smart comment to us. From just them telling us to go home to the sarcastic, "better luck next year!" shit. I also had one of the poster/noisemaker things they give out at Mavs games with Dirk on it with me out and this douchebag just yells out, "Better put some tears on that!"

      I thought it would be fun to go to Game 7 of a Playoff game but all these fans showed me is that I am never ever going back to San Antonio for any basketball game. EVER.

      I'm just glad Mavs fans aren't this rude to visiting teams fans at the AAC.

    • Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare?

      4 years ago


      Does anybody have this for the Xbox One that would like to play in some multiplayer?

    • Just a little favor?

      4 years ago


      My girlfriend, Vanessa, @stxrlesseyes, is trying to win a contest from one of her favorite bands, Greek Fire. If you don't have anything to do, please click the link below and listen to the song that is there. After you do that, you can click on the "Listen to Greek Fire" button on the right and just go through all the pictures that are there.

      Basically, Vanessa gets points for all the songs that get heard and all the pictures that get viewed.

      If you watch a video or listen to a song, it must be played all the way to the end for it to count, so if you don't like it, you can just mute your speakers and it'll still work.

      Here's the link:

      Thanks guys, it means a lot to her.

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